How To Create And Self-Publishing Adobe PDF E-books

Creating and publishing an ebook can be cash rewarding. However, you should not start writing an ebook with aim of making lots of money from it. Rather, your main purpose of writing an ebook should be to publish your experience and knowledge for others to share and learn from it.
Before I tell you the benefits of ebooks for web masters and blogger and how to create one in adobe PDF form, let me briefly explain some steps you need to take to ensure the credibility of your ebook from the pre-writing stage to the point of publication.

Choosing a topic
It is important for you to write what you know. Though, you cannot know everything on the topic but it is essential that you have more than average knowledge about the topic you want to write. The topic should also be relevance to your target audience, period and environment.

Decide the purpose
As an author, you must decide the purpose your ebook is expected to serve before writing. You must know whether you want to inform or persuade your readers. You must also determine what you want to persuade or inform you readers about. You must also decide the focal point of your message i.e what you want your readers to always remember for a very long time.

Analyze your readership
Try to find out what your potential readers could have known about the subject, what can fascinate them, their beliefs, attitude and culture.

Moderate the topic
It is advisable to limit the topic of your ebook to a size you can handle in terms of time, space and materials.

Gathering of materials
The numerous sources you can gather materials for your ebook write up are:
through personal experiences and observation, through research on the Internet, the library, interviews, books, dialogue, magazines, movies, forums, art, music, writing group, travel, history, quotes, nature, religion, children, dreams, newspapers, poetry, writing journals, freelancing, brainstorms, success stories, watching people, questions, criticism, arguments,comments, ebooks etc.

Material arrangement
After gathering your relevant materials on your chosen topic, then arrange the materials such that the writing will be easy to understand.

Prepare a draft
First, prepare a rough articles which are flexible to correction and ready to accommodate new ideas generated during the writing process before narrowing down at the final papers.

Editing and revision
You can seek the assistance of your friends and colleagues to read your ebook and comments before you publish. This is called proofreading and is usually done to avoid errors from punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, syntax, ambiguity and clumsy expressions.

Benefits of ebooks to bloggers and webmasters
To novice, the only benefits of ebook to bloggers and webmasters is profit making from sales. But there are other benefits which are only known to the professionals which am revealing here for free to my readers. These includes:
1. You can make people to join your site by offering free quality ebook to anybody that join your email list or be your follower or fan on your social media.

2. Write ebooks on the products or services offered by you and give the ebook for free. This will enhance the sales of your goods.

3. You can use ebook to increase traffic to your site by putting your website, blog, affiliate or social media links on the ebook.

Since you have known the prerequisite for writing quality ebook and the benefits of writing one. Let us look at how you can create adobe PDF ebooks.

Steps to creating adobe PDF ebooks

1. Let assume you have followed the above steps and your ebook is ready for publication

2. Download the open office software for free at

3. Go to start menu

4. Go to

5. From the drop down menu choose writer

6. Click on the page, then type or Copy and paste your draft

7. you have the chance of changing the type, size and colour of your text by opting for options from the top tab.

8. Want to add picture? That is not hard!
Just open the picture in another window and place it anywhere you desire on the open office writer page via dragging and dropping

9. Go to file menu from your open office writer page. Choose ' export as PDF ' from the drop down menu that appears after clicking on the file menu

10. Choose the folder on which you will like to save your ebook

11. Title your ebook and click save

12. Click 'export button' in the next menu.

Hurray!!! Your ebook is done.

In one of my future articles, i will like to write on the following 5 questions you need to ask yourself before creating and self-publishing an ebook

1. Who are the target audience for my ebook

2. The initial investment needed to publish ebook

3. How to create awareness for the publication

4. Where/How to sell your ebook

5. How to make money from my ebook.

Till then!

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