How To Make Money Online Writing For Hubpages

Hubpages is a website which allows you to make money through the articles you publish on the pages you have on their website. The articles are called 'hubs' and you earn money through Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon and any other monetization means allowed by hubpages.

However to succeed there are certain things you need to put in place
Keyword research
Keywords are words that are closely related to your articles which are commonly used by searchers to search for certain topics on search engines. For instance, petroleum are called fuel in some countries, whereas it is known as gas or oil in other countries. Search engines are world on their own with a language. Keywords are the language of search engines. So, to succeed writing articles online you have to know the language commonly use and which relate to your article.
You can use Google's keyword research tool for keyword research. Just fill in some keywords that might be in your title or body of the article and see the volumes of searches they have enjoyed. You can then choose to write on any keyword phrase that is mostly searched for. Keywords optimization is especially important in your title or headline.

Content is king
The more content, the more traffic and the more money. Write clear, easy to understand, informative and sometimes entertaining articles. I suggest writing a minimum of 400-500 words for your hub. Try to notice how your hubs are performing. Though, you can write on any topic you desire, Concentrate on the article niche that generate the highest traffic and click rate.

Hub challenge
Since the more the hubs, the more the traffic, the more the money, you can decide to take part in 30 days 30 hubs, 100 days 100 hubs challenge or set any other high target for yourself. You have to accept that making money is not easy, you need to do extra to earn extra. Those that have involved in hubs challenge always have positive testimony. This is because your traffic will skyrocket and so do your earnings. One of my friends set a target of 100 hubs in 100 days. The result has been wonderful.
With good, quality rich in keyword articles and efficient promotion you should be able to make at worst $1 on every hub per month for a lifetime I.e $40 for 40 hubs, $100 for 100 hubs consistently every month throughout the lifespan of the hubs.

Mind you! Some people are making thousands of dollars monthly on just few like 100 traffic driven hubs.


 Promote your hubs
Getting links to and from your hubs always work wonders. Putting links from your blog to and from your hubs will be good. Linking your hubs to and from article submission sites, social bookmarking sites, yahoo answers etc will be helpful.
Promote your hubs on your social media sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, myspace, whatsapp. To get much traffic from your social media try to build the number of your followers.

Write on trending article
You can search for what is trending now on Google and likes in order to write on what people are reading at the moment. This can help you to get more traffic as you write on what people are interested in reading at that particular moment I.e what is googling now.

To get started

- sign up with hubpages

- start creating hubs

- sign up for Google Adsense through your hubpages subdomain

- and if you already have one

- log in to your hubpages dashboard, go to my account, go to affiliate setting, then add your Google Adsense id.

- earn money whenever someone click on the ads placed by Google on your hubpages.

Other hubpages monetization strategies

  • Another way to make money from hubpages is to put your relevant affiliate link in your hubs as hubpages allow maximum of two affiliate links in your hubs. With this, you can be making money from affiliate sales.

  • Also, promoting eBay and Amazon capsules relevant to your hubs is good way to add to your earning capacity.

  • You also earn from referral program where you earn commission from the activities of the people you refer to the site.

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