How to effectively increase your affiliate sales and earnings through article marketing

 Article marketing is one of the most reliable methods of getting affiliate sales and traffic to your site. It is an old trick which is still working till date.
Though, you can use article marketing for quite number of objectives out of which is driving traffic to your blog or website. Here, am concentrating on how you can use it to fast track your affiliate sales and earnings.
Following the below five steps will guide you to earning your first and not the last affiliate cash through article marketing

5 steps to successful affiliate marketing campaign

1. Get an affiliate product to promote
The point here is not to get anyhow affiliate product but a high in demand product which is not already over marketed. For newbies, affiliate marketing is an act of earning sales commission from promoting other people's products and service, raking in huge amount of dollars in the process with or without having a website or blog. While affiliate product is other people's product you have chosen to promote.
My advice is to choose a high in demand affiliate products with less affiliate competitors to avoid being over shadow by affiliate marketing gurus. 

2. Promote through social media
Your social media pages are a great way to promote your affiliate products to millions of people on a consistent basis. If you have built a good reputation among your followers and friends, it will be easy for them to buy from you. If you have a huge connection on your social media accounts such as linkedin, Google+, twitter and Facebook, you have great potential to make money from affiliate marketing.

3. Promote your affiliate product using article marketing
This is how it works! Let assume you have chosen blackberry phone as your affiliate product and you'll earn $25 as commission per item sold. What you will do is to write article on blackberry phone including brief history of blackberry, give insight of the numerous applications on it as well as it benefits to the end users.
Please, don't write a sales article as a product review to avoid suspicious. Make your headline and introduction be captivating and interesting enough to make your readers keep reading. Write a simple and clear message by dividing the main points into paragraphs, each having like 6 lines deep.

4. Submit your article
The next step is to submit your article to the numerous online article directories abound on the Internet. The focal benefit of article marketing is the presence of the resource box provided by the article directories where you are allowed to advertise your site URL. Some directories allow you to put your affiliate link while other do not. In the later, you are only allowed to put your site URL in the resource box. You need to create a compelling resource box or call to action box paragraph to persuade your readers to click on the link provided. The resource box serves as a free advertising space for you which is the reason you write the article in the first place. 
Some of the article directory sites you can submit your article to are:,,,,,,,,,,,, etc

The next step is not that necessary but is an extra effort that can give you extra affiliate earnings and is to

5. Build a list
This is the act of collecting people's contact details such as name and email. The purpose of list building is to build a relationship with your contacts which can ultimately lead to sales.

To build your list

1. Sign up with reliable autoresponder service such as,,, etc

2. Create an opt-in form on your autoresponder platform

3. On your site, create a squeeze page where you include your opt-in form - read the article ' meaning of squeeze page and how to make effective squeeze.'

4. Start driving traffic to your squeeze page through the link provided in the resource box. The opt-in form will ask your visitors to enter their emails to proceed further

5. Post useful information to your subscribers from time to time with occasional marketing of your affiliate products.

Other places you can submit your article to are :,,,,,,,,,,

Instead of spending a lot of money on advertisement and promotion why can't you learn more on how to use article marketing to promote your chosen affiliate product and skyrocket your affiliate sales and earnings.

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