17 Mobile Apps And Their Importance On Your Phone

Most people think that functions of mobile phones are only limited to making calls and Internet browsing. Is noteworthy to say that it benefits surpass that. Their are certain applications on our mobile phones that help us to perform some specific  task. Though, the presence and benefits of these mobile apps are usually overlooked, it is important to know that they can help us to increase our personal and job productivity. Why not take your time to read this article as i examine some common mobile apps and their relevancy.

This mobile app allow you to list your task for the the week and months. You can start your day, week or month by listing all that is needed to be done together with the time you want to execute the task. As a human, we often forget what we want to certain task as at when due and later to start blaming ourselves for the mistake. It is noteworthy to know that this is natural as we have inherit imperfection from our parents.
You can even list the the task according to their priority time or preference. You can add along the way and even set reminder or alarm to every task. You can check your list at the end of the period to know how effective you have done. To do list help you create, prioritize and edit note.

Calendar is not just for checking the date, even some people will be looking to check the date on the wall calendar which is distant from them or not even available while forgotten that they have calendar on their phone. Calendar can be use as a task management app. You can use calendar to manage your time and appointment. You can set reminders for business appointment and social gathering.

Voice note/recorder
Most of us are used to saving something on our phone with text messages neglecting the fact that there is audio app on our phone that can do the same. The advantage of voice recording is that is faster and convenient. Musicians can use it to save lyrics that come to them when they are not in the studio. It is useful for secret police and even the journalist. Students can use it to record lectures. Those that attend seminar can also use it to record the voice of the trainer so that they will listen to it when they are alone thereby comprehending better. Religion people can also use it to record what the preacher is saving and retrieve it whenever they need it. You can use it to save conversations and use it as evidence in the court of law. Such is the importance of the audio app on our phone but only few take advantage of it.

Out of the mobile apps i can authoritatively say that alarm/reminder  is the most popular and the most used. This is simply because most of us used it to awaken ourselves from sleep to get the best out of our time.
You can set multiple alarm time for different task from getting out of bed to getting to bed. My most appreciated function of reminders is that it can remind someone of the time he had set long time ago. The best way to use reminders is this: if you are using it for time, set it to remind you hour/hours before the actual hour. For date, set the alarm to remind you days/day to that date. With this, you will still have enough time to prepare in advance for the execution of the task.

This app is specifically built for chatting. It helps you you to have friends available for instant messaging. Although, many people have use this app to fraud others which make many people to feel reluctant in using this app but it benefits cannot be underestimated. The most famous messenger is yahoo messenger. Google chat, Facebook chat, blackberry chat also rank high among available messengers.

Other useful apps

Let you use your phone as a digital camera. You can also view and send the photo you have taken.

This app let you listen to the radio on your phone whenever accessory like earpiece is connected to the phone.

Media players
This let you listen to audio files through headset/earpiece or loudspeaker.

This app let you find map location, plan route and use voice guided navigation

Video camera
This is a kind of mobile app that let you use the phone as a digital video camera. You can view and send the video clip that you have taken.

This mobile app help you to write, edit, view and send notes. Truly, this article you are reading is first typed on notes on my iPhone before further editing on computer.

Countdown timer
This mobile app help you to set a countdown time. After the defined time runs out, the phone sound an alarm then show a note

Is a kind of mobile app that help you to measure and take both immediate and lap times

This app enhances sound quality in media applications through the amplification and attenuation of frequency bands.

Calculator let you make simple calculations on your phone.

Alarm clock
Let you set the alert for certain period of time, set repeated alarm, choose a tone for the alarm and select a snooze-out time for the alarm.

Maximize your time by maximizing the apps on your phones.

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20 Ways To Ensure Your Children Safety Online

Internet presence can be refreshing, entertaining and educative but the consequences of improper use can be damaging. A survey showed that 15 percent of social network users had posted their current location or travel plans, 34 percent had posted their  full birth date and 21 percent of those that have children had posted those children's names and photos online, thus taken risks that can lead to burglaries, identity theft and stalking among others.

Though, everybody is at risk but research show that children are more vulnerable than adults because of their lack of experience. In this article we shall look at ways through which parents can protect their children online.

1.Installation of Internet control software. This software is use to block the visit of unwanted sites on your personal computer or server. Parents can install what is called parental control software on their children computer to prevent accessibility to corrupt/adult sites such as pornography site e.t.c

2.You can enlighten your family on the danger pose by  misuse of the Internet. Give them safety rules and how you as a parent want them to operate on the Internet.

3.Put family computer in a place that will be easily accessible by every member of the family and in such a way that the screen is visible to anyone around that vicinity.

4.There is nothing bad in knowing what your children is doing online. You can approach them when they are in front of the computer to know what they are doing. You can share your opinion on what they are doing or ask questions.

 5.Parents can develop the idea of surfing together with their children to know how well they are doing online.

6.Parents can click on the history button on the web to know the site that have been visited by their children.

7.Parents should also find time to know or learn more about Internet and how things work on the Internet.

8.They can also join some of these social networking sites to know how things are done on these media network.

9.Make some rules about the amount of time your children should be spending on the Internet. Let them know that time is money. Let them see the need to spend their time on other important aspect of their life like reading, exercise, socialize with friends, staying in touch with family members e.t.c
Watch out if your child or children spend too much time online and whether this have affected the time spend with friends and family and maybe they are sometimes nervous and turn off the computer quickly or switch to another page when you enter the room. These are red alerts and can mean that your child is doing something improper online.

10.Enlighten your children to use the privacy settings on their social networking sites and that they should restrict access to photos and status updates to only those they know and trust.

11.Tell your children to use phone as a medium of communication if they want to share something secret rather than through the Internet via chat, e-mail or social media

12.Teach your children not to disclose private information such as name, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, SSN and date of birth as exposing these informations can put them in danger and risk.

13.Part of your duty as a parent is to use your experience to help your children. Let them know that Internet presence is about reputation. Teenagers need to know that with one post or photo updates their reputation can be spoiled and this can have unthinkable consequences.

14.Children need to be careful with what they post online as this will represent their value and worth as individual.

15.It is important for parent to advice their children to be selective on whom they accept as friends on social network.

Some useful friendly policy you can use on social media sites are:

16.Only accept people that you don't just recognized but really know

17.Ignore friend request from someone you don't know. Never add strangers.

18.Only add friend you have known for a long time and with good reputation and high moral standard.

19.Don't hesitate to delete friends that are posting something you think is improper.

20..Lastly, my own advice for everybody including both children and parents is that they should always sign out from any site on the Internet including e-mails and social networking sites.

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About Search Engines

The other day i read a report that British grandparents complained of being overlooked by their grandchildren who preferred to searching for answers and advices on the Internet.
The survey showed that 9 out of 10 UK grandparents claim that their children failed to ask them for advices and answers on even simple tasks such as how to boil an egg, iron a shirt and even details on their family history are being ask by younger generations from search engines which Google is the leader.
This report spark and arouse the genius in me to write something on these search engines which includes the meaning of search engines, their benefits and shortcomings and others that you will read in this article. Just sit back and relax, you can even cross your leg as am taking you to the world of search engines.

What are search engines
Search engines are online sites with a platform designed to help people find the information they are looking for on the World Wide Web. A search engine is made of of the following three major components.

This is also known as a web page. A typical example is Google search page where you will see a box where you input what you want the search engine to search for.

An index
This is like a library where the search engine stores all the information they have. It is from this search engine index that answers are taken to meet with searchers findings.

Crawlers or spiders
Search engines use program like spiders or crawlers to search through online pages looking for new links. When they find one, they follow the link, assess and gathered the information they need and then add it to their index. The secret of search engines having a wide variety of information is due to these program of crawlers and spiders.

Language of search engines
 In the real world, two or more people should speak the language they both understand for effective communication and before they can help themselves. Likewise, search engines need to clearly understand what information you are looking for. The traditional language we use in communicating with computer-based search engines is termed Boolean, named after the 19th century English Mathematician, George Boole and is classified into keywords and operators.
Words that we type in the search box are the keywords which are use to describe the information we are searching for and we use operators ( AND, OR and NOT ) to describe the relationship between our keywords. Though, the keywords concept is broad but i will like to give my own understanding of it in one of my future post.

Advantages of search engines

1. Easy access to information
Information is vital for our day to day activities. We need information to grow as an individual and business cannot thrive without obtaining information from both internal and external source. Such is the important of information that some people are now selling information online as a way of living. Such people are referred to ' information marketers ' and many of them have made huge income from this field. Search engine have enable people of all walks of life to have access to any information they might need. Decades ago, you have to buy a book, go to the library or ask people/elders or even pay before you can get vital informations but today, search engines have made every piece of information an ' open secret .'

2. A wide library of information
Search engines give us access to a wide range of information. I was surprised one day when I want to find the meaning of ' basil ' plant in my native language which is ' Yoruba.' I did not think that I could get the meaning but reluctantly i took my phone, go to google and type for the meaning of basil plant in Yoruba. I was so surprised when google brought out the results and the results showed that basil is "effirin" in Yoruba language. Even all the people around me were amazed. Such is the benefits of search engines that you can find information on the most common thing to the most hidden one. Truly i can say that search engines serve as the modern day world library .

3. Unlimited access to information

The presence of a large number of search engines enrich the Internet and make it possible for the users to have unlimited access to information. Availability of more than one search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, YouTube among others mean that information is not monopolized. If you don't find what you are looking for in one or you are not satisfied with the answer then you go to the other ones until you get the information that meet your taste.

4. Organization
Vast majority of information that are scattered in the various millions of websites and blogs are collated and organized in search engines index. This help the searchers to get a more precise set of information.
However, one of the disadvantages of search engines is that after searchers input their keywords to the search engine box, the result obtained often contain list after list of irrelevant web pages and information. You are still require to check through the list to find suitable ones and this can be frustrating sometimes.
Also, anybody can have access to any information at anytime which is not always good.

List of some famous search engines

Google web search
Is a platform of google which help you to search for information on the web. It is the most popular search engine in the world. You can go to the website by typing google.com in your web browser. On the main page you will see a text box where you will input your search keywords.


This is the search engine of Microsoft which was launched in June 2009. They collaborated with yahoo to have indirect access to yahoo index. Their major services includes Bing mobile, Bing maps & local, Bing travel e.t.c

Yahoo search
This should be the second most popular search engine in the world behind google. However, Google rivalry and hegemony is too strong for yahoo that it popularity is fast reducing this days. There was a news i heard in 2012 that Yahoo and Facebook are planning search partnership but i think with new bloggers emerging everyday and many of them hoping to earn from Google Adsense, Google dominance in the search engine arena is here to stay and will rule for the foreseeable future.

Is a video sharing website created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who were early employees of Paypal. It is designed for users to upload, view and share videos. YouTube was bought by Google in November 2006 for over $1.6 billion, thus making YouTube a subsidiary of Google.

Is a web-based and wiki-based community of massive contents on how- to-guides. It boost over 143,000 how-to articles and readers of over 35 million from over 200 countries who visited it over 44million times per month.

Is also an online how-to guide site but broader than WikiHow. It boost over 1 million articles and 170,000 videos created by paid writers also know as  freelancers. No wonder, eHow is often referred to as "content mill"

Was created in 2001 and the contents are contributed by contributors who write for free. It has since grow into one of the biggest reference website attracting over 470 million visitors per month, more than 77000 contributors, over 22 million articles in 285 languages among which over 4 million are English written articles.


I hope you really enjoy the article and equally learn as well. After reading this article do you agree with me that Google and Co. are the wise men of our modern generation?

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Golden Adsense Strategy

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13 Ways To Earn Money From Your Twitter Account

Just like a blog, you can create a twitter account around a niche like online business and gathered a massive number of followers who are interested in that niche. From there you can tweet links to interesting post on your blog or other people's blog. Some of the programs that can help you make money on twitter are :

It is set up in order for you to monetize your social reach on twitter and Facebook. They claim to have the largest celebrity network in digital. Adly let you create the profile of your interest, then advertisers will choose your account to publicize their campaign while you agreed to send out a specified number of tweets in return for money.

Sponsored Tweets
Help you to set your own rate or price-per-click for ads that you tweet. You are able to choose the ads you want to tweet from the list of available ads. However, your followers must be at least 50, you must have made 100 tweets and your account must have been existing for at least 3 months in order to sign up for sponsored tweets.

Through paid review
This is a method of writing a review on the price, size, features e.t.c of a product ( e.g Nokia 7230 ), a service ( e.g painting services ), people ( e.g write about someone technical skills or promote his blog, Facebook or twitter account.

Affiliate marketing
You can write about a product and recommend it to your followers. You will put your affiliate link in your tweet.

Sell your own products
You can also promote your personal product and services and put the link to your sales/landing page where you can sell the product directly to them

Through direct advertisement
This is the act of recommending and promoting other people's/advertisers product or service to your followers.

Sponsored context
You can allow advertisers to run a context on your site to get feedback or to get awareness about their products or services. You charge them for this and they also give the best contestant a prize for best answer or whatsoever.

Increase the number of your followers

For you to make money through twitter you have to be good in tweeting skills and be good at attracting followers. The simple fact is : the more followers you have the more money you can make.

Upgrade your marketing skills
Harness your marketing skills in the area of Internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media networking, article marketing, affiliate marketing among others. Those experiences will help you in your tweeting business career.

Allows you to sell your tweets and get paid whenever a buyer purchases a tweet on your twitter page at a rate you have set.

Amazon Associates
Is an affiliate program where you put a link for your chosen affiliate product on your tweet and if your referrals buy through the link you will earn a commission.


Netflix Affiliate Program
You are given a link which you tweet to persuade your followers to test or try Netflix on a one-month free trial. Whenever your followers sign up with them, you will be paid.

Buy followers and increase your earning
The more followers you have the more your chance to get people to visit your site through the link in your tweet. I personally recommend that product owners, affiliate marketers and bloggers should consider buying followers as this will increase traffic to their site. Be careful not to be offensive every time but be entertaining enough to make your page interesting.

If you want to buy followers one site I can suggest is followersale.com

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How To Make Money With Mobile Apps

Making money by creating mobile apps is one of the ways an online entrepreneur can take his own share of the big money available in the technology industry. Mobile apps business is fast growing and if you join the train early you stand the chance of making a lot from it especially if you are creative enough to make something different.

What is a mobile App
An app or application is a software that help us to perform a specific task on the computer. Those that can be use on phone are termed mobile apps. As mobile phone has taken over PC, mobile apps development is growing faster than projected.
Mobile apps are classified according to the platform they are designed and built for e.g android, iphone, ipad e.t.c.

Types of Mobile Application

Mobile apps are divided into 3 major categories based on their architecture.

1. Native Apps
These are apps that are downloadable from online store and installed on phone. Users can use them without internet connection once they have been installed on the phone. Games apps like Thedarknight falls into this line. They are developed using specific programing language e.g Java for android

2. Web Apps
Can be accessed on mobile browsers through the internet.They are developed using web technologies like HTML, Javascript and JQuery. Facebook and Twitter belong to this group.

3. Hybrid Apps
Hybrid apps are combination of natve and web apps. In hybrid apps, interface is installed on the device but content can only be loaded from the web through internet connection.

Mobile apps can be further classified into

a. Social networking apps e.g Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln e.t.c

b. Utility apps e.g note pads, calculators e.t.c

c. Games apps e. g Sudoku, Thedarknight, TR Underworld e.t.c

d. Entertainment apps e.g Taiking Ted e.t.c

e. News apps e.g Znet e.t.c

f. Productivity apps e.g translators e.t.c

How to create your own app

Most of the people who creates app are professional software developers. However, if you cannot develop one you can partner with a developer.
Another means is to get a low cost apps developers.
You can also use quite number of platform that allow non-developers to create their own apps with ease. One of such program is Apple Developer Programs.
You can also buid your app through the service of www.applicationcraft.com or www.theappbuilder.com among others.

Apps that move in the market

Though, the rate at which apps sell depend on the needs of the end users and the utility of the app itself. Research shows that the following apps seem to move faster in the market

1. Chat apps

2.Bulk SMS

3. Antivirus


The rate at which an app sells also depend on how competitive and demanding the market for such app is. I advice that you conduct market research to know which app is trending or which app the market need but which is not available before you develop your own app so that it won't be surplus to requirement.
The various way you can make money with mobile apps include 

1. If you are the main developer

2. If you are a third party software vendor

3. A co-founder

4. By licencing the app to a large organisation

4. Through charges for downloading

5. Through adverts on the app

How to market your app
To sell your app you have to take the marketing aspect seriously because their are millions of apps in the market waiting for buyers. True, you may have the best app out there but how will people know about it without marketing.

Market your app virally by:

1. Writing article on the app and put a link to your product then submit it to online articles directories

2. Posting links to your product on forum related to your product

3. Promote it offline through newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. You can target sport and entertainment newspapers and magazines because this is where your potential customers could be.

4. Use pay per click advertisement site to drive traffic to your sales page

5. Create awareness through social media like facebook, twitter and the likes

6. Do video marketing through Youtube e.t.c

Where to sell your mobile apps

 Amazon App Store
you can sign up to offer your apps to millions of customers on kindle fire HD, Kindle fire and on the amazon mobile client. The process involves:
a. Downloading of the Amazon Mobile App SDK
b. Create a developer account
c. Submit your mobile apps for review
d. And then sell your approved apps on amazon.com
Visit Amazon Kindle Fire Development Resources and download the Amazon Mobile App SDK to learn more.

Apple Itunes
Maximize your sales by making your app available to millions of customers by selling your app on itunes, the App store and the MAC app store.
Visit www.apple.com/itunes/sellcontent/ to learn more

Google play
Google play is definitely the most visited adroid apps store in the world. No better way to get your apps in front of millions of people with over a billion downloads a month together with opportunity to sell in over 130 countries. You also have flexible monetization options and distribution control.
Visit google.com/store or support.google.com/googleplay/adroid to learn more.
Other places you can sell your app are: buysellapp.com, apptrading.com, appsbidder.com, sellmyapplication.com among others.

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Increase Your Winning By Evaluating Your Online Trade In Sample Sizes

Imagine how successful a banker will be if he thinks like a golfer. So, to make way in your online trading you have to think like a trader. The best way to do this is to train yourself by increasing your technical know-how on your chosen online trade.

Online trading involve risk. So, it is useful to make pre-evaluation of your probabilities of making a gain or loss.You have to do a pre-evaluation of your outcomes overtime by thinking in sample sizes. For instance you can analyse the result of say 30 trades rather than on 5 trades, a month rather than a week, 6 months and even a year.

Rather than looking your gain or loss for the day or week, why not look at it over a period of 20 days or month. For instance, how many trades do you win out of  60 trade.You may discover that in the first 15 trades you may loss 10 but over the next 60 trades you may win 40 which is a good trade. This will help you to know your advantage and calm your emotions and fear from trade to trade as well as help you to trade with more confidence and consistency. The sample size is a reflection of what is happening or the behavioural pattern of the online trade in question.
In a certain period during the online trading you may loss a string of trades say 5-10 trades repeatedly or one after the other. Meanwhile, there will also be a happy time where you will win 10 trade consecutively. All in all what is important is for you to discover a trading strategy that give you more winning than loss over a given period of time. With that you have no reason to be afraid over a string of lossing trades.

Trading in statistics or sample sizes will also help to overcome emotional risk associated with online trading like forex, fixed odds, sports e.t.c.
You have to know and abide by the following principles for you to avoid emotional stress and become less concerned about the outcome of individual trade and focus more on how it reflect in the set or sample size.

1. You either gain or loss

2.You don't need to know what is happening in the market after you place a trade

3.A gain is higher probability that your win is more than your loss

4.Every trade is important

5.Find a winning strategy

6.Demotrade for 6 months to really sure of your strategy, to know the behaviour of the market and to build your confidence especially if you are trading forex.

7.Start trading with little money

8.Don't think of making money in the short run but think of long term trading success. Think of where you will be in the next 5-10 years if you can master your trade.

9.Don't plan on surviving on the profit you are making in the short run. In other words,don't eat your profit as you are making it.

10.Set a future date when you will start eating from the fruit of your labour by paying yourself from the profit.

All in all, to trade in sample sizes means to know that gain and loss make up your set or trade, identify your strength and weakness, carry out your trade the same way everytime and ultimately analyze your trades in set and not individually. Doing this will help you to improve your online trading confidence and your winning strike. I have been using this strategy in my online fixed trade and it works.

What You Need To Know As A Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is the act of writing and submitting content to other people's blog for free. The person that is writing the article is known as a guest blogger. Guest blogging is free but it is famous because both the guest blogger and the owner of the blog will both benefit from the association. Is like "symbiosis" relationship in biology.
The blog owner get enough contents to meet up with his ever increasing readers demand while the guest blogger get the chance to market his blog and get traffic through backlinks he provides in the post.
Guest blogger is similar to freelance writer but you get paid as a freelance writer while you write for free in guest blogging.

How do i find blog to write for as a guest blogger 

By using diplomacy approach
This is kind of approach where you first visit the blog and comment for sometimes. Let your comments be meaningful and useful because with this the blog owner will see you as a career mate, someone who is sensible and brilliant in that field. Try to build a relationship with the blog owner and after that you can ask to guest blog.

Use search engines
Another method is to search on google for blogs in your niche that you can guest blog for. Assuming you are looking for furniture blogs to write for, then go to google search and type " write for us " < furniture > and click search. what you will see next are results for furniture blogs that need guest bloggers. Another method is to simply type -blog that need guest bloggers- in search engines.

Some of guest blogging ethics you need to know

If you are given a rare chance make sure you utilize the opportunity by writing qualitative and quantitative post.

Make sure the number of words in your post is more than 500.

Let your letters be factual, simple, clear and not repetitive.

Don't copy and paste article from another blog. Take your time to do research and write the post in your own way i.e be original.

You should know that you want to add value to the site and not extracting value from it with your post that look spamming.

By posting a quality and informative contents on other people's site you are thereby making people see you has someone who is reliable, authoritative and useful.

Write in good manner and don't be aggressive by asking people to follow your link or visit your site.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the blog owner and the blog contents so that you will know the manner, vission and mission of the blog as this will help you to write content that will meet up with their standard.

You can follow the blog on social media and even help to share some of the blog post on your page.

Guest blogging certainly help a blog to get exposure, awareness and traffic from backlinks so don't be stingy with your best post when you are guest blogging. It is human to build our house with quality materials because we don't want to die from house collapse while we build other people's house with inferior materials because we want to make money. To succeed as a guest blogger avoid this human trait and always give out one of your best post.

Don't focus on what you want to gain from your guest blogging but on how you want to add value to the blog, increase people's knowledge and build a good reputation for yourself. If you do these, other benefits you don't foresee will be yours in the longrun.

Some of the sites you can visit in order to get blogs that need guest blogger includes:

GuestBlogGenius, BlogDash, Buzzstream, postjoint, myBlogGuest, Guestr, Blogsynergy, google.com/blogsearch

Finally, when you have posted an article for guest posting, don't go back and change or edit anything as this may mean that you are misguiding the readers and this will put your reputation and the reputation of the blog owner in question.

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Benefits of the internet to business

The internet has changed the way business is done today. Every business from one man to partnership to limited liability company is using the internet to better their trade. Understanding the benefits of the internet to business will help us to be better equipped to use the internet and take advantage of this fast growing trend.

Wide exposure
Before the invent of the internet business owner can only expose and sell their products within their locality. With internet, businesses and companies can sell their products to the world at large through increase visibility to a large population of potential customers.

Effective communication
Decades ago it takes time to send letters to people especially business partners in other country. Today, communication is easier and faster through text messages and emails.

Reduce cost of production
Most work that are done before by physically employed people are now automated and this has help to save time and cost of labour. Also , opening and maintaining store online cost less than physical shop and with minimum inventory and packaging cost. Cost of transportation to the customer may even be zero if the product is downloadable. Cost of advertisement is also low. For instance, many pay-to-click advertising site charges few dollars to drag thousands of visitors to your site. You can also negotiate for buying and selling of goods and services online without leaving your office.

Increase sales
The overall benefit of wide exposure, effective communication and reduced cost of production is increase in sales of products and services and nowadays more people are using the internet to search for products of their choice.

Businesses are open 24hrs / 365days a year
From affiliate marketing to selling your own product and from making money from refferals to having google adsense on your blog, you can make money 24/7 because your business never sleep affording you the opportunity to make money while you sleep.

Great opportunity for small biz
It will be difficult for a customer to know how big or samll a business entity is when the transaction is done over the internet. Small business that cannot afford the cost of renting a large apartment, cost of transportation, cost of equipments and cost of paying a large number of employees can still impress and survive on the internet with the help of their website.
Let us take a business entity that deals with book as a case study. In the real world they might not be able to afford the cost of rentage, printing machine, cutting machine, paper, advertisement, packaging and supply. Meanwhile, with the aid of internet, what they need to do is produce the book in form of ebook and customer can get it through direct sending by email or through downloading.

Ease of payment
The only way we can pay for our business transactions before the advent of the internet is through the exchange of physical cash or bank payment/transfer. So, it is difficult for someone in distant location to pay for product or service especially if the amount involved is not much. Imaging how difficult and discouraging it will be for a person residing in another state or country to pay for a service of 1-5 dollars through the bank. Nowadays, with many online payment solution platforms like Paypal and Libertyreserves among others, one can make payment to and from another nation with the click of a mouse. What a relief to business people.

Increase affiliate marketing and sales
As an affiliate marketer, it is not necessary you own a site where you can sell products directly to customers, you can just provide information about the product then put a link to the manufacturer site or where the product can be bought and you will receive a commision everytime a sale is made through the affiliate link. My point here is that both the owner of the product and the affiliate marketer benefited from the affiliate sale at the end of the day. Though, affiliate marketing is used to be done offline but is now easier, quicker and more effective online and many individuals and business owners are utilizing this golden opportunity.

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