How You Can Make Money Selling Online Resale Right Products

Making money through online resale right products means that you are selling products created by other people thus saving the time and resources required in creating your own products.

The following process will put you through on what you need to do to get your first sale.

1.Get your personal domain name and website                                                                                Make sure your domain name is good, memorable and related to your kind of business or products you want to sell.. Avoid free web hosting as buyers will not have confidence in the product you are selling.

2.Buy resale rights product                                                                                                                 The most common and convenience online resale rights product are software and e-books which are digital products. The reason is that digital products are downloadable. You don't need to worry about space to stock your products or that you are running out of stock. You don't need to worry about packaging or postage cost because your customers can download the product on their computer. Sincerely, downloading is what make digital products rank higher than other products when it comes to online product resale rights.

3.Get a payment processor                                                                                                                  You need to get a payment processor to collect credit card payments online. You can also design a way of collecting money from people within your locality to whom credit card is not popular. This save you the journey to the bank to clear checks and money will be entering your account even while you sleep. Some of the payment processors you can use include Alertpay, PayPal, eJunkie.

4. Upload your product sales page                                                                                                      You don't have to worry about creating a sales page of your own because most resale rights product come with pre-prepared sales page, thank you page and images of the product. When somebody clicks on the link from another source, it is on this sales page they will land. It is the sales page that will interact with them in order to persuade them to purchase the product. Once you have setting up your sales page on your website the next thing is to put the payment processor link you have gotten from step 3 at the bottom of the page and you are one
one step away from taking your first orders online.

5. Get traffic to your website/sales page                                                                                                  It is important to note that traffic here means targeted traffic. You can't expect to make money from dummy sales page. You can use search engine advertising such as Google's Adwords to get targeted traffic. The reason why I recommend this is that Google will only place your ad on the page of a website or blog related to your product. If your product is about " affiliate marketing ", Google may place your ad on blog that tail about online stuff such as You can also find e-zine's around your product niche to advertise in. You can get traffic by posting on forums. Write and submit articles to online directorate like,,, and put a link to your sales page in the resource box.

6. Get them subscribe to your mailing list
Most resale right sellers direct their customers to a squeeze page. Squeeze page offers the visitors only two option either to subscribe and move to the next page to enjoy a special offer or choose not to subscribe and leave the page. Such attractive offer will make most visitors to subscribe. You can use Aweber or GetResponse to build and maintain your mailing list. Subscribing to your mailing list will make it easy for you to follow up with visitors who did not buy on their first visit. You must find a way to persuade them to visit your site once more.

Some other necessary tips :
A. It is not necessary you sell your product. You can give it for free in order to attract traffic to your site.

B. Resale rights product naturally attract traffic to websites.

C. It saves you the money to rent or buy space for office or store. It saves printing cost, cost of inventory, packaging and delivery cost, time and stress involve in preparing
sales page and collecting payment.

D. The product has become yours once you've bought the right for it resale.

E. Try to offer related products for free with your resale rights product as a bonus.

F. Build good relationship with your customer and update them with articles that will be of interest to them.

G. Learn to use squeeze page.

H. After you have made enough sales from a resale rights product try to sell another related product that you know your customers and subscribers can like.                                                                                       Selling resale rights products is one of the cheapest way of making money online.

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