11 Top Benefits Of Having Your Own Custom Domain Name

Own or custom domain is a type of domain you bought with your money. You can either buy the name you originally created or buy from other people. Though, free domain also have it benefits but this article is written to enlighten my readers about the fringe benefits of having a self custom domain name over a free subdomain.

Good impression
It gives you a good impression in the eyes of other people especially your readers and other bloggers or web masters. They will respect you and know that you are really serious about your web presence. Due to cheap cost of buying domain name some people people believe that those using free subdomain are either poor or not serious about their online presence.

Having a free subdomain is a signal to some people that you are a newbie in the Internet world, a journey just come ( JJC ), immature, and unprofessional. This will surely show in the way such people deal with you because they have a negative view about your site.

Creation of subdomains
Having your own domain will give you the chance to create your own subdomains e.g Google can create seg.google.com from their domain google.com.

Can good thing come out of Nazareth? That question was asked almost 2000 years ago in ancient Israel by those who believe that their long awaited Christ cannot come from Nazareth because they assumed that Nazareth was a good for nothing village. Most Internet users especially those that know the difference between a own domain and a free domain will assume that nothing substantial can come out of subdomain blogs, which is not always right, and this account for the reason why subdomain blog experience a lower traffic compared0 to custom domain blogs.

Custom email
You also have the advantage of making your own custom email address such as segun@gingo.com. This will boost your online reputation as well as fast-track your google Adsense approval.

Sense of belonging
Owing your own domain name will make you proud enough to let everybody knows about what you are offering online. You will be proud enough to share your domain name both offline and online, in your CV, business card, or any of your prefer way of promotion. In fact, I started this my blog with a subdomain name letgoonline.blogspot.com but I cannot promote it the way i want as am waiting to buy a domain name before giving it a full fledge promotion. Having your own domain will prompt you to give your site your full back up and you will have a sense of belonging to rub shoulders with the biggest of web masters.

You can make money from resell of your domain
Some people build their site in order to resell it later. Google bought YouTube in 2006 with over 1.6 billion dollars. Who said you cannot sell your website or blog in millions of dollars, however, it should be a own domain as you cannot sell a subdomain site.

Access to Application s and Tools
You will have access to numerous apps and tools from those that sell your custom domain to you.

Better search engine index
Your site will be better index by search engines compared to subdomain because search engines prefer and prioritize custom domain over free domain.

Adsense opportunity
It is a rare opportunity nowadays for subdomain sites to be approved by Google Adsense team except their own blogspot domain.. If you have a subdomain site and you have meet up with all the requirement of Google Adsense but yet your application is being rejected repeatedly, i will advice you to buy your own domain name. I did many research on this and what the experts keep saying is to get a custom domain name as this is one of the key pre- requisite for google Adsense approval. Even, many sites that are alternate to google Adsense do not allow subdomain. So, you will do well by getting your own custom domain.

A lifetime property
Many people complain that platforms that offer free domain do delete their accounts without any reason or warning. Meanwhile, nobody can take what you buy from you. Your custom domain is your lifetime property if not sold.
This does not mean that free domain is not good and I even advice people to use it to kickstart their blogging experience. It is noteworthy to know that your application for google Adsense can be approve if you have been active for 6 months on free domain and you bought and link your own custom domain with your free domain and meet up with other Adsense criteria.
All in all, your priority should be to get your own custom domain and thus enjoy all the benefits of owning a custom domain stated in this article and more.

How To Become An Authority In Your Online Niche

Becoming an authority in your online niche can be a valuable path to take your business to the next level because it will help you to serve your visitors or customers better. Becoming an authority, though, take a lot of research, patience, risk, energy and time but these are minor sacrifices when compared to the reward.
It is very easy to promote and sell your products and services when everybody knows you as an authority and expert in your niche.
Being an authority in your online niche will make people to trust you and your products which will make sale easier. People will grab your promotion with both hands and are ready to line up with you because they know you never fail. People tend to be careful when buying stuff online but your reputation as a leader in your niche will make them keep buying from you.

The effort put in promoting your products and services through numerous online social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is one those factors that will make you an authority or leader in your niche.
To become an authority in your online niche you have to be creating something different and resourceful to fans and customers. By this people will know that you are not a " follow follow " but as someone who set the pace for others to follow.

You have to be creating an idea and concept that can change the way people view and do things. Your idea and concept should be valuable enough to force them to change their old lifestyle.

To become an authority in your online niche you have to find original solutions to problems that people are facing in your niche and find a new and better way of doing what they have been doing before.

Let us take sport personalties as an example. Many people are certified as coaches but they can only become an authority if they win laurels. +Jose Mourinho and +Pep Guardiola are respected as an authority in their field because they win lot of laurels. +Lionel Messi is considered as the finest footballer in history because he always find solution to his team problem upfront and plays football in a special way. Learning from them can help you become the best in your chosen online niche.


 Another way to become an authority in your online niche is to create impact in your niche and in the life of your fans and customers. Be hardworking, be creative, create something new and helpful, redesign an old device, let people know that something is more useful than they think or tell them a new way of doing and using something.

To be an authority in your chosen online niche you need to have good marketing and sales skills. You have to know how to sell your idea to your visitors, friends and fans.

To become an authority in your online niche you must be versatile on how to use online tools and applications like blog, website and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others to your maximum advantage.

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How To Improve Your Online Decision Making Skills

In online, some of the decisions will have to make include which domain name should i use, where should i buy my domain name, which platform to use for hosting, which hosting plan to use. Should i use my domain for a blog or website. Which niche should i choose, what is my product or service and which affiliate product will i choose. How to market my site and product. How to monetize my site, how to generate traffic i.e should i wait for free search engine traffic or pay for traffic and a lot more.

Almost perfect decision
Almost perfect decision making skills are important to one's achievement as a netpreneur. In real life and online, poor decisions can be damaging, that is why it is essential to find ways to improve our decision making skills so that we shall be smart enough to choose the right from the wrong when face with numerous options and alternatives.
The remaining part of this article contain some tips that can help you to improve on your online decision making skills.

Don't be too hasty
Hastiness can make you to miss some important steps you need to make before making decision. In my accounting and business administration school, they thought that decision making involves some steps. You need to take things easy and don't rush into conclusion because any decision you make online may not be easy to reverse, trace or track back.

Think before you leap
Think about the aftermath of your decision. For instance, if you plan to apply for Google Adsense on your blog or maybe Google Adsense is already on your blog, you have to think maybe the decision you are about to make is in compliance with Google Adsense policy. If you make a decision that make Google Adsense team to terminate your account that is bad decision and it means you don't think before you leap.

Set a goal

 You need to have a clearly define goal, objective, mission and vision for your online business. Where do you want to be in the next 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. Make sure any decision you are making is in harmony with your online goal and admiration. At times you may face a fork-in-the-road decision, what you need to do is to keep your goal in mind and do whatever you can to reach your online destination.

This is one of the the most effective ways you can improve your online decision making skills. This involves attending seminars and schools and then attach your self to firm in your niche for further training and upbuilding. For instance, i plan to attend a 3 days seminars on website design and then find a website designing firm where i can do industrial attachment in order to extend my knowledge. One of the things you will learn during your training in these firms is how those organizations make important decision on sales, production, customer relations among others.

It is high time online business people know that they need a mentor to avoid making some disastrous and time wasting decision. You need a mentor to teach you how to make some good online decision. For instance, your mentor can advice you on the best platform to use for your domain name hosting.

Read about and learn from other people's experience
It is very important to learn and read about the online experience of other people, so that we will not make the same mistake they have made but to replicate the right things they have done. When you learn from them you will save yourself the stress, pain and time you will experience to learn everything on your own. The slogan ' experience is the best teacher ' does not necessary mean you learn on your own, experience of others can as well serve as a best teacher. Visiting other people's website or blog, doing Google search and acquiring training are part of learning from other people online experience.


 Practice make perfect they say. I have known this long time ago in my secondary school days when i was a mathematician and in my higher institution days studying accountancy. The more you practice in computations, the more it becomes easier to make decision in solving related problems. In online world, you need to also practice whatever you are taught because you may not really understand what you have read or learn until you practice it.

If you have the ability to make good decision on whatever you are doing online, you don't need to be worry about the future of your online business.

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Why Need A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page simply mean a profile designed for business, organisation, group or band rather than for individuals. Facebook fan page is built on 'likes' and 'share'. when a visitor like or share a link or post, all of their friends will see it through their news feed. This help a business to be better expose to a much bigger and larger online community. Other benefits include:

Unlimited fans
In facebook fan page, you don't accept people as friend rather they ' like' your page and this make them to systematically subscribe to all your updated posts. The people that like your page are called your ' fans' not your  ' friends' as in facebook profile account. One of the advantages of facebook fan page over profile account is that you can have unlimIted number of fans unlike the personal/profile account which you are limited to 5000 friends.


Unlike the personal account where people have access to your profile. Facebook fan page is safe because your personal profile is not available or accessible to externals.

As a marketing medium
Facebook is simply good to get your business or product in front of millions of people within a short period of time with less or zero advertising cost. When you post contents and your fans like it, this will get to their wall and will be seen by all their friends and their friends can also like it and share it with their friends and the process continue like that. This may lead to a massive traffic and awareness to the product or business you are marketing.

Indexed by search engines
Search engine are online platform such as google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com and wikipedia.com that we use to search for information on the internet. I know people think that it is only blogs or websites that are index by search engine but i can authoritatively inform you that fan pages are also indexed by search engines. Though, to take advantage of this indexing, your page must be regularly visited with large/massive number of fans.

It can perform multiple tasks
Facebook fan page can also performed some functions performed by websites and blogs in the sense that you can post and link to other sites including videos. You can also put the link to your affiliate market products or link to your blog or sales page to drive massive traffic to your business. It can also serve as a medium to interact and entertain your fans as well as passing some important information which are not business like. Politicians and those that need people's support can use it as a propaganda medium.

Drive traffic to your website or blog
You can drive unlimited traffic from your facebook page to your website or blog by linking to your website or blog from your business fan page. Write articles or contents and put the link to your site at the bottom or ask them to follow the link in order to finish the reading of the content. You can also input a facebook widget on your website or blog to link to your facebook fan page.

To meet up with or beat the competitors
Many of your rivals are now creating and building a market through facebook fan page. Your rivals are not fools, they quite know what they are gaining from facebook fan page and their target for the future. It is better you join the trend earlier as catching up with them will difficult if not impossible.

It is absolutely free
Though fan pages perform some functions similar to blog and website but it is free, easy to set up, simple to use and maintain. It is free in the sense that unlike blogs or websites where you pay to get your domain name, you don't have to pay to get your domain or URL name e.g facebook.com/letgoonline. it is simple to set up because you don't need to have all those technical skill in HTML or Java to set up or design your page as this has already been customized for users. It is simple to maintain because you don't have to pay for your domain hosting unlike in blog or website where one of the least fee you can get for hosting is 4 dollars per year if am right. Google host for free if you buy your domain name from them, though.

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13 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Facebook Fan Page

This should be a good news to all Facebook subscribers. Almost everybody online has facebook account with huge friends. Most Facebook subscribers spent more time on their facebook page than other aspect of their life. Some people often post everything about their life on facebook. For such subscribers and others, making money with facebook account will be interesting and helpful. Though, you can still make money from your facebook profile account but it is better to create a facebook fan page and thus have access to unlimited ways of making money through facebook. This topic have bothered me for so long and am happy to come up with the following ways of making money with facebook fan page.


Cafe press
It helps you to sell t-shirts, hats and other customizable items for free on your facebook fan page. It help you to create as well as sell products created by others on your facebook page

Garage sale
Unlike other applications. Garage sale works with your profile page. What you have to do is to add garage sale to your profile page and list all items you wish to sell. Garage sale serves as intermediary by automatically billing the buyer's, then inform you on when you have to ship the item bought. The only bill is the 5 percentage commission on the sales price.

This allows you to make money on your facebook page through 3 different ways . One is by answering other people's question i.e helping them to solve problems. The second way is by teaching a language. The third one is by giving advice on the phone. All of these through your facebook page.

What you need to do is add your product to a lemonade stand and put it on your facebook page. It is free and easy. 

Lending club
Lending club help you to lend your money out and receive interest from the loan. To ensure safety the lending club will take care of legal and trust issues.

Advertising Based E-commerce
Marketers can create ads that take those that click on it to an e-commerce site. This is called direct-to-site ad traffic because when a visitor clicks on the ad on your facebook page they are taken directly to where you sell your product. 

It is interesting to know that you can sell your product on ebay through your facebook page. Ebay and facebook? What an effective way to to make money for online sellers and affiliates.

Shop tab
The beat way to make money online is by selling product or products. shop tab enable you to have an online through throgh a parnership program  and you can upload the store on your facebook fan page. they have social sharing features like facebook like, share and comments.you will be given twitter posting support and pinterest support for product pictures as well as customizable text cals to action on all social buttons.they have three plan which are standard with 7 days free trial (500 products) $10 per month, expanded with 1000 products $15 per month and ultimate 5000 products $20 monthly, all with 7 days free trial.

Fan Marketing E-commerce
This involves selling to fans by posting from your facebook page to their news feed but is not as effective as fans acquired through ads.

Generating traffic to your blog
If you are a blogger and you are generating revenue from ads placed on your blog then try to create a facebook fan page for your site or blog, grow the number of your fans and regularly post new articles together with the link to your blog on facebook as this will help to increase your traffic as well as your revenue.

Selling Ad Space
Try to increase your number of ' likes' by promoting your facebook fan page. You can then make revenue by posting products related to the culture of your page. Revenue can be make through direct advertisement charges from the producer of the product you are advertising or through commission on sales

Build your fans
Encourage your fans to help you to share your post with their friends. post anything that can arouse the interest of your fans or engage them in online discussion about the current trend of event or news.

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How You Can Make Money Selling Online Resale Right Products

Making money through online resale right products means that you are selling products created by other people thus saving the time and resources required in creating your own products.

The following process will put you through on what you need to do to get your first sale.

1.Get your personal domain name and website                                                                                Make sure your domain name is good, memorable and related to your kind of business or products you want to sell.. Avoid free web hosting as buyers will not have confidence in the product you are selling.

2.Buy resale rights product                                                                                                                 The most common and convenience online resale rights product are software and e-books which are digital products. The reason is that digital products are downloadable. You don't need to worry about space to stock your products or that you are running out of stock. You don't need to worry about packaging or postage cost because your customers can download the product on their computer. Sincerely, downloading is what make digital products rank higher than other products when it comes to online product resale rights.

3.Get a payment processor                                                                                                                  You need to get a payment processor to collect credit card payments online. You can also design a way of collecting money from people within your locality to whom credit card is not popular. This save you the journey to the bank to clear checks and money will be entering your account even while you sleep. Some of the payment processors you can use include Alertpay, PayPal, eJunkie.

4. Upload your product sales page                                                                                                      You don't have to worry about creating a sales page of your own because most resale rights product come with pre-prepared sales page, thank you page and images of the product. When somebody clicks on the link from another source, it is on this sales page they will land. It is the sales page that will interact with them in order to persuade them to purchase the product. Once you have setting up your sales page on your website the next thing is to put the payment processor link you have gotten from step 3 at the bottom of the page and you are one
one step away from taking your first orders online.

5. Get traffic to your website/sales page                                                                                                  It is important to note that traffic here means targeted traffic. You can't expect to make money from dummy sales page. You can use search engine advertising such as Google's Adwords to get targeted traffic. The reason why I recommend this is that Google will only place your ad on the page of a website or blog related to your product. If your product is about " affiliate marketing ", Google may place your ad on blog that tail about online stuff such as letgoonline.blogspot.com. You can also find e-zine's around your product niche to advertise in. You can get traffic by posting on forums. Write and submit articles to online directorate like Ideamarketers.com, articlealleys.com, buzzle.com, goarticles.com and put a link to your sales page in the resource box.

6. Get them subscribe to your mailing list
Most resale right sellers direct their customers to a squeeze page. Squeeze page offers the visitors only two option either to subscribe and move to the next page to enjoy a special offer or choose not to subscribe and leave the page. Such attractive offer will make most visitors to subscribe. You can use Aweber or GetResponse to build and maintain your mailing list. Subscribing to your mailing list will make it easy for you to follow up with visitors who did not buy on their first visit. You must find a way to persuade them to visit your site once more.

Some other necessary tips :
A. It is not necessary you sell your product. You can give it for free in order to attract traffic to your site.

B. Resale rights product naturally attract traffic to websites.

C. It saves you the money to rent or buy space for office or store. It saves printing cost, cost of inventory, packaging and delivery cost, time and stress involve in preparing
sales page and collecting payment.

D. The product has become yours once you've bought the right for it resale.

E. Try to offer related products for free with your resale rights product as a bonus.

F. Build good relationship with your customer and update them with articles that will be of interest to them.

G. Learn to use squeeze page.

H. After you have made enough sales from a resale rights product try to sell another related product that you know your customers and subscribers can like.                                                                                       Selling resale rights products is one of the cheapest way of making money online.

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The Benefits Of Using PayPal Account For Your Online Transaction

With so many people and businesses going online there is a need for an efficient and secure online payment solutions. Though, there are many which tend to provide solution for online payments and transactions but one stand out among the rest just like a Lion stand out among animals. It is no other one than PayPal account.
Since it purchased by eBay in 2002, PayPal had turned out into an online community brand name solution for online payment. This is due in large to it wide range of benefits.

PayPal charge a low fee service for safe and secure online business transaction by charging a low percentage fees for business sellers as well as offering it service free of charge for shoppers and basic account users.
You can add your local bank account and credit card to PayPal account so that you will be able to shop online and buy stuff directly from your bank account.
Many companies, websites and online stores are embracing PayPal account. It is fast, convenient, safe and reliable since the transaction is done electronically and instantly.

If you are a netpreneur you can receive your income through PayPal. It is better than credit card in the sense that you are paying with your money unlike credit card where you can buy on credit and made to pay loads of interest. PayPal is also better than check or money order because the transaction is electronic and instant. 

PayPal make it possible for people at both end of the world to send and receive fund without waiting for days before their transaction matured.



PayPal provide one of the best way to buy, sell, transfer and receive fund as well as paychecks.

PayPal help protect your financial data from the 3rd party.

eBay owns PayPal so it is universally recognized thus a lot of eBay sellers and US most trusted online sites only accept PayPal. 

The use of PayPal shipping tools can also help you to avoid post office lineups.

How you can protect yourself from PayPal fraud and scams:
Don't give out your personal information such as your names and business name, your email address, password, credit card or bank account number, your PIN, Social Security number or your driver's license number.

To log in into your PayPal account open a new web browser and make sure you type the website address correctly as https://www.Paypal.com/. Before you press enter check out the spelling to ensure you don't go to the wrong address.

Note that PayPal will not address you as " Dear PayPal user ". Such greeting is from scam. PayPal will only address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your PayPal account.
Emails from PayPal will never ask you to download any software program or attachment. Beware of any emails that ask you to download as it comes from scam. If PayPal require information from you, they will notify you through an email but request that you enter the information only after you have securely log in to your PayPal account.

To get a PayPal account visit http://www.Paypal.com/. Select register and select Personal or Business account, then choose the country you live in. ( Although PayPal restrict some countries from registering due to security reason ). On the sign up page, enter your information and press sign up.
You are welcome to the PayPal family. Happy online transaction.

Advantages Of Using The I-pad For Business People

  1. Portability                                                                                                                                       I-Pad are portable and can be used anywhere. The portability of the device make it possible to be use with other computing devices such as keyboard thus making computing easier and convenient.
    Improve communication                                                                                                              
        The i-Pad is one of such devices that make communication easier because there are lot of apps on it that make reading email, posting to social network site like Twitter, Facebook and others possible. The i-Pad is indeed a great tool for effective and efficient communication.
    Stay connected                                                                                                                              Unlike the traditional computer, i-Pad can help you to stay connected 24/7. It will not be easy to stay connected always with your laptop and almost impossible with your desktop because of the immobility nature of the later. But with the option of taking your i-Pad with you anywhere, you can stay connected always and every time. Staying connected always will afford you the opportunity to do research on an urgent information even while in the comfort of your car.
    Simplicity                                                                                                                                          The i-Pad is easy to use by anybody. You do not need to have deep technical knowledge about computing before you can use i-Pad.
    Efficient programing                                                                                                                      You can have access to your needed information at any time because you have instant access to various programing apps such as to-do-list, calendar and reminders among others.
    Fast loading time                                                                                                                            The i-Pads helps to save a lot of time wasted by conventional computers during warm up period after you have switch them on. The i-Pad saves loading time by turning on immediately you put them on while the apps also load simultaneously.
    CheapApps                                                                                                                                           Task can be performed cheaper on i-Pad than on laptop or desktop computer. The productivity Apps for i-Pad are also less expensive compared to the normal traditional computers.
    Increase productivity                                                                                                              More and quick access to the Internet,research and office work combined with other advantages such as improve communication, portability, fast loading time, cheap productivity Apps, efficient programing and simplicity will surely lead to high production.
    Though, the benefits of the i-Pad for office work cannot be underestimated. However, it usefulness as a presentation tool should also be highlighted. The following points will show you why most business people nowadays prefer the i-Pad to laptop for their business presentation.
    Durable battery life                                                                                                                       The Apple i-Pad can boost a battery lifespan of almost 10 hours compared to other tablets that have a battery life of 8-10 hours. This make it preferable for presentation especially in a location with lack of electricity.
    Keynote application                                                                                                                     Keynote is a presentation application on the i-Pad which is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. One can use keynote in connection with a projector to reach a large audience.
    Portability                                                                                                                                     The size and weight of the i-Pad make it convenient to conduct business presentation. This make it mobile than conventional laptop and other presentation equipments.
    Projection                                                                                                                                         The i-Pad can be connected to the projector via a VGA adapter to display content and image on a larger screen. The ipad2 also use a concept termed "video mirroring" to directly transmit the content on it's screen to a compatible computer monitor or Television.                                                             

EU fined Google a record 4.3 billion euros for breaching EU competition rules

  Google Headquarters [Photo Credit: Android Headlines] The European Commission on Wednesday fined Google a record 4.3 billion eu...