18 Advantages And 15 Disadvantages Of Email

is the short word for electronic mail. It is a type of mail that is send electronically. The first email can be dated back to the 1960s. Email is one of the earliest features of the Internet. In fact, i can say that email is one of the co- contributors to the fast popularity of the Internet. Email vastly become popular because of the following advantages it has over traditional letter and other means of communication.

Advantages of email

1. Email is cheap. As a business and individual, you can save lot of money using email instead of phone calls and postal deliveries.

2. Email is fast
It will reach any part of the world in a few seconds as opposed to days or months of postal service.

3. Email crosses time zones
You can send it outside working hours when the receivers are not in the office and they still read it anytime they are available as opposed to telephone calls that demand that the receiver be available at that particular point in time to pick the phone.

4. Email can be send to many people or group at the same time. This has lead to efficient dissemination of information

5. Email enabled people to work from home in a process termed ' telecommuting '

6.there is no limit on the number of words in email message. You can decide to send a short or long message

7. Easy to attach large files and document without using paper

8. It does not use paper therefore ecological good as it prevent cutting of tress

9. Email increases computer typing skills

10. Email language is simple and informal

11. You can send pictures, newsletter etc. Therefore companies and individuals can advertise to lots of people at a go through emails

12. It is good for record keeping as it is always in your box until you delete it

13. You can use auto-responder to send email on your behalf when you are not around

14. Sometimes, the people you are sending email to may not be around to talk to you eyeball to eyeball but with email you can send message to the person while the person will read it wherever he is.

15. You have a record evidence that the message is sent or received.

16. It makes it possible to access messages and file s from the comfort of your home.

17. You can think properly of what you want to send through email I.e it is not impromptu

18. Email can be use to testify as evidence in the court of law.

Despite the numerous advantages of email, it also has it shortcomings. Knowing the shortcomings and the advantages can help you to make the right decision when thinking of the right means of communication that match certain circumstances.

The following are the disadvantages of emails

1. The user has to login to the Internet before it can read or send email. A message can remain unread forever if the receiver do not login

2. It hinders the development of social behavior as there is limited physical interaction.

3. Making phone calls bring you closer to the recipient than when you communicate through email.

4. It can spoil handwriting because you are always typing your message

5. Email attachment can home virus which can be transmitted into your computer if not properly scanned

6. It can lead to poor sight as result of spending too much time on your computer typing and sending emails
7. Spammers can easily occupy your email box with lots of unwanted emails preventing easy access to useful ones

8. It can lead to misunderstanding through misinterpretation of message

9. The response may not be instant because the receiver can only reply after reading your email unlike phone calls and face to face communication where the response is instant

10. It is not so secretive especially when message is sent to the wrong person.

11. You need to empty your email box from time to time to moderate the size of the messages in your box and to prevent unwanted message from staying in the list

12. It can lead to bad spelling among the youths through the use and promotion of abbreviated spellings

13. It is not everybody that has an email address. So, you can only communicate with people in that class and circle.

14. Access to email depend on many factors such as internet connection, availability of computer or phone, server, electricity among others. Therefore, it is not easily accessible.

15. It is virtual. Not as real as talking to real person on the phone or eyeball to eyeball

Don't have an email? Create one with Gmail.com  and start enjoying the benefits of having one

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How to get and make money from online resale right products

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How to effectively increase your affiliate sales and earnings through article marketing

 Article marketing is one of the most reliable methods of getting affiliate sales and traffic to your site. It is an old trick which is still working till date.
Though, you can use article marketing for quite number of objectives out of which is driving traffic to your blog or website. Here, am concentrating on how you can use it to fast track your affiliate sales and earnings.
Following the below five steps will guide you to earning your first and not the last affiliate cash through article marketing

5 steps to successful affiliate marketing campaign

1. Get an affiliate product to promote
The point here is not to get anyhow affiliate product but a high in demand product which is not already over marketed. For newbies, affiliate marketing is an act of earning sales commission from promoting other people's products and service, raking in huge amount of dollars in the process with or without having a website or blog. While affiliate product is other people's product you have chosen to promote.
My advice is to choose a high in demand affiliate products with less affiliate competitors to avoid being over shadow by affiliate marketing gurus. 

2. Promote through social media
Your social media pages are a great way to promote your affiliate products to millions of people on a consistent basis. If you have built a good reputation among your followers and friends, it will be easy for them to buy from you. If you have a huge connection on your social media accounts such as linkedin, Google+, twitter and Facebook, you have great potential to make money from affiliate marketing.

3. Promote your affiliate product using article marketing
This is how it works! Let assume you have chosen blackberry phone as your affiliate product and you'll earn $25 as commission per item sold. What you will do is to write article on blackberry phone including brief history of blackberry, give insight of the numerous applications on it as well as it benefits to the end users.
Please, don't write a sales article as a product review to avoid suspicious. Make your headline and introduction be captivating and interesting enough to make your readers keep reading. Write a simple and clear message by dividing the main points into paragraphs, each having like 6 lines deep.

4. Submit your article
The next step is to submit your article to the numerous online article directories abound on the Internet. The focal benefit of article marketing is the presence of the resource box provided by the article directories where you are allowed to advertise your site URL. Some directories allow you to put your affiliate link while other do not. In the later, you are only allowed to put your site URL in the resource box. You need to create a compelling resource box or call to action box paragraph to persuade your readers to click on the link provided. The resource box serves as a free advertising space for you which is the reason you write the article in the first place. 
Some of the article directory sites you can submit your article to are:

Ideamarketers.com, searchwarp.com, submityourarticle.com, enzinearticles.com, articlealley.com, articleworld.net, Articleworld.com, goarticles.com, articlefinders.com, articlesfactory.com, Buzzle.com, easyarticles.com, etc

The next step is not that necessary but is an extra effort that can give you extra affiliate earnings and is to

5. Build a list
This is the act of collecting people's contact details such as name and email. The purpose of list building is to build a relationship with your contacts which can ultimately lead to sales.

To build your list

1. Sign up with reliable autoresponder service such as mailchimp.com, aweber.com, GetResponse.com, cmsautomaticlistbuilder.com etc

2. Create an opt-in form on your autoresponder platform

3. On your site, create a squeeze page where you include your opt-in form - read the article ' meaning of squeeze page and how to make effective squeeze.'

4. Start driving traffic to your squeeze page through the link provided in the resource box. The opt-in form will ask your visitors to enter their emails to proceed further

5. Post useful information to your subscribers from time to time with occasional marketing of your affiliate products.

Other places you can submit your article to are : articledashboard.com, Addme.com, allthewebsites.org, amazines.com, articlecentral.com, articlecity.com, authorconnection.com, businesstoolchest.com, constant-content.com, family-content.com, isnare.com

Instead of spending a lot of money on advertisement and promotion why can't you learn more on how to use article marketing to promote your chosen affiliate product and skyrocket your affiliate sales and earnings.

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Google and CO.are the wise ones of our modern generation

Affiliate Millions - Make a Fortune Using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond

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How To Make Money Online Writing For Hubpages

Hubpages is a website which allows you to make money through the articles you publish on the pages you have on their website. The articles are called 'hubs' and you earn money through Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon and any other monetization means allowed by hubpages.

However to succeed there are certain things you need to put in place
Keyword research
Keywords are words that are closely related to your articles which are commonly used by searchers to search for certain topics on search engines. For instance, petroleum are called fuel in some countries, whereas it is known as gas or oil in other countries. Search engines are world on their own with a language. Keywords are the language of search engines. So, to succeed writing articles online you have to know the language commonly use and which relate to your article.
You can use Google's keyword research tool for keyword research. Just fill in some keywords that might be in your title or body of the article and see the volumes of searches they have enjoyed. You can then choose to write on any keyword phrase that is mostly searched for. Keywords optimization is especially important in your title or headline.

Content is king
The more content, the more traffic and the more money. Write clear, easy to understand, informative and sometimes entertaining articles. I suggest writing a minimum of 400-500 words for your hub. Try to notice how your hubs are performing. Though, you can write on any topic you desire, Concentrate on the article niche that generate the highest traffic and click rate.

Hub challenge
Since the more the hubs, the more the traffic, the more the money, you can decide to take part in 30 days 30 hubs, 100 days 100 hubs challenge or set any other high target for yourself. You have to accept that making money is not easy, you need to do extra to earn extra. Those that have involved in hubs challenge always have positive testimony. This is because your traffic will skyrocket and so do your earnings. One of my friends set a target of 100 hubs in 100 days. The result has been wonderful.
With good, quality rich in keyword articles and efficient promotion you should be able to make at worst $1 on every hub per month for a lifetime I.e $40 for 40 hubs, $100 for 100 hubs consistently every month throughout the lifespan of the hubs.

Mind you! Some people are making thousands of dollars monthly on just few like 100 traffic driven hubs.


 Promote your hubs
Getting links to and from your hubs always work wonders. Putting links from your blog to and from your hubs will be good. Linking your hubs to and from article submission sites, social bookmarking sites, yahoo answers etc will be helpful.
Promote your hubs on your social media sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, myspace, whatsapp. To get much traffic from your social media try to build the number of your followers.

Write on trending article
You can search for what is trending now on Google and likes in order to write on what people are reading at the moment. This can help you to get more traffic as you write on what people are interested in reading at that particular moment I.e what is googling now.

To get started

- sign up with hubpages

- start creating hubs

- sign up for Google Adsense through your hubpages subdomain

- and if you already have one

- log in to your hubpages dashboard, go to my account, go to affiliate setting, then add your Google Adsense id.

- earn money whenever someone click on the ads placed by Google on your hubpages.

Other hubpages monetization strategies

  • Another way to make money from hubpages is to put your relevant affiliate link in your hubs as hubpages allow maximum of two affiliate links in your hubs. With this, you can be making money from affiliate sales.

  • Also, promoting eBay and Amazon capsules relevant to your hubs is good way to add to your earning capacity.

  • You also earn from referral program where you earn commission from the activities of the people you refer to the site.

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Google online will and you

The word 'will' which means giving your real estate or money to your love ones when you die, convey much meaning to the rich. It is something they must think over and over to make a wise decision. They might even need the help of professionals such as lawyers, spending money in the process in order to make sure the will is properly done and authenticated.

To me, an online will is much more important than a real estate will, may be because am into online stuffs. And I guess such is the view of many millions of online entrepreneurs like Google, yahoo!, Facebook as well as millions of  pro- bloggers and webmasters abound on the Internet.

When I heard the news that Google has launched an ' online will ' I was the happiest among the happy people to hear such a great news. I must use this opportunity to commend and congratulate Google for their foresight and effort in making sure they contribute their quota in turning the world into a global village.

Am happy to let my readers know that the online giant, Google, has launched a new service to enable its users make an online will where they dictates what happens to their data after they die. They will determine whether they want to pass their data as a digital inheritance to their love ones when they die or want Google to permanently delete it.

The inactive account managers enables users of all Google service to choose their " trusted contact " who they want to allow access to their account once their account has remain dormant for 3, 6 or 12 months.

The users are to determine how many months their account should have laid dormant before Google can allow their chosen trusted contacts to have access to their data.

Meanwhile, Google is wise, as they will send a final warning via email and text messages to the users to make sure that they have really pass on, and not merely left their account inactive or dormant due to some busy schedule or sickness, before releasing or allowing access to the data by the third party.

    In a blog post announcing the launch, Google product manager, Andreas Tuerk said: " not many of us like thinking about death - especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you're gone is really important for the people you leave behind. We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife in a way that protects your privacy and security and make life easier for your love ones after you're gone ".

That is a very intelligent talk from Andreas Tuerk. If you examine the statement, you will see that the major reason behind the launching is making life easier for the love ones that Google users leave behind when they die. This clearly show that what make Google to become such an online hegemony is their unique desire to help humanity.

I therefore urge all online entrepreneurs to emulate Google in this regard. Our main motive online should be to help humanity, not to make some fast money.
This attribute of helping others is what also makes Yahoo! to be such an online branding behemoth. This I clearly expansiate in one of my blog post, ' learning from successful online entrepreneurs using Jerry Yang and David Filo ( The yahoo! boys ) as a case study.

I must say that the Internet have already surpass its expectation. In the nearest future all our email address, blogs, online stores, websites, Facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media accounts are going to turn into a big online real estate worth lots of dollars.

Imagine how it would be for a netpreneur to inherit a worthwhile account as a digital inheritance from someone who has been so successful
online before he died. Imagine how successful an online entrepreneur could be after inheriting a Facebook page with over 1000000 fans, a twitter account of over 2000000 followers, Google+ with 500000 cycle of friends, a blog, website, store or affiliate link that is raking in thousands of dollars every month. I guess there is no better inheritance.

To set up your online will, visit Google account setting page, from where you can select options for all of Google's services such as youTube, picasa web albums, Google+, Gmail etc

The Internet is still young, now is the time to start and make something worthwhile out of your online presence.

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Grow your business through online marketing - part 2

In part 1 of this article, i wrote about how to grow your business through online marketing strategies such as paid reviews, email marketing, visual marketing, social media platforms and e-newsletter. Though, i should have put everything in one article but i consider my readers who may not be patience enough to read lengthy articles. Therefore, below are the list of other methods used by business owners and advertisers to promote their business online.

Pay Per Click Advertising
This is a type of advertisement where ads are placed on a website but the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked by visitors. It is an online weapon used by advertisers to expose and drive traffic to their site. The visitors are taken to the advertiser website when they click on the ad.
PPC is highly recommended to those that want to promote their business online because the traffic is instant. Advertisers get value for their money in PPC because they monitor the result of their advert to see whether it is working or not.
In program such as Google Adwords, the advertiser will decide how much he can afford to pay per click. Let say, the advertiser budget is $100 and he can afford to pay 0.10 cents per click, that means, the visitors will need to click 1000 times before his account can be exhausted.
Let assume the advertiser is selling his product at $10 on his website. A good targeted ads should convert at least 50 clicks out of 1000. And 50 multiply by 10 equal $500. Since profit= sales-cost, therefore, profit is $400
You can also use Facebook ad which is a pay per click advertisement like Google Adwords

Cost Per Click Advertsing

This is a program where the advertiser is charged as in form of contract. In this case, the CPC platforms have various bundles for their CPC programs. For instance, they can charge $10 for driving 1000 visitors who will stay for 30 seconds, $20 for 1000 visitors that will stay for 1 minute, $40 for 2000 visitors who will stay up to 3 minutes on the advertiser website. This will help to give the advertiser website and products a wide exposure as well as some leads from the visitors. These visitors are employed by the CPC platform through a program know as per pay click, which means they will be paid a certain amount per every click they make to visit the advertisers site and for staying there for the specified period of time.
Some CPC programs will charge the advertiser a certain amount for every 1000 visitors they received. The  CPC  will now place the adverts on publishers website or blog. The publisher will also be paid a certain amount for every 1000 clicks the advertisers received from the publishers website or blog. This is also referred to as Cost Per Mile (CPM). The 'mile' stands for 1000.
CPC is good advertising program for advertisers to reach many audience as it is budget friendly.

Buy ad space
This is buying of space on other people's blog or website in form of banner for a specific sum depending on certain factors such as the banner size and volume of traffic. For instance, a website designer could spend $1500 per month for renting a 300 by 300 banner space on a blog that talks about website designing which receive an average of 50000 to 100000 pageviews per month.
You could buy ad space on blog and websites that relate to the kind f business you are providing or where your potential customers could be. If you are selling sport kits, you can buy ad space on sites like goal.com  etc 

Sponsored ads
Sponsored ad is a kind of advertisement where you urge other people to help you to promote your post.
For instance, you can write a post about your product or service and pay Facebook to help you promote the post. You can choose your geographic location and your budget for such promotion.
Twitter also had a plan for sponsored ad which they call ' sponsored tweets '. With this service, twitter help to promote your commercial tweet through their numerous members. The rate and service depend on your budget. With many people on twitter and Facebook, sponsored ad is one special and effective way to expose your business to millions of people within a short period of time.

Through contest

To promote your business online, you can pay websites, blogs as well as social media account holders with large number of followers in order to run a contest on their site. You can use this to promote awareness about your business. You can ask people to give their opinion on your product or service and that the best opinion will be given a prize. You can also sponsor a contest in form of questions about your product or about something related, where the best answer will be given a gift or prize. This will give your brand a wide popularity as people like this kind of offer.

These and other methods mentioned in part one of this article are some of the ways you can grow your business through online marketing. The other methods will be analyze in the part three of this article which am still researching on.

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Plant Vs Zombi Full Version
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How to make money online writing for examiner.com

The Internet is really living beyond expectation as is opening doors for many people to make money online either full-time or part-time. It serves as a great tool for those who want to work from home, especially nursing parents, the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed.
If you are above 18 years and a resident of the US or Canada with a passion for writing, one arena to make added income online which has been tried and tested positive by many people is examiners.com. You can earn money by writing articles for examiner.


Examiners must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of either U.S. or Canada. Signing of an independent contributor agreement prior to activation is required from each Examiner
Before you can get hired by  examiner you have to submit your application which will be screened. You need to let them know you are an expert in the  subject you have chosen.
List your qualifications, mentions events and place to highlight your experience and expertise. After your application has been considered and your request granted, you can start earning meaningful sum of money by spending few hours everyday or week writing for examiner.
It is better to choose the area of expertise that you are familiar with, enjoy reading and writing or the one you regularly come across on magazine or other means.

Welcome to Examiner.com

How much you can make with examiner.com

Your earning is directly related to the traffic your articles enjoy. Traffic is the main determinant of your earnings as examiners pays by page views. The more the traffic you have, the more page views, the more money you make. The article you submitted will show up as news in search engines result. Which means that your page views will skyrocket immediately the article is published then drop with time. So, make sure you
promote your articles through other means to get enough traffic to your articles.

You should know that your income increase steadily month after months. Overtime, according to research you can start earning from $100 - $500 and above monthly if you keep working. Examiners do hire writers to cover news for their local city while also offers national positions for their writers whom they considered
as experts. There are lot of interest to choose from. The site keep hiring as they continue their expansion to cover news for a wide number of cities around the world. If your city is accepted, just select writing about news in your local areas, enjoy yourself and make money. One of the most fascinating aspect of examiner is that articles are short and local. Writing the articles is easier and interesting. You can also earn commission for every writer you refer.

Some benefits of writing for examiner

1. Your reputation as a writer will increase
2. It gives you and your articles great exposure as your articles
appear on top of Google and yahoo searches
3. The pay rate is cool
4. They have a great referral program
5. Article writing is not stressful because you don't need to write
lengthy articles. 200-400 words is okay.

Want to become examiner writer? Follow the following steps

1. Go to http://www.examiner.com. Application is free
2. Choose a topic/area of expertise you want to be writing about
3. Complete your application form. Write about your experience and submit
a writing sample
4. Wait for confirmation email
If you are accepted, you will need to submit a photo with a brief biography.
Examiner will also ask you to authorize a background check using your personal identity information as security.
You can start posting many articles as you wish, first on local news and later on national news if you are considered an expert.

Note: my advice for everyone who want to make money online is not to
go in for fast money. Do whatever you want to do with passion and
because you want to be part of the industry. Like offline, there is no
magic or shortcut to make money online, your income increase steadily
through a lot of hardworking, dedication, perseverance and consistency.

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Get free 500mb New Offer From MTN

 Get free 500mb New Offer From MTN This is not a Cheat is an Offer It does not cost much to download this app just 5mb. After downloadi...