How To Register And Manage Your Blog

You may have tried many ways to make Money online but to no avail. Maybe you are already making money online but just want to add to your online stream of income. One of the best way to make Money online is through blogging. Almost everybody is familiar with the word ' website ' but many people have not heard about ' blog' before and is usually a strange word to some people.
When you tell people that you are a webmaster, they easily comprehend you, but when I tell people that am a blogger, most usually ask me to come again.

Whether you know what a blog and blogging stand for or you are a novice, this article will help you to know how to register and manage your blog.

What are blogs
Blogs are online diaries which anyone can set up and own. There are sites that offer free blogs and domains, sites like wordpress, blogger, offers people who are not ready to purchase a domain a free subdomain e.g In case of blogger but if you buy a domain name, the name of your blog will look like the normal website, www.

How to register a blog and manage it

1. Create your blog
There are numerous platforms online where you can purchase and host your domain name e.g Your domain name is the name you want to name your site or blog e.g You can also buy your domain name for $10 per year from Google and get a bonus of a free host from Google.
You can also create a free blog account from google by going to and sign in through your username and password then follow the instructions to create your free blog.

2.Blog name and niche
Your blog name must be memorable and related to your niche. Your niche is your area of specialization online or what you choose to do with your blog. Don't treat different subject in one blog rather you blog must be specific to a subject I.e if you create a blog on medicine, don't post about computer, if you create a blog about automobile don't post a content about family life.

3. Publish your post
The next step is to learn how to publish your post. Then start posting as many contents as possible. But you have to structure your blog and contents for future prospect. What I mean is that you have to structure your blog on how you want to monetize it in the future. Do you want to make money through Google Adsense or through selling ads space? Do your want to use it for affiliate marketing or for selling your own product? I think you have to research about those methods of blog monetization before you start your blog.

4. Be original
Write and post original contents on your blog if you are operating content blog like I do. Don't copy and paste. I repeat, don't copy and paste contents from other people's blog as this will spoil your reputation. Do your research and write the article with your original style of writing.

5. Always try to make 1 post per day to make 100+ post in 4 months. And if you are not operating an article blog make sure you are updating your blog regularly.

6. Promotion
The next biggest thing you need to do is to promote your blog to get massive visitors. Tell and share your articles on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, myspace and other social media sites. Visit and participate on forums related to your niche or blog topics. Submit your contents to ezine and article directory sites. Always try your best to get visitors to your site because that is what determine your blog success.
Try as much as you can to reach an average of 100 visitors per day to your site. As soon as you start attracting an average of 100 visitors daily to your site you will start seeing changes especially if you monetize the blog. 

Putting all the aforementioned tips into practice will get your blog quick index by search engines.
Happy blogging.

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