8 Ways To Make Money On The Internet Writing Articles

There are many ways you can earn money on the Internet as an article writer as there are many websites you can register with as a writer and earn anytime you post an article. But, for the scope of this article, i will only concentrate on 8 tested and proven positive ways you can make money on the Internet writing articles.

8 ways you can make money online as a freelance writer

1. Through examiner
One platform on the Internet where you can earn legitimate money as a freelance writer is examiner.com. You are required to choose your subject of expertise, therefore, it is advisable you choose topics that you know you love and which you know you can write a lot of articles about. Examiner hires people to write on local news within their city while also offering national positions if you prove yourself to be a professional freelance writer or they considered you to be one. Examiner pays you by the number of pageviews your articles enjoy I.e the number of times your articles were read. Therefore, your duty is to write interesting, attractive and keyword rich article title and body which readers will have 'love at first sight' for and which will make your articles to be easily visible to search engines. You can write as low as 200-400 words per article. However, examiner only accept people above 18 years whom are resident of the US and Canada. -Read my article " How to make money online writing for examiner.com

2. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing means that you are promoting other people's product with the aim of earning commission from sales. After you have chosen your affiliate product, you then take your time to write a product review article on the product. Write about the qualities along with the benefits of the product to the end users. Post the article on your blog, website, social media page like Facebook, twitter, Google+. Submit the article to ezines and article directory sites such as ideamarketers, goarticles etc. Don't forget to often link to the
product within the article and add your affiliate link at the bottom of the article.
You earn a commission anytime someone purchase the product from your affiliate link. Some of the websites that offers affiliate marketing program are cmsaffiliatecash and sfimg. - Read my article, " how to effectively increase your affiliate earnings and sales through article marketing.

3. Fiverr
On fiverr, you earn money by providing service to people at the rate of $5 per service. Therefore, you can sign up with fiverr.com and let people know that you can write articles for them at the rate of $5.
You can even design your fiverr service ad and advertise your service beyond fiverr.com. You can advertise through Facebook or Google Adwords, twitter and other social networking sites. Within short time, people will know you as an article writer and start bombarding you with all sort of freelance writing jobs.

4. Sell your own ebook
You can take your time to write a quite number of articles on a specific niche or topic. Then compile it into an ebook. Though, publishing an ebook takes a lot of time, energy, resources and dedication but the reward can be great. Know that the ebook you write is your intellectual property which you can earn passive income from, throughout your lifetime. You should also know that one of the best road to riches is to have your own brain child product you are selling! One of such places you can sell your ebook is Amazon as well as many
market websites that offer affiliate marketing. You can also sell your ebook on your blog or website.
To learn about ebook creation, read my article " how to create and self-publishing adobe PDF ebooks ."

5. Through hubpages
Hubpages is an online platform that allow you to make money from the articles (hub) you had published on your hubpages subdomain blog. You earn money through Google Adsense and through promotion of EBay and Amazon capsules. Hubpages allows you to put a maximun of two affiliate links in your hub, making it possible to earn from your affiliate links and sales. Unlike most article writing sites where you concentrate on a particular topic, you can write on many topic you desire on your hubpages blog - To learn more about hubpages, read my article, " how to make money online writing for hubpages."

6. Paid reviews
You can get paid directly from sponsors for writing article about their product, service or about an individual without appearing to have been paid to do so. You can earn for writing the review in the first place or get paid whenever someone make a purchase through the link you provided in your review or both.

7. As agent
You can get a freelance writing jobs and get people to write them for you at a reduced fee than what you are paid. The difference is your profit. Many smart information marketers are doing this, raking in thousands of dollars in the process.

8. Blogging
You can create your own blog and start posting as many articles as you can. The more quality articles you have on your blog, the better for you. It is the articles that will attract visitors to your blog from whom you can earn income through the blog monetization strategies you have adopted on your blog. - Reading my articles " how to register and manage your blog " and " how much you should charge for selling advertising space on your blog " can be really helpful.

Those are just some ways you can earn online writing articles. Indeed,
the volume of jobs to do and money to make is limitless and ongoing.
It all depends on you because your earning is directly related to your

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Reasons Why Online Freelance Writers Has Been In Such Great Demand

Many people have been trying to make money on the Internet to no avail, either because they have been unable to understand the nitty-gritty of  their chosen online niche, what they are working on, or they lack the necessary working capital to run the business before it could begin to generate money. While, to many people, writing articles online is one of the easiest and surest way of earning cool money legitimately on the Internet.
Can you write good articles and like to start making steady Income writing articles, part-time or full-time, on the Internet? Do I hear you say yes, then this article is for you. Reading this article will open your eyes to the reasons why article writers are in such great demand by webmasters while in the next article I will discuss 8
possible ways to make money on the Internet writing articles.

4 reasons why online article writers has been in such great demand

1. Creation of websites
With the creation and uploading of millions of  websites on the Internet, the demand for freelance writers as a content providers for these websites has grown remarkably. When a blog or website grow to an extent that is is attracting tens of thousands of  visitor on a daily basis, it will be impossible for only for person to be providing the contents to keep the visitors busy. Therefore, the need for a paid content providers will come to play.

2. Creation and selling of ebooks
With the popularity of and sales of ebooks increasing everyday, webmasters seriously need article writers to help them create ebooks they can market. By this, they will avoid the stress and time needed in doing research and putting materials together for the ebook creation. What they just do is to provide the desired topic while the writer do the writing. Let say they want to write on 10 topics. They then get 10 freelance writers. This means, the product can be ready in a couple of days. Many online information marketers use this method of employing writers to write on numerous topics to fast-track their information product
They can then sell this information product in form of an ebook with their name as a writer or owner or as a PLR ( Private Label Right ) product where they allowed the buyers to put their name as the writer or owner, sell it or use it anyway they like - Reading my article " how to create and self- publishing adobe PDF ebooks " and " how to get and make money from online resale right products " can be helpful

3. Emergence of multinational companies websites
Multinational companies are money spenders. They are also in need of writers to keep their website running in order to compete favorably with competitors. And since they are big money spenders, they can pay up to $50 and more for a single article. These multinational companies run a blog or website like a company with many administrative staffs of which freelance writers are an integral part.

4. Popularity of blogs
With blog coming to the scene as a way of making money, many webmasters create numerous blogs on different niche thus they need writers to help them update these blogs. Some webmasters and several companies on the Internet own tens of blogs. Therefore, they need writers to help them update contents to these highly trafficked blogs.
Since the more contents, the more traffic, the more money, they are in constant need of freelance writers to post contents as many times they can in a day. These webmasters and companies don't have problem in
paying big since they are earning big from ad. Know that you can earn up to $500 or more weekly depending on your article posting rate because your employers are earning more than they
pay you. Some of these blogs are attracting millions of visitors daily. Articles are the blood of blog. They are what keep blog running. Without consistent updating of contents, blog will suffer from contents malnutrition and subsequently die. Therefore, webmasters need online freelance writers to keep their blog healthy and you know ' health is wealth.'
The wealth of these bloggers and multinational companies come from the various blog and website monetization strategies such as Google Adsense and selling of ads space directly to advertisers on their blog or website.

The aforementioned points are some of the ways webmasters and companies use articles to make money which account for the high demand of article writers on the internet.

In the next article, I shall discuss 8 possible ways you can start raking lots of dollars every months writing articles.

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Online Payment Solutions Available To Nigerians

Some have seen it coming, others did not, but on Saturday, May 25th,  2013, the online payment solution, Liberty Reserve was shut down by the US Federal Prosecutor and Costa Rican authorities.
This has resulted in huge loss for online business people around the world. But the effect was most felt by Nigerian netpreneurs (including myself ) and other onliners as many of them used and depended on Liberty Reserve for their online money transactions.
This is because the use of credit card is not popular in Nigeria and many secured and reliable online payment platforms including PayPal, which is arguably the most secured online payment solution do not
accept Nigerians. Therefore, buyers and sellers of online products and services in the country used liberty reserve for sending and receiving payments for their online business transactions.

This is not the first time, virtual money worth millions of dollars belonging to Nigerian onliners will be loss in such manner.. Around 2008 if I can recollect the year perfectly, egold which was more
popular and the choice of Nigerians netpreneurs then was suddenly shut down in the same manner with users (including myself) monies running into millions of dollars disappeared with it.

Though, liberty reserve was available then but egold was more popular in Nigeria and the world over I guess. The shut down of egold pave the way for the popularity of liberty reserve as the best alternative online payment solution especially in Nigeria. Whether liberty reserve will go into total oblivion or will experience
come back or whether user's can still have their money back or not, only time will tell. For now the next thing for Nigerians is to look for secured offline banking system that offers online services and online payment platforms for their online transaction within and outside the country.

The top secured payment systems that can be use by Nigerians to transfer fund to and from the country for their online transactions are
Some Nigerian online experts suggest that payza should be the no.1
online digital payment solution for Nigerians because of the following reasons

1. The top reason is that payza have mechanisms put in place for
checking money laundering activities and other fraudulent activities.

2. Payza have maximum limit for deposit and withdrawal for each of it
accounts namely individual, business, verified and non-verified.

3. You can send your money through local banks and as well exchange
your money through local exchangers which are local merchants that
deal with the selling and buying of online currencies.

Bank wire
What usually discourage Nigerians from using bank wire is that the
service come with charges considered too high by customers but i must
admit that bank wire is one of the best and most secured way to
receive and transfer fund online.

Domiciliary account
This is a dollar account. It is only available for current account
holder. It is popularly known as ' Dom account ' and is the choice of
Nigerian forex trader.

Internet banking
Almost all the banks in Nigeria are operating internet banking or
e-banking as some will call it. It is also a secure means of
performing online money transactions. Check your bank to know how you
can make use of their Internet banking service

Mobile money
Nigerians are reluctant about this, but it is a good way of settling
our online transaction at least within the country.

Reasons why bitcoin is recommended are
1. Bitcoin is an open-source software which means that all users have
access to all of  the source codes every time.

2. It uses peer to peer technology which means that it operates with
no central authority.

3. Bitcoin is supported by vibrant group of developers, businesses,
exchanges and users

4. Little or no processing fees

5. No risk of fraud and is immune to seizure or confiscation

6. It has a vibrant economy as it reached a 2.5B market cap in April 2013

Other digital online solutions available to Nigerians are Webmoney, Egopay etc.

This I strongly recommend. With the introduction of Naira MasterCard
by some of Nigerian banks, the popularity of  MasterCard is increasing
in the country. I suggest you open an account with banks like
firstbank of Nigeria, UBA, GTBank, Zenith, Access bank (visacard) and
others that offer ATM MasterCard with as low as 2000 Naira (about $13)
to open an account.
I recently used Firstbank Naira MasterCard to pay a client in Europe.

Some useful ethics
- only use mastercard on your personal computer or trusted computer system

-keep your ATM and your mastercard information very well

- only use your mastercard on platforms you've came to trust

-Do not leave excessive amount of fund you cannot afford to lose in
your mastercard account.

-Set a maximum limit for the amount of fund that can be on your online
virtual account and withdraw anytime you exceed that limit

-Do not leave any fund you cannot afford to lose in any of the online
payment system

-Check whether the online payment system is duly backed/certified by government

-Check on search engines for what people are saying from time to time about the platform and
switch over anytime you sense something suspicious.

These online payment alternatives are mere suggestions, users are
advice to do proper scrutiny before and after registering with their
chosen online payment platform.

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How To Fine-Tune Your Online Business

Many online business owners are finding it difficult to compete favorably with competitors, and they feel it is becoming hard to do business online today than it was a few years back. The following guidelines can help you to fine-tune your online business and stay competitive.

Focus on your current customers
You need to know that your existing customers are your number one asset. You need to be finding out on a regular basis what your customers need are. You must understand that the world is changing everyday and so do your customers taste and preference. Since the world is changing, your customers too might want to have new products and services to catch up with time and meet up with their mates.
If you are selling fashion stuffs on your online store for instance, you have to know that fashion changes everyday. Which means, you need to stay awake to new trend in fashion and equip your store with updated fashion materials and clothes.
If you are dealing with selling of phones, you cannot compare the technological level of mobile phones now with that of 5 years ago. New phones are invented almost everyday to the extent that consumers are confuse of which one to buy. As an online entrepreneur you need to stay alert to new phones entering the market and put them on your store or webpage.
You might need to talk to your customers to know their needs and expectations.
growing and changing with your customers to stay in the market is one of the best way you can fine-tune your online business.

Examine your technology
Online presence is all about science and technology. Try to learn new skills about how to improve or fine-tune your website, store or blog. You might need to add some plugging or gadget to your website, blog, store or social media pages that will help to optimize your performance and sales. Find new ways to make your page look fascinating so that visitors will have a good experience on your page.

Develop your yourself and your employees

Try to fine-tune yourself by attending training on your chosen online niche. Don't rely on the training you have received some years back. Things are changing, onliners are working round the clock to discover new things, new ways of doing things online.
On this account, it is vital to join professional group online. You can find such group on social media site like LinkedIn. Join the one that relate to your niche. Their discussions and suggestion can help you take your online business to the next level.
As you are developing yourself, you have to develop your employee or employees too, if you have one. Pass the knowledge you are acquiring to your employees and send them to seminars and trainings that can improve their knowledge about the business.
Keep your employees motivated by giving incentives and moral support.
Give your employees a sense of belonging by allowing them to give suggestions on how to fine-tune and improve the general welfare of the business.

Increase your marketing
The only way to keep your old customers and attract new ones is to increase both your online and offline marketing. Fine-tuning your business also mean letting people know that you are still in business through consistent sending of emails and connection on social media. Doing this will help your customers that last patronize you like 5 years ago to know that you are still in business and thus patronize you again. I have a personal experience with this.
Reading my article on how to grow your business through online marketing part 1 and 2 can be of great help.
Make sure your customers are aware of your full product line or services.
Let everyone knows that your business exist online.

Do a sales analysis of your current customers
Do a little research to determine the following:
-The age bracket of your online customers
-Where are they from I.e is the largest percentage of them from search engines, through social media page, through free or paid online adverts or are they simply the end result of your offline advertisement?
Knowing these will help you to know which area of your marketing or activity you need to focus on or fine-tune in order to maintain and grow your sales.

Conclusively, putting all the above suggestions into practice can help you fine-tune and make your online business a better one.

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Retail Price: $47.00
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Online Store And Shopping

Online store and shopping is gaining more popularity throughout the world, surprisingly in African countries. One of the major reasons for this trend is the faithfulness of the online store owners. On this account i give kudos to the pacesetters of online stores for their honesty and trustworthiness. If they have not been trustworthy, if there have been series of complain from buyers who pay and did not get their goods, online stores and shopping will not be at the level they are today.

Some of these online stores will even send their representatives to delivered the ordered goods at your doorsteps. Once again, kudos to the pioneers of online stores, the current online store owners, the buyers for putting their confidence and faith to purchase online, not minding the fact that they cannot see the people they are transacting with as well as the product they are purchasing.

Buying from online stores with their physical location in your country or state needs little trust.
What of those that buy from online stores with physical location in other country e.g someone in Nigeria buying product from online stores with physical presence in the USA. In such situation, the goods have to be sent over the sea and it is hard to complain or get your money back in case of error, loss in transit or fraud. But still, people keep putting their faith in online shopping and everybody keeps smiling.

Other factors which have made online store gain such popularity include or

Benefits of online store and shopping 
Advancement in technology
In the past, few people patronize online stores because many cannot afford the prize of obtaining computer and Internet connections. With computer getting cheaper and Internet connection becoming cheaper and possible through phones, many people find it easy to login to the Internet, search and order for product of their choice. Shopping online specifically become easier with the introduction of smart phones.

Shopping from online store is very convenient. You did not need to board a bus or cab to get what you are buying. The tangible goods like phones and electronics are either transfer to you through their agents or courier service. While intangible goods like ebooks and software are downloadable on your computer or phone immediately your payment is confirmed. You can shop anytime - in the morning, afternoon, night and everywhere - at home, in the office, in the car and even on the air.

The most interesting part of online store and shopping is the ridiculous cheap price you get goods.
Some products are tagged at a very low price online that you even wonder if they are in good condition. I was so fascinated by this ridiculous low price of online products that I was thinking of going into buying stuffs online and selling them offline. The reason behind this cheap price is that these online shops get their goods directly from the manufacturers with no middle men.

You enjoy your privacy while shopping online as you can prevent the people around you from knowing that you are shopping or what you are shopping.

To the best of my knowledge, i have not heard anybody complaining, though, there will be, that they bought substandard product or being fraud in some major online stores. This is because most online store products are bought directly from the manufacturers. Since these online stores are either owned by individuals or group of people who depend on it for a living, they are ready to disassociate with any manufacturer that sell substandard product to their customers.

Availability of virtually everything
Like in the real world, there is virtually nothing you cannot get from online. Phones, T-shirt, car, books, software, electronics, music, videos, just name it. Young and old, male and female can get their want online. There are things that you find hard to get offline, may be because they are being sold in a far location but which you get with ease online through just pressing of keyboard and clicking of a mouse.

Though online stores and shopping cannot send traditional shops and shopping into oblivion, only time will tell whether it will overtake it in terms of market sharing ratio. Meanwhile, the purpose of this article is to open the eyes of merchants, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of the need to join the early trend of online stores while individuals are encourage to give buying from reliable online store a try in order to benefit from this awesome gift of science and technology.

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How To Create And Add Contact Me About Me And Privacy Policy Pages On Your Blogger's Blog

Some 9 months ago, when I started my blogger's blog, putting contact me, about me and privacy policy on my blog seem like an herculean task. I thought only the professional bloggers and webmasters could do it, but now, it was one of the simplest thing I have done on my blog. It is as simple as eating pap with beans ball.
This article is not about how to generate contents although I will give you clue on how I generated my own contents, rather is about adding contents which you generate through any means as a static pages on your blogger's blog. After generating the contact us, about us and privacy policy contents, anyone that can say ABC or 123 can add it to their blogger's blog.

Importance of contact us, about us and privacy policy on your blog

Putting contact us, about us and privacy policy on a visible place on your blog is especially important if you are applying for Google Adsense and if you are selling products or providing service on your blog.
The contact us page is one of the most vital page to have on your blog or website because it allows your visitors, bloggers, customers and even advertisers to reach you. Through contact us page, visitors can tell you what they like and dislike about your site or about features they might want you to add. Customers can praise or complain about your product or service through the contact information you provided and this will help you to know your strength, weakness, opportunities and treat (SWOT).
knowing your strength will let you know which area of your services you need to concentrate on. You need to work or correct your weakness, suggestions from your customers and others can also expose you to opportunities that is still available for tapping. Your customers or visitors complaint is a treat to your business. For you to stay in the market and compete favorably with your rival you must work on your customers complain. All these can only be possible through your contact us/me page you provided on your blog or website.

About us page on the other hand makes your blog or website human. The about us page let the customers and visitors to really know who you are and the range of products or services you are offering. About us/me page makes your blog look reliable. It distinguishes you from your competitors.

The privacy policy contain the website or blog physical and moral autonomy. It discloses the ways your website or blog gathers, uses, discloses or manages yours and your customers and/or visitors data.

How I generated my contact me, about me and privacy policy contents

There are 2 type of contact us page. One is by providing, in form of text, just the basic information such as the name, physical address, email address and the telephone number among other important data you wish to list. The other one is to generate an HTML form for visitors to fill out the required field.

I choose the former as I just put my name, my email address, phone number and my Facebook fan page address on my contact me page.
If you prefer the latter you can visit Google docs to generate an HTML contact form.

On the about me page, I provided my name, my professional (offline & online) experience, the purpose of my blog and my vision and mission for the future.

Meanwhile, I generated my privacy policy from SerpRank.com

Some websites and blogs put their contact us, about us and privacy policy at the bottom of their site, some at the top header and some at the right or left hand side of each web page.
The one I know is the one that will appear as a static page at the top header beside the home page.

How to do it!
1. Go to your blogger dashboard

2. Click on the pages tab

3. Click on the new page

4. You will see two options, a blank page and web address

5. Choose blank page

6. Name the page contact us or contact me depending on your preference

7. Copy and paste the contents you have generated for your contact us or me page

8. Press on saving arrangement at the top right corner

9. Congratulation! You have added contact us/me page to your blog

10. Repeat the same process for about us and privacy policy
Your new pages will appear as horizontal menu beside the home page

It is really imperative to have a contact us/me about us/me and privacy policy on a visible position on your blog as they give your site maturity and show that it is run by human. You should also know that your blog has about zero chance of getting approved for Google Adsense if you are not showing these pages on your blog or website.

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How To Create And Self-Publishing Adobe PDF E-books

Creating and publishing an ebook can be cash rewarding. However, you should not start writing an ebook with aim of making lots of money from it. Rather, your main purpose of writing an ebook should be to publish your experience and knowledge for others to share and learn from it.
Before I tell you the benefits of ebooks for web masters and blogger and how to create one in adobe PDF form, let me briefly explain some steps you need to take to ensure the credibility of your ebook from the pre-writing stage to the point of publication.

Choosing a topic
It is important for you to write what you know. Though, you cannot know everything on the topic but it is essential that you have more than average knowledge about the topic you want to write. The topic should also be relevance to your target audience, period and environment.

Decide the purpose
As an author, you must decide the purpose your ebook is expected to serve before writing. You must know whether you want to inform or persuade your readers. You must also determine what you want to persuade or inform you readers about. You must also decide the focal point of your message i.e what you want your readers to always remember for a very long time.

Analyze your readership
Try to find out what your potential readers could have known about the subject, what can fascinate them, their beliefs, attitude and culture.

Moderate the topic
It is advisable to limit the topic of your ebook to a size you can handle in terms of time, space and materials.

Gathering of materials
The numerous sources you can gather materials for your ebook write up are:
through personal experiences and observation, through research on the Internet, the library, interviews, books, dialogue, magazines, movies, forums, art, music, writing group, travel, history, quotes, nature, religion, children, dreams, newspapers, poetry, writing journals, freelancing, brainstorms, success stories, watching people, questions, criticism, arguments,comments, ebooks etc.

Material arrangement
After gathering your relevant materials on your chosen topic, then arrange the materials such that the writing will be easy to understand.

Prepare a draft
First, prepare a rough articles which are flexible to correction and ready to accommodate new ideas generated during the writing process before narrowing down at the final papers.

Editing and revision
You can seek the assistance of your friends and colleagues to read your ebook and comments before you publish. This is called proofreading and is usually done to avoid errors from punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, syntax, ambiguity and clumsy expressions.

Benefits of ebooks to bloggers and webmasters
To novice, the only benefits of ebook to bloggers and webmasters is profit making from sales. But there are other benefits which are only known to the professionals which am revealing here for free to my readers. These includes:
1. You can make people to join your site by offering free quality ebook to anybody that join your email list or be your follower or fan on your social media.

2. Write ebooks on the products or services offered by you and give the ebook for free. This will enhance the sales of your goods.

3. You can use ebook to increase traffic to your site by putting your website, blog, affiliate or social media links on the ebook.

Since you have known the prerequisite for writing quality ebook and the benefits of writing one. Let us look at how you can create adobe PDF ebooks.

Steps to creating adobe PDF ebooks

1. Let assume you have followed the above steps and your ebook is ready for publication

2. Download the open office software for free at openoffice.org

3. Go to start menu

4. Go to openoffice.org

5. From the drop down menu choose openoffice.org writer

6. Click on the page, then type or Copy and paste your draft

7. you have the chance of changing the type, size and colour of your text by opting for options from the top tab.

8. Want to add picture? That is not hard!
Just open the picture in another window and place it anywhere you desire on the open office writer page via dragging and dropping

9. Go to file menu from your open office writer page. Choose ' export as PDF ' from the drop down menu that appears after clicking on the file menu

10. Choose the folder on which you will like to save your ebook

11. Title your ebook and click save

12. Click 'export button' in the next menu.

Hurray!!! Your ebook is done.

In one of my future articles, i will like to write on the following 5 questions you need to ask yourself before creating and self-publishing an ebook

1. Who are the target audience for my ebook

2. The initial investment needed to publish ebook

3. How to create awareness for the publication

4. Where/How to sell your ebook

5. How to make money from my ebook.

Till then!

Like me on my Facebook fan page, follow me on twitter, connect with me on linkedin or add me on Google+ to get fresh update of my posts.

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Social Networking And You

A social network is as website which allows people to staying connected with their friends, family, employees, employer, customers and to share information to and from these people. 

Facebook is the largest and the most popular social network and is estimated to be the 3rd largest, behind only China and India, if it were a country.
Other social networking websites are twitter, linkedin, pinterest, MySpace, whatsapp,Google +, YouTube among others.

Social network is popular because people consider it to be faster and cheaper than the traditional and other medium of communication. 

With social networking you can keep in touch with your friends without seeing them for many years.
It can be used to spread breaking news within minutes. 

With social network nothing seems to be a secret. For instance, in Nigeria, four students of one of the Eastern  state university were brutally killed by some ethnic taut. It was difficult for law enforcement agency to figure out the perpetrators of this evil because no clues seem to be available. 

Unknowingly to the perpetrators, one person was secretly taking the video clip of the scene with his handset and the face of the murderers clearly captured. The video clip was uploaded to YouTube and facebook days after and this help the police to easily fish out the murderers.

The benefits of social networking is countless and so is the shortcomings. If care is not taken, the shortcomings can even outrweight the benefits.

 Social networking can be time consuming keeping you away from doing other vital activities. This is because there are many activities going on social networking sites ranging from music, video, games, uploading and sharing of contents, pictures etc 

Spending too much time on social networking can lead to obsession, stress and anxiety. 

Budget the time you want to be spending on social networking and learn how to quit when your time is up.

Social networking can help to keep you in touch with your friends and family when they are not around but it can as well help to keep you apart when you are around each other. Do not let the time you spend on social networking affect your association with your family and friends.

Select your friends wisely. Don't send to or accept friend request from people you hardly know. Accepting friend request from everybody can be dangerous. 

If you received a friend request from someone you don't know, the best thing is to ignore it. Don't accept friend request out of pity or because you don't want to hurt someone's feeling. 

There is absolutely nothing bad if you delete any of your friends that are posting disgusting contents on your or his/her timeline.

You should be selective about your social networking friends as you would offline. Though, social network help you to connect with your friends from the past, but sometimes it is better if you never reconnect with such people again.

To make the best out of your friendship on social networking, the right things are: not to accept anybody you don't know as friend and to delete anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

You should know that with one bad post your reputation can be ruined. Therefore, use your social networking presence to build a good reputation for yourself by posting quality and informative contents

Most employers today, access all applicant's social network profile to know who they really are. Some users has lost their job or have their application turned down because of what they have posted on their social media page.

Always post a picture that says something good about you.

Avoid the use of filthy, flirty, immoral dirty language on your post or comments.

Try to be safe online by keeping your privacy.

Don't put too much
information about yourself and where you are each moments on your social network page. Revealing your privacy can put you and your family in serious danger. Know that a brief post like " am alone at home ", " am traveling tomorrow morning ", or " we're going on vacation " can expose you to theft or burglar. 

The above points should be critically considered and the suggestions implemented in order to make the best out of your social networking experience.

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