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The word 'will' which means giving your real estate or money to your love ones when you die, convey much meaning to the rich. It is something they must think over and over to make a wise decision. They might even need the help of professionals such as lawyers, spending money in the process in order to make sure the will is properly done and authenticated.

To me, an online will is much more important than a real estate will, may be because am into online stuffs. And I guess such is the view of many millions of online entrepreneurs like Google, yahoo!, Facebook as well as millions of  pro- bloggers and webmasters abound on the Internet.

When I heard the news that Google has launched an ' online will ' I was the happiest among the happy people to hear such a great news. I must use this opportunity to commend and congratulate Google for their foresight and effort in making sure they contribute their quota in turning the world into a global village.

Am happy to let my readers know that the online giant, Google, has launched a new service to enable its users make an online will where they dictates what happens to their data after they die. They will determine whether they want to pass their data as a digital inheritance to their love ones when they die or want Google to permanently delete it.

The inactive account managers enables users of all Google service to choose their " trusted contact " who they want to allow access to their account once their account has remain dormant for 3, 6 or 12 months.

The users are to determine how many months their account should have laid dormant before Google can allow their chosen trusted contacts to have access to their data.

Meanwhile, Google is wise, as they will send a final warning via email and text messages to the users to make sure that they have really pass on, and not merely left their account inactive or dormant due to some busy schedule or sickness, before releasing or allowing access to the data by the third party.

    In a blog post announcing the launch, Google product manager, Andreas Tuerk said: " not many of us like thinking about death - especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you're gone is really important for the people you leave behind. We hope that this new feature will enable you to plan your digital afterlife in a way that protects your privacy and security and make life easier for your love ones after you're gone ".

That is a very intelligent talk from Andreas Tuerk. If you examine the statement, you will see that the major reason behind the launching is making life easier for the love ones that Google users leave behind when they die. This clearly show that what make Google to become such an online hegemony is their unique desire to help humanity.

I therefore urge all online entrepreneurs to emulate Google in this regard. Our main motive online should be to help humanity, not to make some fast money.
This attribute of helping others is what also makes Yahoo! to be such an online branding behemoth. This I clearly expansiate in one of my blog post, ' learning from successful online entrepreneurs using Jerry Yang and David Filo ( The yahoo! boys ) as a case study.

I must say that the Internet have already surpass its expectation. In the nearest future all our email address, blogs, online stores, websites, Facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media accounts are going to turn into a big online real estate worth lots of dollars.

Imagine how it would be for a netpreneur to inherit a worthwhile account as a digital inheritance from someone who has been so successful
online before he died. Imagine how successful an online entrepreneur could be after inheriting a Facebook page with over 1000000 fans, a twitter account of over 2000000 followers, Google+ with 500000 cycle of friends, a blog, website, store or affiliate link that is raking in thousands of dollars every month. I guess there is no better inheritance.

To set up your online will, visit Google account setting page, from where you can select options for all of Google's services such as youTube, picasa web albums, Google+, Gmail etc

The Internet is still young, now is the time to start and make something worthwhile out of your online presence.

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