13 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Facebook Fan Page

This should be a good news to all Facebook subscribers. Almost everybody online has facebook account with huge friends. Most Facebook subscribers spent more time on their facebook page than other aspect of their life. Some people often post everything about their life on facebook. For such subscribers and others, making money with facebook account will be interesting and helpful. Though, you can still make money from your facebook profile account but it is better to create a facebook fan page and thus have access to unlimited ways of making money through facebook. This topic have bothered me for so long and am happy to come up with the following ways of making money with facebook fan page.


Cafe press
It helps you to sell t-shirts, hats and other customizable items for free on your facebook fan page. It help you to create as well as sell products created by others on your facebook page

Garage sale
Unlike other applications. Garage sale works with your profile page. What you have to do is to add garage sale to your profile page and list all items you wish to sell. Garage sale serves as intermediary by automatically billing the buyer's, then inform you on when you have to ship the item bought. The only bill is the 5 percentage commission on the sales price.

This allows you to make money on your facebook page through 3 different ways . One is by answering other people's question i.e helping them to solve problems. The second way is by teaching a language. The third one is by giving advice on the phone. All of these through your facebook page.

What you need to do is add your product to a lemonade stand and put it on your facebook page. It is free and easy. 

Lending club
Lending club help you to lend your money out and receive interest from the loan. To ensure safety the lending club will take care of legal and trust issues.

Advertising Based E-commerce
Marketers can create ads that take those that click on it to an e-commerce site. This is called direct-to-site ad traffic because when a visitor clicks on the ad on your facebook page they are taken directly to where you sell your product. 

It is interesting to know that you can sell your product on ebay through your facebook page. Ebay and facebook? What an effective way to to make money for online sellers and affiliates.

Shop tab
The beat way to make money online is by selling product or products. shop tab enable you to have an online through throgh a parnership program  and you can upload the store on your facebook fan page. they have social sharing features like facebook like, share and comments.you will be given twitter posting support and pinterest support for product pictures as well as customizable text cals to action on all social buttons.they have three plan which are standard with 7 days free trial (500 products) $10 per month, expanded with 1000 products $15 per month and ultimate 5000 products $20 monthly, all with 7 days free trial.

Fan Marketing E-commerce
This involves selling to fans by posting from your facebook page to their news feed but is not as effective as fans acquired through ads.

Generating traffic to your blog
If you are a blogger and you are generating revenue from ads placed on your blog then try to create a facebook fan page for your site or blog, grow the number of your fans and regularly post new articles together with the link to your blog on facebook as this will help to increase your traffic as well as your revenue.

Selling Ad Space
Try to increase your number of ' likes' by promoting your facebook fan page. You can then make revenue by posting products related to the culture of your page. Revenue can be make through direct advertisement charges from the producer of the product you are advertising or through commission on sales

Build your fans
Encourage your fans to help you to share your post with their friends. post anything that can arouse the interest of your fans or engage them in online discussion about the current trend of event or news.

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