11 Top Benefits Of Having Your Own Custom Domain Name

Own or custom domain is a type of domain you bought with your money. You can either buy the name you originally created or buy from other people. Though, free domain also have it benefits but this article is written to enlighten my readers about the fringe benefits of having a self custom domain name over a free subdomain.

Good impression
It gives you a good impression in the eyes of other people especially your readers and other bloggers or web masters. They will respect you and know that you are really serious about your web presence. Due to cheap cost of buying domain name some people people believe that those using free subdomain are either poor or not serious about their online presence.

Having a free subdomain is a signal to some people that you are a newbie in the Internet world, a journey just come ( JJC ), immature, and unprofessional. This will surely show in the way such people deal with you because they have a negative view about your site.

Creation of subdomains
Having your own domain will give you the chance to create your own subdomains e.g Google can create seg.google.com from their domain google.com.

Can good thing come out of Nazareth? That question was asked almost 2000 years ago in ancient Israel by those who believe that their long awaited Christ cannot come from Nazareth because they assumed that Nazareth was a good for nothing village. Most Internet users especially those that know the difference between a own domain and a free domain will assume that nothing substantial can come out of subdomain blogs, which is not always right, and this account for the reason why subdomain blog experience a lower traffic compared0 to custom domain blogs.

Custom email
You also have the advantage of making your own custom email address such as segun@gingo.com. This will boost your online reputation as well as fast-track your google Adsense approval.

Sense of belonging
Owing your own domain name will make you proud enough to let everybody knows about what you are offering online. You will be proud enough to share your domain name both offline and online, in your CV, business card, or any of your prefer way of promotion. In fact, I started this my blog with a subdomain name letgoonline.blogspot.com but I cannot promote it the way i want as am waiting to buy a domain name before giving it a full fledge promotion. Having your own domain will prompt you to give your site your full back up and you will have a sense of belonging to rub shoulders with the biggest of web masters.

You can make money from resell of your domain
Some people build their site in order to resell it later. Google bought YouTube in 2006 with over 1.6 billion dollars. Who said you cannot sell your website or blog in millions of dollars, however, it should be a own domain as you cannot sell a subdomain site.

Access to Application s and Tools
You will have access to numerous apps and tools from those that sell your custom domain to you.

Better search engine index
Your site will be better index by search engines compared to subdomain because search engines prefer and prioritize custom domain over free domain.

Adsense opportunity
It is a rare opportunity nowadays for subdomain sites to be approved by Google Adsense team except their own blogspot domain.. If you have a subdomain site and you have meet up with all the requirement of Google Adsense but yet your application is being rejected repeatedly, i will advice you to buy your own domain name. I did many research on this and what the experts keep saying is to get a custom domain name as this is one of the key pre- requisite for google Adsense approval. Even, many sites that are alternate to google Adsense do not allow subdomain. So, you will do well by getting your own custom domain.

A lifetime property
Many people complain that platforms that offer free domain do delete their accounts without any reason or warning. Meanwhile, nobody can take what you buy from you. Your custom domain is your lifetime property if not sold.
This does not mean that free domain is not good and I even advice people to use it to kickstart their blogging experience. It is noteworthy to know that your application for google Adsense can be approve if you have been active for 6 months on free domain and you bought and link your own custom domain with your free domain and meet up with other Adsense criteria.
All in all, your priority should be to get your own custom domain and thus enjoy all the benefits of owning a custom domain stated in this article and more.


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