Social Networking And You

A social network is as website which allows people to staying connected with their friends, family, employees, employer, customers and to share information to and from these people. 

Facebook is the largest and the most popular social network and is estimated to be the 3rd largest, behind only China and India, if it were a country.
Other social networking websites are twitter, linkedin, pinterest, MySpace, whatsapp,Google +, YouTube among others.

Social network is popular because people consider it to be faster and cheaper than the traditional and other medium of communication. 

With social networking you can keep in touch with your friends without seeing them for many years.
It can be used to spread breaking news within minutes. 

With social network nothing seems to be a secret. For instance, in Nigeria, four students of one of the Eastern  state university were brutally killed by some ethnic taut. It was difficult for law enforcement agency to figure out the perpetrators of this evil because no clues seem to be available. 

Unknowingly to the perpetrators, one person was secretly taking the video clip of the scene with his handset and the face of the murderers clearly captured. The video clip was uploaded to YouTube and facebook days after and this help the police to easily fish out the murderers.

The benefits of social networking is countless and so is the shortcomings. If care is not taken, the shortcomings can even outrweight the benefits.

 Social networking can be time consuming keeping you away from doing other vital activities. This is because there are many activities going on social networking sites ranging from music, video, games, uploading and sharing of contents, pictures etc 

Spending too much time on social networking can lead to obsession, stress and anxiety. 

Budget the time you want to be spending on social networking and learn how to quit when your time is up.

Social networking can help to keep you in touch with your friends and family when they are not around but it can as well help to keep you apart when you are around each other. Do not let the time you spend on social networking affect your association with your family and friends.

Select your friends wisely. Don't send to or accept friend request from people you hardly know. Accepting friend request from everybody can be dangerous. 

If you received a friend request from someone you don't know, the best thing is to ignore it. Don't accept friend request out of pity or because you don't want to hurt someone's feeling. 

There is absolutely nothing bad if you delete any of your friends that are posting disgusting contents on your or his/her timeline.

You should be selective about your social networking friends as you would offline. Though, social network help you to connect with your friends from the past, but sometimes it is better if you never reconnect with such people again.

To make the best out of your friendship on social networking, the right things are: not to accept anybody you don't know as friend and to delete anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

You should know that with one bad post your reputation can be ruined. Therefore, use your social networking presence to build a good reputation for yourself by posting quality and informative contents

Most employers today, access all applicant's social network profile to know who they really are. Some users has lost their job or have their application turned down because of what they have posted on their social media page.

Always post a picture that says something good about you.

Avoid the use of filthy, flirty, immoral dirty language on your post or comments.

Try to be safe online by keeping your privacy.

Don't put too much
information about yourself and where you are each moments on your social network page. Revealing your privacy can put you and your family in serious danger. Know that a brief post like " am alone at home ", " am traveling tomorrow morning ", or " we're going on vacation " can expose you to theft or burglar. 

The above points should be critically considered and the suggestions implemented in order to make the best out of your social networking experience.

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