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How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog Or Website

The type of domain name you choose is very vital for your online success. Your domain name is what you want your website or blog to bear. It must be nice, memorable, exciting and brandable, easy to pronounce and spell. Your domain name should be attractive, creative and rich in keywords so that it will be search engine optimized. It is always good if people can predict what your site is all about from your domain name.

How to derive a good domain name 
1. Avoid long domain names A domain name that is long like a sentence can scare people away. A one-word domain name like is good. Two-word domain name like is also good. Three-word domain name like is not bad. Also, four-word domain name like is still good. A short memorable domain name is always interesting and result-oriented.

2. I prefer domain name with .com The reason why domain name with .com extension is preferable is that it is the most popular and what first come to …

How To Make Money With Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social networking sites like Facebook which allows it's account holder to post contents and read other users contents. These contents are in the form of messages called tweets and is limited to 140 characters. Everyone online these days is opening twitter account. I think twitter and whatsapp is fighting it out for which is the second largest media sites in terms of users after Facebook. It is painful to know that most people are wasting their precious time on twitter in the name of catching fun while some are busy making lot of money from their twitter account. For those not making money the usual question is how could I make money with my twitter account?

For some category of users they know they could make money but their problem is how to get huge number of followers. The secret here is that you cannot make money with little followers. With massive followers making money on twitter is possible even while doing your normal 'tweeting'.

Let me j…

How To Get Your Dream Job Through Social Media Sites

Millions of people are going jobless throughout the universe while millions of graduates and other job seekers are also joining the train on a daily basis. So, it is increasingly hard to get a job, talk less of a dream job. To beat competitors, applicants need to adopt non- conventional and modern job-seeking methods that will increase their chance of beating other applicants to their targeted job. The labour market is very competitive and challenging. One major reason for this is that supply of labour is much more higher than the demand for it. The supply of labour is growing in an arithmetic progression (AP) while the establishment of companies and demand for labour is growing in a geometric progression (GP). Tertiary institutions of the world are churning out graduates in their millions annually while the companies to take them are either non in existence or shutting down. Those that exist do not have vacancy spaces or are employing at a very low rate to the numbers s…

How To Register And Manage Your Blog

You may have tried many ways to make Money online but to no avail. Maybe you are already making money online but just want to add to your online stream of income. One of the best way to make Money online is through blogging. Almost everybody is familiar with the word ' website ' but many people have not heard about ' blog' before and is usually a strange word to some people.
When you tell people that you are a webmaster, they easily comprehend you, but when I tell people that am a blogger, most usually ask me to come again.

Whether you know what a blog and blogging stand for or you are a novice, this article will help you to know how to register and manage your blog.

What are blogs
Blogs are online diaries which anyone can set up and own. There are sites that offer free blogs and domains, sites like wordpress, blogger, offers people who are not ready to purchase a domain a free subdomain e.g In case of blogger but if you buy a…

How To Manage An Online Store Successfully

It is a common thing to see people opening and maintaining an online store nowadays. Attention have shifted from the traditional physical store to online store with the later having a lower set up cost and wider exposure. Some people specialize on selling a specific class of products while some sell a wide variety of goods ranging from designer shoes, clothes, bags, phones and some other things. For those people and many, the question is: how to get customer and how to run the online store successfully?

Use product's image
For an online Store, winning customers is the most difficult and important. You must try as much as you can to attract new customers as well as maintaining the old ones. This can be done by making sure you always give a full image of your products. Make sure the picture of your products are simple, clear and complete.

Pay attention to details
To succeed selling stuff online, make sure you pay attention to your customers detail so that you won't se…