Meaning of squeeze page and how to get the best out of squeeze page

A squeeze page can be defined as a web page with the sole aim of collecting vital information such as email and phone numbers from website visitors for future marketing.
Squeeze page should only be used to obtain web visitor's name and email address and other additional information should be avoided to avoid clumsiness and distraction. Another name for squeeze page is landing page, opt-in page or lead capture page. It is use to deliver marketing information through an autoresponder service to the email address provided by the visitors in the opt-in form located in the squeeze page.

How to make effective squeeze page

Use great headlines
Good headlines can increase your squeeze page conversion page. You can try different headlines to see which one works best. You can use bullets under your headlines and make sure you highlight the benefits of signing up with you. Other key points should also be written in bold letters or highlighted.

Use the suspense trick
In the movie world, the suspense trick is use to arouse the interest of the viewers to what is going to happen next. The viewers are always looking forward to the next action. The suspense trick is what they use to end movies that have more than one part, and seasoning films. The authors of novels and writers also use this trick.
The same thing can be apply in your squeeze page. You can make a video about a particular service or product that you want your visitors to opt-in for and/or buy on your squeeze page. By the time the video get interesting, you can suddenly make the screen go blank. Suspense will capture the mind of your viewers and they will like to know what happen next. Then have a message come up that persuade your viewers to enter their name and email address in order to continue watching the video. This method will definitely increase your opt-in conversion rate. If you are using text, you can stop after a fascinating introduction and let a message come up as explained above.

Call to action!!!
You must put a call to action at the end of your squeeze page to lead or persuade people to enter their information in the opt-in form. One call to action is okay on your squeeze page. Avoid putting many call to action as this will confuse your visitors and prompt them to leave the page.

Ways to get traffic to your squeeze page

 Buy paid ads
This is the most immediate method of getting traffic to your squeeze page. You pay for ads through a program known as pay per click (PPC). You should take your time to get a high traffic PPC sites that will enable you to get a quality target that convert well. You can buy PPC from Facebook and Google Adword.

Through forums
Visiting and participating in forum is a good way to drive traffic to your squeeze page. You should introduce yourself first time you visit a forum. Do not instantly start posting and engaging people. When you start participating, do not attack other members of the forum whenever your opinion collide with theirs. By this, you will avoid clash and maintain a healthy relationship and reputation.
Let other forum members know you as a resource person by contributing your quota to the circle of knowledge in that specific forum.
Don't always promote yourself in forum, instead try to build credibility and authority. Though, you should occasionally mention your link but not always and in a non promotional way. With time, you can build a network of free traffic from forums.

Social media marketing
Open an account with many social media sites. Put your picture, your interest, about you and a link to your squeeze page on your social media profile.
You can use social media sites like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and others to drive massive, free and targeted traffic to your squeeze page as many people are now on social media.
By adopting the aforementioned procedures, you will make the best out of your squeeze page.

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