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18 Advantages And 15 Disadvantages Of Email

Emailis the short word for electronic mail. It is a type of mail that is send electronically. The first email can be dated back to the 1960s. Email is one of the earliest features of the Internet. In fact, i can say that email is one of the co- contributors to the fast popularity of the Internet. Email vastly become popular because of the following advantages it has over traditional letter and other means of communication.

Advantages of email

1. Email is cheap. As a business and individual, you can save lot of money using email instead of phone calls and postal deliveries.
2. Email is fast
It will reach any part of the world in a few seconds as opposed to days or months of postal service.
3. Email crosses time zones
You can send it outside working hours when the receivers are not in the office and they still read it anytime they are available as opposed to telephone calls that demand that the receiver be available at that particular point in time to pick the phone.
4. Email…

How to effectively increase your affiliate sales and earnings through article marketing

Article marketing is one of the most reliable methods of getting affiliate sales and traffic to your site. It is an old trick which is still working till date. Though, you can use article marketing for quite number of objectives out of which is driving traffic to your blog or website. Here, am concentrating on how you can use it to fast track your affiliate sales and earnings.
Following the below five steps will guide you to earning your first and not the last affiliate cash through article marketing

5 steps to successful affiliate marketing campaign

1. Get an affiliate product to promote
The point here is not to get anyhow affiliate product but a high in demand product which is not already over marketed. For newbies, affiliate marketing is an act of earning sales commission from promoting other people's products and service, raking in huge amount of dollars in the process with or without having a website or blog. While affiliate product is other people's product yo…

How To Make Money Online Writing For Hubpages

Hubpages is a website which allows you to make money through the articles you publish on the pages you have on their website. The articles are called 'hubs' and you earn money through Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon and any other monetization means allowed by hubpages.

However to succeed there are certain things you need to put in place
Keyword research
Keywords are words that are closely related to your articles which are commonly used by searchers to search for certain topics on search engines. For instance, petroleum are called fuel in some countries, whereas it is known as gas or oil in other countries. Search engines are world on their own with a language. Keywords are the language of search engines. So, to succeed writing articles online you have to know the language commonly use and which relate to your article.
You can use Google's keyword research tool for keyword research. Just fill in some keywords that might be in your title or body of the article and see …

Google online will and you

The word 'will' which means giving your real estate or money to your love ones when you die, convey much meaning to the rich. It is something they must think over and over to make a wise decision. They might even need the help of professionals such as lawyers, spending money in the process in order to make sure the will is properly done and authenticated.

To me, an online will is much more important than a real estate will, may be because am into online stuffs. And I guess such is the view of many millions of online entrepreneurs like Google, yahoo!, Facebook as well as millions of  pro- bloggers and webmasters abound on the Internet.

When I heard the news that Google has launched an ' online will ' I was the happiest among the happy people to hear such a great news. I must use this opportunity to commend and congratulate Google for their foresight and effort in making sure they contribute their quota in turning the world into a global village.

Am happy to l…

Grow your business through online marketing - part 2

In part 1 of this article, i wrote about how to grow your business through online marketing strategies such as paid reviews, email marketing, visual marketing, social media platforms and e-newsletter. Though, i should have put everything in one article but i consider my readers who may not be patience enough to read lengthy articles. Therefore, below are the list of other methods used by business owners and advertisers to promote their business online.

Pay Per Click Advertising
This is a type of advertisement where ads are placed on a website but the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked by visitors. It is an online weapon used by advertisers to expose and drive traffic to their site. The visitors are taken to the advertiser website when they click on the ad.
PPC is highly recommended to those that want to promote their business online because the traffic is instant. Advertisers get value for their money inPPC because they monitor the result of their advert to see whet…

How to make money online writing for

The Internet is really living beyond expectation as is opening doors for many people to make money online either full-time or part-time. It serves as a great tool for those who want to work from home, especially nursing parents, the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed.
If you are above18 years and a resident of the US or Canada with a passion for writing, one arena to make added income online which has been tried and tested positive by many people is You can earn money by writing articles for examiner.


Examiners must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of either U.S. or Canada. Signing of an independent contributor agreement prior to activation is required from each Examiner
Before you can get hired by examineryou have to submit your application which will be screened. You need to let them know you are an expert in the  subject you have chosen.
List your qualifications, mentions events and place to highlight your experience and expertise. After your…