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Online store and shopping is gaining more popularity throughout the world, surprisingly in African countries. One of the major reasons for this trend is the faithfulness of the online store owners. On this account i give kudos to the pacesetters of online stores for their honesty and trustworthiness. If they have not been trustworthy, if there have been series of complain from buyers who pay and did not get their goods, online stores and shopping will not be at the level they are today.

Some of these online stores will even send their representatives to delivered the ordered goods at your doorsteps. Once again, kudos to the pioneers of online stores, the current online store owners, the buyers for putting their confidence and faith to purchase online, not minding the fact that they cannot see the people they are transacting with as well as the product they are purchasing.

Buying from online stores with their physical location in your country or state needs little trust.
What of those that buy from online stores with physical location in other country e.g someone in Nigeria buying product from online stores with physical presence in the USA. In such situation, the goods have to be sent over the sea and it is hard to complain or get your money back in case of error, loss in transit or fraud. But still, people keep putting their faith in online shopping and everybody keeps smiling.

Other factors which have made online store gain such popularity include or

Benefits of online store and shopping 
Advancement in technology
In the past, few people patronize online stores because many cannot afford the prize of obtaining computer and Internet connections. With computer getting cheaper and Internet connection becoming cheaper and possible through phones, many people find it easy to login to the Internet, search and order for product of their choice. Shopping online specifically become easier with the introduction of smart phones.

Shopping from online store is very convenient. You did not need to board a bus or cab to get what you are buying. The tangible goods like phones and electronics are either transfer to you through their agents or courier service. While intangible goods like ebooks and software are downloadable on your computer or phone immediately your payment is confirmed. You can shop anytime - in the morning, afternoon, night and everywhere - at home, in the office, in the car and even on the air.

The most interesting part of online store and shopping is the ridiculous cheap price you get goods.
Some products are tagged at a very low price online that you even wonder if they are in good condition. I was so fascinated by this ridiculous low price of online products that I was thinking of going into buying stuffs online and selling them offline. The reason behind this cheap price is that these online shops get their goods directly from the manufacturers with no middle men.

You enjoy your privacy while shopping online as you can prevent the people around you from knowing that you are shopping or what you are shopping.

To the best of my knowledge, i have not heard anybody complaining, though, there will be, that they bought substandard product or being fraud in some major online stores. This is because most online store products are bought directly from the manufacturers. Since these online stores are either owned by individuals or group of people who depend on it for a living, they are ready to disassociate with any manufacturer that sell substandard product to their customers.

Availability of virtually everything
Like in the real world, there is virtually nothing you cannot get from online. Phones, T-shirt, car, books, software, electronics, music, videos, just name it. Young and old, male and female can get their want online. There are things that you find hard to get offline, may be because they are being sold in a far location but which you get with ease online through just pressing of keyboard and clicking of a mouse.

Though online stores and shopping cannot send traditional shops and shopping into oblivion, only time will tell whether it will overtake it in terms of market sharing ratio. Meanwhile, the purpose of this article is to open the eyes of merchants, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of the need to join the early trend of online stores while individuals are encourage to give buying from reliable online store a try in order to benefit from this awesome gift of science and technology.

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