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8 Ways To Make Money On The Internet Writing Articles

There are many ways you can earn money on the Internet as an article writer as there are many websites you can register with as a writer and earn anytime you post an article. But, for the scope of this article, i will only concentrate on 8 tested and proven positive ways you can make money on the Internet writing articles.

8 ways you can make money online as a freelance writer

1. Through examiner
One platform on the Internet where you can earn legitimate money as a freelance writer is You are required to choose your subject of expertise, therefore, it is advisable you choose topics that you know you love and which you know you can write a lot of articles about. Examiner hires people to write on local news within their city while also offering national positions if you prove yourself to be a professional freelance writer or they considered you to be one. Examiner pays you by the number of pageviews your articles enjoy I.e the number of times your articles were read. Therefo…

Reasons Why Online Freelance Writers Has Been In Such Great Demand

Many people have been trying to make money on the Internet to no avail, either because they have been unable to understand the nitty-gritty of  their chosen online niche, what they are working on, or they lack the necessary working capital to run the business before it could begin to generate money. While, to many people, writing articles online is one of the easiest and surest way of earning cool money legitimately on the Internet.
Can you write good articles and like to start making steady Income writing articles, part-time or full-time, on the Internet? Do I hear you say yes, then this article is for you. Reading this article will open your eyes to the reasons why article writers are in such great demand by webmasters while in the next article I will discuss 8
possible ways to make money on the Internet writing articles.

4 reasons why online article writers has been in such great demand

1. Creation of websites
With the creation and uploading of millions of  websites on the Internet, …

Online Payment Solutions Available To Nigerians

Some have seen it coming, others did not, but on Saturday, May 25th,  2013, the online payment solution, Liberty Reserve was shut down by the US Federal Prosecutor and Costa Rican authorities.
This has resulted in huge loss for online business people around the world. But the effect was most felt by Nigerian netpreneurs (including myself ) and other onliners as many of them used and depended on Liberty Reserve for their online money transactions.
This is because the use of credit card is not popular in Nigeria and many secured and reliable online payment platforms including PayPal, which is arguably the most secured online payment solution do not
accept Nigerians. Therefore, buyers and sellers of online products and services in the country used liberty reserve for sending and receiving payments for their online business transactions.

This is not the first time, virtual money worth millions of dollars belonging to Nigerian onliners will be loss in such manner.. Around 2008 if I can rec…

How To Fine-Tune Your Online Business

Many online business owners are finding it difficult to compete favorably with competitors, and they feel it is becoming hard to do business online today than it was a few years back. The following guidelines can help you to fine-tune your online business and stay competitive.

Focus on your current customers
You need to know that your existing customers are your number one asset. You need to be finding out on a regular basis what your customers need are. You must understand that the world is changing everyday and so do your customers taste and preference. Since the world is changing, your customers too might want to have new products and services to catch up with time and meet up with their mates.
If you are selling fashion stuffs on your online store for instance, you have to know that fashion changes everyday. Which means, you need to stay awake to new trend in fashion and equip your store with updated fashion materials and clothes.
If you are dealing with selling of pho…

Online Store And Shopping

Onlinestore and shopping is gaining more popularity throughout the world, surprisingly in African countries. One of the major reasons for this trend is the faithfulness of the online store owners. On this account i give kudos to the pacesetters of online stores for their honesty and trustworthiness. If they have not been trustworthy, if there have been series of complain from buyers who pay and did not get their goods, online stores and shopping will not be at the level they are today.
Some of these online stores will even send their representatives to delivered the ordered goods at your doorsteps. Once again, kudos to the pioneers of online stores, the current online store owners, the buyers for putting their confidence and faith to purchase online, not minding the fact that they cannot see the people they are transacting with as well as the product they are purchasing.
Buying from online stores with their physical location in your country or state needs little trust.

How To Create And Add Contact Me About Me And Privacy Policy Pages On Your Blogger's Blog

Some 9 months ago, when I started my blogger's blog, putting contact me, about me and privacy policy on my blog seem like an herculean task. I thought only the professional bloggers and webmasters could do it, but now, it was one of the simplest thing I have done on my blog. It is as simple as eating pap with beans ball.
This article is not about how to generate contents although I will give you clue on how I generated my own contents, rather is about adding contents which you generate through any means as a static pages on your blogger's blog. After generating the contact us, about us and privacy policy contents, anyone that can say ABC or 123 can add it to their blogger's blog.

Importance of contact us, about us and privacy policy on your blog

Putting contact us, about us and privacy policy on a visible place on your blog is especially important if you are applying for Google Adsense and if you are selling products or providing service on your blog.
The contact …

How To Create And Self-Publishing Adobe PDF E-books

Creating and publishing an ebook can be cash rewarding. However, you should not start writing an ebook with aim of making lots of money from it. Rather, your main purpose of writing an ebook should be to publish your experience and knowledge for others to share and learn from it.
Before I tell you the benefits of ebooks for web masters and blogger and how to create one in adobe PDF form, let me briefly explain some steps you need to take to ensure the credibility of your ebook from the pre-writing stage to the point of publication.

Choosing a topic
It is important for you to write what you know. Though, you cannot know everything on the topic but it is essential that you have more than average knowledge about the topic you want to write. The topic should also be relevance to your target audience, period and environment.

Decide the purpose
As an author, you must decide the purpose your ebook is expected to serve before writing. You must know whether you want to inform or pers…

Social Networking And You

A social network is as website which allows people to staying connected with their friends, family, employees, employer, customers and to share information to and from these people. 

Facebook is the largest and the most popular social network and is estimated to be the 3rd largest, behind only China and India, if it were a country.
Other social networking websites are twitter, linkedin, pinterest, MySpace, whatsapp,Google +, YouTube among others.

Social network is popular because people consider it to be faster and cheaper than the traditional and other medium of communication. 

With social networking you can keep in touch with your friends without seeing them for many years.
It can be used to spread breaking news within minutes. 

With social network nothing seems to be a secret. For instance, in Nigeria, four students of one of the Eastern  state university were brutally killed by some ethnic taut. It was difficult for law enforcement agency to figure out the perpetrat…