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The Internet is really living beyond expectation as is opening doors for many people to make money online either full-time or part-time. It serves as a great tool for those who want to work from home, especially nursing parents, the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed.
If you are above 18 years and a resident of the US or Canada with a passion for writing, one arena to make added income online which has been tried and tested positive by many people is You can earn money by writing articles for examiner.


Examiners must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of either U.S. or Canada. Signing of an independent contributor agreement prior to activation is required from each Examiner
Before you can get hired by  examiner you have to submit your application which will be screened. You need to let them know you are an expert in the  subject you have chosen.
List your qualifications, mentions events and place to highlight your experience and expertise. After your application has been considered and your request granted, you can start earning meaningful sum of money by spending few hours everyday or week writing for examiner.
It is better to choose the area of expertise that you are familiar with, enjoy reading and writing or the one you regularly come across on magazine or other means.

Welcome to

How much you can make with

Your earning is directly related to the traffic your articles enjoy. Traffic is the main determinant of your earnings as examiners pays by page views. The more the traffic you have, the more page views, the more money you make. The article you submitted will show up as news in search engines result. Which means that your page views will skyrocket immediately the article is published then drop with time. So, make sure you
promote your articles through other means to get enough traffic to your articles.

You should know that your income increase steadily month after months. Overtime, according to research you can start earning from $100 - $500 and above monthly if you keep working. Examiners do hire writers to cover news for their local city while also offers national positions for their writers whom they considered
as experts. There are lot of interest to choose from. The site keep hiring as they continue their expansion to cover news for a wide number of cities around the world. If your city is accepted, just select writing about news in your local areas, enjoy yourself and make money. One of the most fascinating aspect of examiner is that articles are short and local. Writing the articles is easier and interesting. You can also earn commission for every writer you refer.

Some benefits of writing for examiner

1. Your reputation as a writer will increase
2. It gives you and your articles great exposure as your articles
appear on top of Google and yahoo searches
3. The pay rate is cool
4. They have a great referral program
5. Article writing is not stressful because you don't need to write
lengthy articles. 200-400 words is okay.

Want to become examiner writer? Follow the following steps

1. Go to Application is free
2. Choose a topic/area of expertise you want to be writing about
3. Complete your application form. Write about your experience and submit
a writing sample
4. Wait for confirmation email
If you are accepted, you will need to submit a photo with a brief biography.
Examiner will also ask you to authorize a background check using your personal identity information as security.
You can start posting many articles as you wish, first on local news and later on national news if you are considered an expert.

Note: my advice for everyone who want to make money online is not to
go in for fast money. Do whatever you want to do with passion and
because you want to be part of the industry. Like offline, there is no
magic or shortcut to make money online, your income increase steadily
through a lot of hardworking, dedication, perseverance and consistency.

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