18 Advantages And 15 Disadvantages Of Email

is the short word for electronic mail. It is a type of mail that is send electronically. The first email can be dated back to the 1960s. Email is one of the earliest features of the Internet. In fact, i can say that email is one of the co- contributors to the fast popularity of the Internet. Email vastly become popular because of the following advantages it has over traditional letter and other means of communication.

Advantages of email

1. Email is cheap. As a business and individual, you can save lot of money using email instead of phone calls and postal deliveries.

2. Email is fast
It will reach any part of the world in a few seconds as opposed to days or months of postal service.

3. Email crosses time zones
You can send it outside working hours when the receivers are not in the office and they still read it anytime they are available as opposed to telephone calls that demand that the receiver be available at that particular point in time to pick the phone.

4. Email can be send to many people or group at the same time. This has lead to efficient dissemination of information

5. Email enabled people to work from home in a process termed ' telecommuting '

6.there is no limit on the number of words in email message. You can decide to send a short or long message

7. Easy to attach large files and document without using paper

8. It does not use paper therefore ecological good as it prevent cutting of tress

9. Email increases computer typing skills

10. Email language is simple and informal

11. You can send pictures, newsletter etc. Therefore companies and individuals can advertise to lots of people at a go through emails

12. It is good for record keeping as it is always in your box until you delete it

13. You can use auto-responder to send email on your behalf when you are not around

14. Sometimes, the people you are sending email to may not be around to talk to you eyeball to eyeball but with email you can send message to the person while the person will read it wherever he is.

15. You have a record evidence that the message is sent or received.

16. It makes it possible to access messages and file s from the comfort of your home.

17. You can think properly of what you want to send through email I.e it is not impromptu

18. Email can be use to testify as evidence in the court of law.

Despite the numerous advantages of email, it also has it shortcomings. Knowing the shortcomings and the advantages can help you to make the right decision when thinking of the right means of communication that match certain circumstances.

The following are the disadvantages of emails

1. The user has to login to the Internet before it can read or send email. A message can remain unread forever if the receiver do not login

2. It hinders the development of social behavior as there is limited physical interaction.

3. Making phone calls bring you closer to the recipient than when you communicate through email.

4. It can spoil handwriting because you are always typing your message

5. Email attachment can home virus which can be transmitted into your computer if not properly scanned

6. It can lead to poor sight as result of spending too much time on your computer typing and sending emails
7. Spammers can easily occupy your email box with lots of unwanted emails preventing easy access to useful ones

8. It can lead to misunderstanding through misinterpretation of message

9. The response may not be instant because the receiver can only reply after reading your email unlike phone calls and face to face communication where the response is instant

10. It is not so secretive especially when message is sent to the wrong person.

11. You need to empty your email box from time to time to moderate the size of the messages in your box and to prevent unwanted message from staying in the list

12. It can lead to bad spelling among the youths through the use and promotion of abbreviated spellings

13. It is not everybody that has an email address. So, you can only communicate with people in that class and circle.

14. Access to email depend on many factors such as internet connection, availability of computer or phone, server, electricity among others. Therefore, it is not easily accessible.

15. It is virtual. Not as real as talking to real person on the phone or eyeball to eyeball

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