How To Get Your Dream Job Through Social Media Sites

Millions of people are going jobless throughout the universe while millions of graduates and other job seekers are also joining the train on a daily basis. So, it is increasingly hard to get a job, talk less of a dream job. To beat competitors, applicants need to adopt non- conventional and modern job-seeking methods that will increase their chance of beating other applicants to their targeted job. The labour market is very competitive and challenging. One major reason for this is that supply of labour is much more higher than the demand for it. The supply of labour is growing in an arithmetic progression (AP) while the establishment of companies and demand for labour is growing in a geometric progression (GP). Tertiary institutions of the world are churning out graduates in their millions annually while the companies to take them are either non in existence or shutting down. Those that exist do not have vacancy spaces or are employing at a very low rate to the numbers seeking employment.

Let us use Nigeria as a case study. There are 36 states in the nation and each of these states has at least 2 tertiary institutions. Each states may have at least 2 of the following schools: federal, state, private universities and polytechnics, college of education and technical colleges. Each of these schools are churning out hundreds of graduate every year and the big question is, where are the companies to employ them? In Nigeria, like in most part of the world, companies are at optimum capacity in terms of labour while some are shutting down due to epileptic power supply, unconducive business environ and unstable and unfavorable government policies.

In order to get out of the unemployment market, I advice that job seekers turn to the internet for solution. There are many opportunities on the Internet for job seekers. One of such is the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, linkedin and they are fast becoming key tools for job seekers throughout the globe. Throughout the world, many organizations and companies are adopting employing labour through social network to complement the conventional methods of employment.
Job seekers the world over need to learn how to make use of social media sites to find that dream job. Applicants need to understand that online social medias are just a secondary phase of the old conventional face- to- face networking but is more faster and enjoy a wider coverage,thus, serve as a great tool to help find that job.

What you need to do

1. Update your accounts
Billions of people in the world already have one social media account or the other as a means of connecting with friends, family and fans.
Most organizations and companies also have an account to connect with their customers. So, I believe that all my readers will also have at least one account but if not, make sure you create a free account today. I advice you join the two most popular social media sites, Facebook and twitter. If you are really serious about getting a dream job, one network media you should also join is linkedin. It's free, just write a good profile as if you are writing your CV and make sure you are active by updating regularly.

Know the right from the wrong
Don't forget to include your qualifications, skills, experience, volunteer activities and other professional group you belong in your profile. Avoid the use of vague words, inclusion of bad habits, grammatical errors, religious or political sentiments e.t.c when setting up your profile.
Your profile picture should portray you as a responsible person. Mind your post or updates as it will show your real personality and character. Even most employers nowadays do view the social media page and profile of their potential employee to know who they really are.

Join, follow or like organizations and companies
Linkedin is mainly designed for professionals. So, join group that relate to your profession on linkedin. Follow companies you are interested in twitter because most companies now tweet their job vacancy on twitter. Also, join, like and follow organizations related to your career on Facebook. The reason why you should join these groups is to give you fresh update about any job vacancies as well as making you aware of the current trend in your field.


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