Grow your business through online marketing - part 2

In part 1 of this article, i wrote about how to grow your business through online marketing strategies such as paid reviews, email marketing, visual marketing, social media platforms and e-newsletter. Though, i should have put everything in one article but i consider my readers who may not be patience enough to read lengthy articles. Therefore, below are the list of other methods used by business owners and advertisers to promote their business online.

Pay Per Click Advertising
This is a type of advertisement where ads are placed on a website but the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked by visitors. It is an online weapon used by advertisers to expose and drive traffic to their site. The visitors are taken to the advertiser website when they click on the ad.
PPC is highly recommended to those that want to promote their business online because the traffic is instant. Advertisers get value for their money in PPC because they monitor the result of their advert to see whether it is working or not.
In program such as Google Adwords, the advertiser will decide how much he can afford to pay per click. Let say, the advertiser budget is $100 and he can afford to pay 0.10 cents per click, that means, the visitors will need to click 1000 times before his account can be exhausted.
Let assume the advertiser is selling his product at $10 on his website. A good targeted ads should convert at least 50 clicks out of 1000. And 50 multiply by 10 equal $500. Since profit= sales-cost, therefore, profit is $400
You can also use Facebook ad which is a pay per click advertisement like Google Adwords

Cost Per Click Advertsing

This is a program where the advertiser is charged as in form of contract. In this case, the CPC platforms have various bundles for their CPC programs. For instance, they can charge $10 for driving 1000 visitors who will stay for 30 seconds, $20 for 1000 visitors that will stay for 1 minute, $40 for 2000 visitors who will stay up to 3 minutes on the advertiser website. This will help to give the advertiser website and products a wide exposure as well as some leads from the visitors. These visitors are employed by the CPC platform through a program know as per pay click, which means they will be paid a certain amount per every click they make to visit the advertisers site and for staying there for the specified period of time.
Some CPC programs will charge the advertiser a certain amount for every 1000 visitors they received. The  CPC  will now place the adverts on publishers website or blog. The publisher will also be paid a certain amount for every 1000 clicks the advertisers received from the publishers website or blog. This is also referred to as Cost Per Mile (CPM). The 'mile' stands for 1000.
CPC is good advertising program for advertisers to reach many audience as it is budget friendly.

Buy ad space
This is buying of space on other people's blog or website in form of banner for a specific sum depending on certain factors such as the banner size and volume of traffic. For instance, a website designer could spend $1500 per month for renting a 300 by 300 banner space on a blog that talks about website designing which receive an average of 50000 to 100000 pageviews per month.
You could buy ad space on blog and websites that relate to the kind f business you are providing or where your potential customers could be. If you are selling sport kits, you can buy ad space on sites like  etc 

Sponsored ads
Sponsored ad is a kind of advertisement where you urge other people to help you to promote your post.
For instance, you can write a post about your product or service and pay Facebook to help you promote the post. You can choose your geographic location and your budget for such promotion.
Twitter also had a plan for sponsored ad which they call ' sponsored tweets '. With this service, twitter help to promote your commercial tweet through their numerous members. The rate and service depend on your budget. With many people on twitter and Facebook, sponsored ad is one special and effective way to expose your business to millions of people within a short period of time.

Through contest

To promote your business online, you can pay websites, blogs as well as social media account holders with large number of followers in order to run a contest on their site. You can use this to promote awareness about your business. You can ask people to give their opinion on your product or service and that the best opinion will be given a prize. You can also sponsor a contest in form of questions about your product or about something related, where the best answer will be given a gift or prize. This will give your brand a wide popularity as people like this kind of offer.

These and other methods mentioned in part one of this article are some of the ways you can grow your business through online marketing. The other methods will be analyze in the part three of this article which am still researching on.

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