8 practices that means you are encouraging clicks on your adsense

Google adsense is one of the top ways bloggers make money online. However, Google do ban publishers that do not adhere to their policies. One of such policies is that publishers should not encourage visitors to their site to click on the ads. Publishers may not ask others to click their ads or neither should they use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks.
This means Google adsense publishers should not offer compensation to users for viewing ads or performing searches. They should not place images next to individual ads.

The following are the list of things you must not do so that Google adsense team will not see you as someone encouraging people to click on your adsense ads.
According to Google adsense team, publishers should not:
1. Compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches, or promise compensation to a third party for such behavior.
2. Encourage users to click the Google ads using phrases such as "click the ads", "support us", "vi…

How to promote konga affiliate on your blog and make money

You could make money online by promoting products online in order to receive s commission anytime you make a sale. This is called affiliate marketing. One of such program is  Konga affiliate. This is done by posting banner links on your blog. Many bloggers in Nigeria earns huge amount of money from Konga affiliate programme and you too can do the same. The function of this article is to teach you how you can promote konga affiliate product on your blog and make money in term of commission. By the end of this article, you would have learnt everything that will get you ready to be making money from konga affiliate programme using your blog. Firstly, you need to Generate Konga Affiliate Links. This is done through the following steps: (1) The first thing to do login into konga affiliate dashboard here  > (2) Click on the “Promotion” in the menu (3) Clik on the “Campaign”. Here you will see the list of campaigns as shown in the picture below. (4) Now …

Can i use google adsense on blog with only videos

According to my research, Google adsense team do not like their ads to be showing on sites that have only videos. Meaning that your adsense will be ban if you shows adsense on sites with only videos. 

The only place you can monetize your videos with adsense is Youtube. If you put adsense on video only site, adsense to the site will eventually be di as it has been reported that Google hate sites that contain no unique content such as pure video blogs. To put adsense on video only site and avoid adsense ban, make sure you have sufficient written content on any page or post that contains the adsense ads.


Are you looking for a way to monetize your Youtube from android mobile. Try the following three steps and you are good to go. 3 STEPS TO MONETIZE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS FROM ADROID MOBILES
Go to Google ChromeThen type Youtube ( The link will redirect you to YouTube )The next step is to click on three buttons at top right corner of Chrome and select Request desktop site Then the screen appeared would be same as Computer and you can monetize your Videos.

What Is mmm And How To Register For mmm

What Is mmm And How To Register For mmm

What is MMM and How Does it

MMM is an online platform designed to make sure that every of its members are financially free and okay. Is a donation program where those that have excess donated the money to those that need money  through a term known as 'PROVIDE HELP' by its members.
There is a 30% monthly mavro
increment on the money you provided help with. Let say you provide help with 100000 there will be 30000 increment on your money in the first month which k  increase on compounding interest.  After mmm system have matched you with the person that need your money, you are liable to collect your money provided it has been 15 days since you said you want to provide help. The system could match you immediately you said you want to provide help or it may takes weeks before it matches you to someone that need the amount you want to provide help with.

The good thing about mmm is that your money is in your bank account till they match you w…

Top 11 Yoruba herbs and their English names

Top 11 Yoruba herbs and their English names

1. Mint leaf in Yoruba – Ewe minti

2. Spinach in Yoruba – Efo tete

3. Parsley leaf in Yoruba –

Need a dollar card instantly in Nigeria?

Need a dollar card instantly in Nigeria?

If you need a dollar card in Nigeria instantly, visit any gtbank branch across the nation to get a prepaid dollar card in minutes.

This is different form naira card, this is dollard card.

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