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How to change the template of your blog

Changing the template of your blog is as simple as ABC.
Let me teach you the simple step by step method of how i did my own.
Go to,sign in with your usual gmail address.
From your dashboard click more option.You cannot see more option.
What you have to do is to place your mouse on the second image box after the create new post box(orange colour).click on more option and you will be taken to a page with a drop down menu.
n the drop down menu click on template.
You will be shown different type of template.
Click on the one you like.
You will be given a chance to preview how it will look like.
If you are satisfied click on apply to blog.
Bet you your template has been changed.
 I have not try this but let me tell you what my research shows.
CHANGING OF FONTS AND COLORS Go to your dashboard and click on more options.
Then click on layout tab from the drop down menu.
You will see 4 links.Select the fonts and color link and you'll be t…

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