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11 Top Benefits Of Having Your Own Custom Domain Name

Own or custom domain is a type of domain you bought with your money. You can either buy the name you originally created or buy from other people. Though, free domain also have it benefits but this article is written to enlighten my readers about the fringe benefits of having a self custom domain name over a free subdomain.

Good impression
It gives you a good impression in the eyes of other people especially your readers and other bloggers or web masters. They will respect you and know that you are really serious about your web presence. Due to cheap cost of buying domain name some people people believe that those using free subdomain are either poor or not serious about their online presence.

Having a free subdomain is a signal to some people that you are a newbie in the Internet world, a journey just come ( JJC ), immature, and unprofessional. This will surely show in the way such people deal with you because they have a negative view about your site.

Creation of…

How To Become An Authority In Your Online Niche

Becoming an authority in your online niche can be a valuable path to take your business to the next level because it will help you to serve your visitors or customers better. Becoming an authority, though, take a lot of research, patience, risk, energy and time but these are minor sacrifices when compared to the reward.
It is very easy to promote and sell your products and services when everybody knows you as an authority and expert in your niche.
Being an authority in your online niche will make people to trust you and your products which will make sale easier. People will grab your promotion with both hands and are ready to line up with you because they know you never fail. People tend to be careful when buying stuff online but your reputation as a leader in your niche will make them keep buying from you.

The effort put in promoting your products and services through numerous online social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is one those factors that will make you …

How To Improve Your Online Decision Making Skills

In online, some of the decisions will have to make include which domain name should i use, where should i buy my domain name, which platform to use for hosting, which hosting plan to use. Should i use my domain for a blog or website. Which niche should i choose, what is my product or service and which affiliate product will i choose. How to market my site and product. How to monetize my site, how to generate traffic i.e should i wait for free search engine traffic or pay for traffic and a lot more.

Almost perfect decision
Almost perfect decision making skills are important to one's achievement as a netpreneur. In real life and online, poor decisions can be damaging, that is why it is essential to find ways to improve our decision making skills so that we shall be smart enough to choose the right from the wrong when face with numerous options and alternatives.
The remaining part of this article contain some tips that can help you to improve on your online decision making…

Why Need A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page simply mean a profile designed for business, organisation, group or band rather than for individuals. Facebook fan page is built on 'likes' and 'share'. when a visitor like or share a link or post, all of their friends will see it through their news feed. This help a business to be better expose to a much bigger and larger online community. Other benefits include:

Unlimited fans In facebook fan page, you don't accept people as friend rather they ' like' your page and this make them to systematically subscribe to all your updated posts. The people that like your page are called your ' fans' not your  ' friends' as in facebook profile account. One of the advantages of facebook fan page over profile account is that you can have unlimIted number of fans unlike the personal/profile account which you are limited to 5000 friends.

13 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Facebook Fan Page

This should be a good news to all Facebook subscribers. Almost everybody online has facebook account with huge friends. Most Facebook subscribers spent more time on their facebook page than other aspect of their life. Some people often post everything about their life on facebook. For such subscribers and others, making money with facebook account will be interesting and helpful. Though, you can still make money from your facebook profile account but it is better to create a facebook fan page and thus have access to unlimited ways of making money through facebook. This topic have bothered me for so long and am happy to come up with the following ways of making money with facebook fan page.

How You Can Make Money Selling Online Resale Right Products

Making money through online resale right products means that you are selling products created by other people thus saving the time and resources required in creating your own products.

The following process will put you through on what you need to do to get your first sale.

1.Get your personal domain name and website                                                                             Make sure your domain name is good, memorable and related to your kind of business or products you want to sell.. Avoid free web hosting as buyers will not have confidence in the product you are selling.

2.Buy resale rights product                                                                                                              The most common and convenience online resale rights product are software and e-books which are digital products. The reason is that digital products are downloadable. You don't need to worry about space to stock your products or that you are running out…

The Benefits Of Using PayPal Account For Your Online Transaction

With so many people and businesses going online there is a need for an efficient and secure online payment solutions. Though, there are many which tend to provide solution for online payments and transactions but one stand out among the rest just like a Lion stand out among animals. It is no other one than PayPal account.
Since it purchased by eBay in 2002, PayPal had turned out into an online community brand name solution for online payment. This is due in large to it wide range of benefits.

PayPal charge a low fee service for safe and secure online business transaction by charging a low percentage fees for business sellers as well as offering it service free of charge for shoppers and basic account users.
You can add your local bank account and credit card to PayPal account so that you will be able to shop online and buy stuff directly from your bank account.
Many companies, websites and online stores are embracing PayPal account. It is fast, convenient, safe a…

Advantages Of Using The I-pad For Business People

Portability                                                                                                                                       I-Pad are portable and can be used anywhere. The portability of the device make it possible to be use with other computing devices such as keyboard thus making computing easier and convenient.
Improve communication    The i-Pad is one of such devices that make communication easier because there are lot of apps on it that make reading email, posting to social network site like Twitter, Facebook and others possible. The i-Pad is indeed a great tool for effective and efficient communication.
Stay connected                                                                                                                              Unlike the traditional computer, i-Pad can help you to stay connected 24/7. It will not be easy to stay connected always with your laptop and almost impossible with your desktop because of the immobility nature…