How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog Or Website

The type of domain name you choose is very vital for your online success. Your domain name is what you want your website or blog to bear. It must be nice, memorable, exciting and brandable, easy to pronounce and spell. Your domain name should be attractive, creative and rich in keywords so that it will be search engine optimized. It is always good if people can predict what your site is all about from your domain name.

How to derive a good domain name 

1. Avoid long domain names
A domain name that is long like a sentence can scare people away. A one-word domain name like is good. Two-word domain name like is also good. Three-word domain name like is not bad. Also, four-word domain name like is still good. A short memorable domain name is always interesting and result-oriented.

2. I prefer domain name with .com
The reason why domain name with .com extension is preferable is that it is the most popular and what first come to people's mind when thinking about online domain names. Most people don't bother to know
the extension at the back of a domain name once they hear the sound because to them every domain name end with .com If the .com of the domain name you love has been taken, try to do a slight change or choose another domain name that is entirely different from the one you initially choose. Sometime it will be necessary to try up to 10 or more names before you will get the one that is still available. Whichever way, always make sure your domain name relate to your niche, is keyword rich and memorable.

3. Make sure your domain name is related to your site
People should be able to speculate what your site is all about from your domain name. For instance, the name shows that is the website of Barcelona football club. Even if you choose to use
generic name, you can choose it, in a way that a second thought can show the meaning of the site. For example is an online marketing website but the word ' Amazon ' does not relate to market.
Meanwhile, Amazon river is the longest river in the world, so I guess could mean the largest online market place.

4. Avoid domain name with hyphen
Hyphen is used to join two words together to make a new one e.g back-up. It is symbolized as (-).
If you put hyphen in your domain name it will only benefit your rivals by sending your supposed visitors to them. Domain names with hyphen is always difficult for people to remember, try to avoid it as possible.

5. Avoid using already established brand names
Using a brand name like is risky because the owners can sue you for trademark infringement which can attract huge sum as penalty. Though, You can register and sell it to the brand but not for personal

6. Don't use anyhow domain name
Use a domain name that you love. A domain name you can promote with all your heart. If you don't like your name it will be hard to tell people what your name is, also If you don't love your domain name it
will be difficult to promote it. Don't rush into choosing a domain name, take your time. Remember : if you rush in you rush out.

7. Expired domain names are good
After trying different domain names which are not available, some people have chosen to use expired domain names that are 100 percent related to their niche. Buying expired domain name can make your site easily popular, drive unsolicited traffic and ease your chance of getting Google Adsense approval.

8. Use sociable, brandable and easy to spell domain names
People should be able to relate effortlessly with your domain name (sociable). People should be able to relate your domain name with a concept (brandable) e.g can be easily liking to online stuff. Your domain name should be easy to spell and not vocabulary. By only hearing your domain name people should be able to type it in their browser and get the right result e.g

The success of every online website or blog heavily depend on it domain name.

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How To Make Money With Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social networking sites like Facebook which allows it's account holder to post contents and read other users contents. These contents are in the form of messages called tweets and is limited to 140 characters. Everyone online these days is opening twitter account. I think twitter and whatsapp is fighting it out for which is the second largest media sites in terms of users after Facebook. It is painful to know that most people are wasting their precious time on twitter in the name of catching fun while some are busy making lot of money from their twitter account. For those not making money the usual question is how could I make money with my twitter account?

For some category of users they know they could make money but their problem is how to get huge number of followers. The secret here is that you cannot make money with little followers. With massive followers making money on twitter is possible even while doing your normal 'tweeting'.

Let me just brief some of the ways you can make money on twitter before explaining how you can get massive number of followers.

Through marketing
You can use your twitter account to promote other people's product or service to your followers and receive money from the advertiser.

 You can write good message about a product or service and recommend it to your followers on behalf of your sponsor.

Affiliate marketing
You can always put the affiliate link to your product or website in your tweet

Sell your own product
You can promote and sell your own product or service directly to your followers

Paid reviews
This is the act of getting paid to write about the usefulness of a product or service. You can do paid review about a product, service or people I.e by helping them to write a review about their website or blog or to promote their Facebook, twitter or other media sites.

Sponsored Ads
In sponsored ads, you will get paid for re-tweeting other people ad. Sponsored ads will have a predefined prefix to help your followers identity it as adverts.

Getting traffic to your blog
One of the ways people make money online is blogging. The money from blogging is made from selling space on your blog for advertisers. It is noteworthy that the more visitors you can drag to your blog the more money you can make from any sort of monetization you adopted. Dragging your followers on twitter to your blog will help you to make constant cash-flow.

How to get followers
The most interesting features of twitter is the concept of followers. You get the chance to subscribe to people's messages and they can pay you back by subscribing to your message too. The more people you subscribe to and the more followers you have, the more your audience and the more people you can reach
The problem with most twitter users is that it is very hard to get more than 50 followers. Most of celebrities get more than 1 million followers while non- celebs struggle to get tangible number of followers.

Buy twitter followers
One method I strongly recommend is buying twitter followers. When you buy twitter followers you have more than doubled your chance of making money.
You can increase your brand awareness, comments, run contest etc on your twitter account. You can only optimize all opportunities to make money on twitter if you have many followers who are deeply interested in your tweet. The only way I can guarantee access to hundreds of followers is through such platform as The last time I check the site their prices are: 5000 twitter followers just for $39, 10000 followers for $69, 15000 followers for $79, 25000 followers for $99, 50000 followers for $179, 100000 followers for $349 and more.

Some useful ethics
Make sure you don't bombard your followers with constant advert but make your tweet natural and you must mix your commercial tweets with non- commercial tweet, jokes or link to interesting pages. Doing this will keep your followers engaged and happy therefore responding well to your occasional commercial tweets. It will also help you to grow your follower steadily.
Imagine how much traffic you can constantly drag to your site if you have 50000 followers on your twitter account. No easiest way to make money online.

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How To Get Your Dream Job Through Social Media Sites

Millions of people are going jobless throughout the universe while millions of graduates and other job seekers are also joining the train on a daily basis. So, it is increasingly hard to get a job, talk less of a dream job. To beat competitors, applicants need to adopt non- conventional and modern job-seeking methods that will increase their chance of beating other applicants to their targeted job. The labour market is very competitive and challenging. One major reason for this is that supply of labour is much more higher than the demand for it. The supply of labour is growing in an arithmetic progression (AP) while the establishment of companies and demand for labour is growing in a geometric progression (GP). Tertiary institutions of the world are churning out graduates in their millions annually while the companies to take them are either non in existence or shutting down. Those that exist do not have vacancy spaces or are employing at a very low rate to the numbers seeking employment.

Let us use Nigeria as a case study. There are 36 states in the nation and each of these states has at least 2 tertiary institutions. Each states may have at least 2 of the following schools: federal, state, private universities and polytechnics, college of education and technical colleges. Each of these schools are churning out hundreds of graduate every year and the big question is, where are the companies to employ them? In Nigeria, like in most part of the world, companies are at optimum capacity in terms of labour while some are shutting down due to epileptic power supply, unconducive business environ and unstable and unfavorable government policies.

In order to get out of the unemployment market, I advice that job seekers turn to the internet for solution. There are many opportunities on the Internet for job seekers. One of such is the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, linkedin and they are fast becoming key tools for job seekers throughout the globe. Throughout the world, many organizations and companies are adopting employing labour through social network to complement the conventional methods of employment.
Job seekers the world over need to learn how to make use of social media sites to find that dream job. Applicants need to understand that online social medias are just a secondary phase of the old conventional face- to- face networking but is more faster and enjoy a wider coverage,thus, serve as a great tool to help find that job.

What you need to do

1. Update your accounts
Billions of people in the world already have one social media account or the other as a means of connecting with friends, family and fans.
Most organizations and companies also have an account to connect with their customers. So, I believe that all my readers will also have at least one account but if not, make sure you create a free account today. I advice you join the two most popular social media sites, Facebook and twitter. If you are really serious about getting a dream job, one network media you should also join is linkedin. It's free, just write a good profile as if you are writing your CV and make sure you are active by updating regularly.

Know the right from the wrong
Don't forget to include your qualifications, skills, experience, volunteer activities and other professional group you belong in your profile. Avoid the use of vague words, inclusion of bad habits, grammatical errors, religious or political sentiments e.t.c when setting up your profile.
Your profile picture should portray you as a responsible person. Mind your post or updates as it will show your real personality and character. Even most employers nowadays do view the social media page and profile of their potential employee to know who they really are.

Join, follow or like organizations and companies
Linkedin is mainly designed for professionals. So, join group that relate to your profession on linkedin. Follow companies you are interested in twitter because most companies now tweet their job vacancy on twitter. Also, join, like and follow organizations related to your career on Facebook. The reason why you should join these groups is to give you fresh update about any job vacancies as well as making you aware of the current trend in your field.

How To Register And Manage Your Blog

You may have tried many ways to make Money online but to no avail. Maybe you are already making money online but just want to add to your online stream of income. One of the best way to make Money online is through blogging. Almost everybody is familiar with the word ' website ' but many people have not heard about ' blog' before and is usually a strange word to some people.
When you tell people that you are a webmaster, they easily comprehend you, but when I tell people that am a blogger, most usually ask me to come again.

Whether you know what a blog and blogging stand for or you are a novice, this article will help you to know how to register and manage your blog.

What are blogs
Blogs are online diaries which anyone can set up and own. There are sites that offer free blogs and domains, sites like wordpress, blogger, offers people who are not ready to purchase a domain a free subdomain e.g In case of blogger but if you buy a domain name, the name of your blog will look like the normal website, www.

How to register a blog and manage it

1. Create your blog
There are numerous platforms online where you can purchase and host your domain name e.g Your domain name is the name you want to name your site or blog e.g You can also buy your domain name for $10 per year from Google and get a bonus of a free host from Google.
You can also create a free blog account from google by going to and sign in through your username and password then follow the instructions to create your free blog.

2.Blog name and niche
Your blog name must be memorable and related to your niche. Your niche is your area of specialization online or what you choose to do with your blog. Don't treat different subject in one blog rather you blog must be specific to a subject I.e if you create a blog on medicine, don't post about computer, if you create a blog about automobile don't post a content about family life.

3. Publish your post
The next step is to learn how to publish your post. Then start posting as many contents as possible. But you have to structure your blog and contents for future prospect. What I mean is that you have to structure your blog on how you want to monetize it in the future. Do you want to make money through Google Adsense or through selling ads space? Do your want to use it for affiliate marketing or for selling your own product? I think you have to research about those methods of blog monetization before you start your blog.

4. Be original
Write and post original contents on your blog if you are operating content blog like I do. Don't copy and paste. I repeat, don't copy and paste contents from other people's blog as this will spoil your reputation. Do your research and write the article with your original style of writing.

5. Always try to make 1 post per day to make 100+ post in 4 months. And if you are not operating an article blog make sure you are updating your blog regularly.

6. Promotion
The next biggest thing you need to do is to promote your blog to get massive visitors. Tell and share your articles on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, myspace and other social media sites. Visit and participate on forums related to your niche or blog topics. Submit your contents to ezine and article directory sites. Always try your best to get visitors to your site because that is what determine your blog success.
Try as much as you can to reach an average of 100 visitors per day to your site. As soon as you start attracting an average of 100 visitors daily to your site you will start seeing changes especially if you monetize the blog. 

Putting all the aforementioned tips into practice will get your blog quick index by search engines.
Happy blogging.

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how to manage an online store successfully

How To Manage An Online Store Successfully

It is a common thing to see people opening and maintaining an online store nowadays. Attention have shifted from the traditional physical store to online store with the later having a lower set up cost and wider exposure. Some people specialize on selling a specific class of products while some sell a wide variety of goods ranging from designer shoes, clothes, bags, phones and some other things. For those people and many, the question is: how to get customer and how to run the online store successfully?

Use product's image
For an online Store, winning customers is the most difficult and important. You must try as much as you can to attract new customers as well as maintaining the old ones. This can be done by making sure you always give a full image of your products. Make sure the picture of your products are simple, clear and complete.

Pay attention to details
To succeed selling stuff online, make sure you pay attention to your customers detail so that you won't sell wrong items to your customers. Always be sure you send the right items or products to the right customer.

Give all necessary information
You must clearly state all the information related to the purchase of the products such as price, tax, shipping cost, delivery terms, size, weight and other vital data.

Write a product review
Make sure that all products have a well written product review note where you give details about the product. The main function of product review is to reveal some vital information about the benefits of the product in question and it competitive edge over rival products. If you really want to sell something online, you should not take the issue of product review lightly.

Effective marketing
Nobody will buy from you if you don't promote and advertise your products. To promote your products online you can use Google Adwords, place paid advert on Facebook, place ads on other people's blog and website, use email marketing, visit forums, advertise in local newspapers, radio and TV. Use paid to click advertisement platform. Advertise on your Facebook profile, Facebook fan page, twitter, linkedin and other social media sites. Try to grow your followers on Facebook and twitter as much as you can.

Something new
Make sure you constantly update your store. Constantly update and upgrade your products through constant replacement and improvement of items. Our customers will be relaxed to transact with us if they always see something new on our page.

Use many payment methods
Don't monopolize your payment methods. For instance many customers outside USA will not have Paypal account. Liberty reserve and MasterCard will be preferable to customers residing in Nigeria and some other countries. So, offering many payment platforms on your online store will give you better market positing. Some of the payment solutions you can use are bank transfer, bank deposit, western union, liberty reserve, payza, moneygram.

Have good customer service
Make sure that your online store purchasing form is simple and short. Make sure your customers receive the items as at when due.
Don't add extra cost apart from the one you have both agreed before the payment.
You should use visible and clear to understand description of your company/store in order to avoid suspicion and to help the customers to understand what you really stand for. You should have a good " about us/me " page which give clear description of the store, a " privacy policy " which give your visitors the do and don't of your site, a " return policy " to show the condition under which you shall accept returned items, a " term of service " as well as a " contact us/me page, where you give information about your physical office address ( if you have one ), email and phone numbers. Make sure you always respond to every email and phone call as swift as possible. Always treat your customers as a ' king '.
Contact us/me page will give your customers the chance to express their opinion about how they feel about your store, products and your customer service.
You shall succeed!!!

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