What Is mmm And How To Register For mmm

What Is mmm And How To Register For mmm

What is MMM and How Does it

MMM is an online platform designed to make sure that every of its members are financially free and okay. Is a donation program where those that have excess donated the money to those that need money  through a term known as 'PROVIDE HELP' by its members.
There is a 30% monthly mavro
increment on the money you provided help with. Let say you provide help with 100000 there will be 30000 increment on your money in the first month which k  increase on compounding interest.  After mmm system have matched you with the person that need your money, you are liable to collect your money provided it has been 15 days since you said you want to provide help. The system could match you immediately you said you want to provide help or it may takes weeks before it matches you to someone that need the amount you want to provide help with.

The good thing about mmm is that your money is in your bank account till they match you with someone that needs help. For instance, when i said i wanted to provide help, my money remain in my bank account for three weeks till the system match me with someone that need help. Meaning my money is save with me for 3 weeks. If i want to collect my money back with the 30% mavro by saying i need help immediately i transferred the money to someone that need help i can do it, because it has passed 15 days since i said i want to provide help and my money started growing on 30 % mavro immediately i said i want to provide help not when the system match me.

When the system match you to provide help to someone, you can go to the bank to pay the money into that person's bank account or transfer it through mobile or internet transfer. If you transfer through bank counter, you need to snap the teller with your phone or computer and upload it to your mmm dashboard to confirm that you have provided help. You can also go to cyber cafe or business centre to scan it and upload it for confirmation. The person that collected the money from you also need to confirm in his dashboard that he has received help from you. This means you need to call the person before you transfer money and after you transfer.

mmm will give you a duration of time usually 2-3 days during which you need to provide help if they match you. Your account can be terminated if you do not meet up. If you cannot meet with that stipulated time, call the person you want to help or his guider and ask him to extend the days by one or more days.

Make sure that you have the money you want to provide help with because your account will be deleted permanently if you fail to provide help as at when due.
If you transfer the money through phone, save or download the page that notify that you  have successfully transfer money to the person and upload it to the necessary page on mmm dashboard for confirmation.

When you need help, you can withdraw all your money i.e the principal with 30% mavro. You can also withdraw only part of it.

MMM is a program that will really help you financially. Is running in over 100 countries and the program has been around for over 5 years now.

Another way to make money from mmm is through referral bonus. There is 10% referral bonus for anybody that refer someone to the program. If you are reading about mmm for the first time or you like how i explained the program and yet to register for the program, you could sign up for the program through my referral link:

The necessary steps you will take when you want to register for mmm are highlighted below.

Register through my mmm referral link:


MMM stands
for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox.
Mavrodi Mondial is the creator of
the MMM system.
MMM is a technical basic
program, which helps millions of
participants worldwide to find
those who NEED help and
those who are ready to Provide
Help for FREE. It is not a bank, it
does not collect money (There is
no central bank account to
deposit all the money into), it is
not an Online Business, a High
Yield Investment Program (HYIP)
or Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
program. It is not a Business
Opportunity, there is no product
to buy and sell at a higher price
to make profit. It is not even an
Affiliate Program. In essence,
MMM is a community where
people help each other. In my
personal view, it is more like an
Online Stokvel. After providing
help (donating), in 30Days, you
get back the amount you donated
plus 30% of whatever amount
you donated as your reward.

How To Register in MMM
1. Visit mmm

2. Click the REGISTRATION button
(Top Right)
3. Type your Name, your active E-Mail, Mobile Number, Create
Password of your choice, Confirm
4. Type sengov06@gmail.com in
the Invite box. Note: if you go through my referral link, my gmail address will automatically be at the invite box.
5. Guider's email :
6. Type the Picture Code. (That is
type the alphabets you see on
the picture code just the way
they appear) Read the WARNING
and tick the little box that says
you have read the warning.
7.Finally click the REGISTER IN
MMM button.

The next step is to Add Your
Banking Details.
1. To add your banking details,
login to your Personal Office mmm office , (using
the email and the password you
created when registering) click
on Accounts, click the Add
2. Add Account Name (that is, the
name you used to open your bank
account). Note: you can also use bitcoin (an online virtual account) if you are in a country like America where use of bitcoin is popular. Otherwise use your local banks.

3. Bank Name e.g ZENITH BANK,
4. In the Beneficiary Name box
type your name.
5. Type your Account Number
6. In the Reference/ Additional
Info box, enter your name again.
7. Branch Code is optional
8. Finally click the Save button.
After successfully completing the
above steps, you will be ready to
indicate how much you want to
contribute. In other words you
will be ready to Provide Help.

How To Provide Help
1. To Provide Help i.e to make a
contribution/ donation, login to
your Personal Office
mmm office and click
the Dashboard button.
2. Click Provide Help button, click
the little checkbox to indicate
that you have read the warning,
click Next,
3. Make sure the Nigeria currency
is selected in the currency box, or the currency of your country if you are not from Nigeria.
click the Other Bank button,
click Next.
4. Enter the Amount you want to
contribute/ donate, e.g,
2000, ….. or 2400000 click Select,
6. Enter the same amount you
entered above in the Leftover
Contribution box, click
7. Type the picture code in the
code box to confirm. Click Next.

After completing all the necessary
steps as shown above, you will
wait for your order to be matched i.e you will
wait for the system to show you
the banking details of someone
who wants to need help and thus withdraw their
money from the system.
(This may be instantly or may
take weeks). You will need to call or contact this
person, to let him be aware because both of you will need to confirm the transaction. Inform such person that you
are going to deposit provide help amount into his bank
account and that he is going to confirm all the details

Click here to register for mmm.

Register through my mmm referral link:

Meaning of MMM?

Answer:  Mavrodi Mondai Movement

Who is behind MMM?

Answer: Sergey Mavrodi

What are the functions and duties of MMM?
Answer: MMM is a technical
platform which helps millions of
participants worldwide to
connect those who NEED HELP to
those who are want to PROVIDE

What is the end goal  of MMM?
The main goal of MMM is to reduce and break the chain
of slavery in financial institution
where depositor are being
enslaved by their own money,
where bankers lives large and
healthy on our deposit while
depositors lives on credit and

Another purpose of MMM is to reduce stratification and wide gap between the Rich and the poor indiscriminately.

Is mmm legal?

One of the  question bothering MMM participants and those who want to join is whether MMM is legal.

 There is no law in any country stipulating that donation is illegal. So, it's legal to donate to one another. Since MMM is a community of people helping each other through donation, it is therefore hard for government or anybody to say MMM is illegal. MMM fall in the category of 'Charity' organisation, so is quite legal.

What does the initiator gets in

Another question bothering the mind of  MMM members and non-members is that how does the owner and operators of MMM get their reward since the money donated did not get to them or pass through them.

Answer: the program initiator and people managing it get their money from traffic
as over 2 million people access the site in a day. Those that have blog and website will know that over 60 million visitors a month will generate huge money in any form of monetization that the site owner is adopting. I know that i saw google adsense ads on mmm when i visited the site last. Those that know about blogging will know that 2m daily visitors will generate huge amount of google adsense earnings enough to live on.

To visit mmm click here.

How is the community

The community is also managed from money got or raised from
the traffic to the website of MMM.

The community is managed by people who continue to Provide Help and Get Help, which ensures the number of traffic per day.

Where does the 30% comes

One of the top if not the number one question about MMM is: where did 30% mavro interest on money donated come from? In other words, how does MMM generated the 30 mavro interest if they don't invest our money?

Answer: It is gotten from the donations made by the community. For instance, Lanre Provide Help with N10000 and at the end of the month, his money has grown at 30% mavro to N13000. If Lanre want to Get Help his N13,0 00, the system will just match Lanre with someone that want to Provide help with N13,000. If nobody is providing help with N13,000 in whole, which is rare, then the system will match Lanre with members that want to Provide Help with N2000, N7000, and N4000, for instance.

Register through my mmm referral link:

Where does the referrer
bonus and registration bonus
comes from?

Answer: another frequently asked question about MMM is how they generated their Referral bonus and Registration bonus?

MMM gives 10% of the money donated by new members to old members that refer them in order to be able to add new members easily.

The 10% referal bonus come from continuous Provide Help while registration bonus
comes from traffic fund generated daily on MMM website as an estimated 2million people visited the site daily.


1. MMM is like a bank (More of
Virtual banking) but not a bank.
2. The second differences is that MMM don't collect money form
members into a central account
but Bank collect money from customers into a central account.

3. Thirdly, MMM can successfully project
No's of participants for a specific period of time that are joining or will join but Bank cannot determine the number of people per time that will join their customer base.

4. The number difference is that MMM can successfully project
No's of participants who will Provide Help
per time but Bank cannot
determine no's of depositors per
5. Also, MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) regardless of status or Amount PROVIDED while Banks give interest 2-15%(unfixed)
determined by status, amount,
duration etc

6. Another difference is that, Money Get as Help has over 98% of returning back as Provide Help immediately after Get Help, while Bank has less than 10% of withdrawers returning as depositor even in over 3 month of withdrawing.

7. The number seventh difference is that MMM can operate successfully with the number of participants till
eternity while banks cannot.

8. When it comes to using your money, MMM don't trade, Invest, or save your money but Bank does.

9. Also, MMM is meant for those that could take risk but bank could involve risk or not.

10. The reward from MMM is over 30% while bank debit and credit your accounts resulting to no interest or little in 30days.

11. MMM is based on mutual benefit, trust, sincerity and charity while bank is based of deposit and profit.

12. Another difference is that MMM can maintain its members
forever without No new members joining if participants follows the rules but Banks cannot.

13. Another difference is that when one or two participant
stop to Provide Help after Get Help it has little or no significant because MMM have over 300 million participant globally with over 3000 Nigerian per week who Join newly while
bank cannot survive when when customers started withdrawing
without deposit.


1. MMM and Banks are similar in the sense that, MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) while Banks gives interest 2-15 %( unfixed).

2. Another similarity between MMM and Bank is that MMM is operating in over 118 countries
in 5 years of existences in almost all the villages, towns and cities of all the 118 countries with over
300million( far more than the
entire population of Nigeria)
while bank is only in major
towns, cities of it resident. Meaning MMM is borderless and global.

3. Also, MMM gives referrer bonus of 10% fixed to members (regardless of your status) for bringing new members while
Bank gives 2-10% unfixed
commission to only their marketers (contract staffs).

To register for mmm click here.

What happen if I Get Help in MMM or we Get Help and refuse to Provide Help due to fear of
insecurity or unguaranteed?


When few members refuse to Provide Help after they Get Help:

It might not have significant or
No effect on the community
because of no's of active members that Provide Help
everyday locally and globally and new members joining each day. For instance, in Nigeria, over 3000 new members are joining each day.

What is the probability of
members that Get Help will Provide Help?

There is 99% that people that Get Help will also put part of the money back if not all to Provide Help because they know that they will gain 30% mavro on the money they donated.

One of the frequently asked question on MMM is : How secured is the community from external forces?

Though external forces will like to dabble into the affair of MMM especially to stop the program since is benefiting the poor and the masses while the rich are not excluded. In fact, the rich are the most benefited since they have huge money to donate. However, some enemy of progress and poverty alleviation will like to put an end to the program since they love seeing people suffer and always take advantage of that to use people for their worthless jobs.

However, MMM is very secured against external forces such as government and selfish people if there are no or few complain from MMM members and if all participants keep to the community rules and regulation


MMM registration bonuses ranges from +20$, +50$ to +100$.

As a new registered participants, you are
granted with the bonus ranging from $20 to $100. However, it must be understand that this bonus is only available and given to  participants who are
making their first contribution and whose contribution meet up with the minimum requirement for registration bonus.

THE MMM REGISTRATION BONUSES and the amount required to be eligible :

+$20 if your first contribution on MMM is from $50 to $499 (R815 to R8,149 - Depending on USD-
ZAR exchange rate).

This $20 bonus is frozen for two
weeks. This means that if your
contribution is withdraw earlier than 2 weeks, the bonus
will be cancelled.

You will be given +$50 bonus if the money you first contributed is from $500 to $2999 (R8150 to
R48,899 - Depending on USD-
ZAR exchange rate). This
bonus is frozen for one
month, meaning if you withdraw your money before one month, your MMM registration bonus will be cancelled.

You will be entitled to +$100 if your first contribution in MMM is $3000 (R48,900 - Depending
on USD-ZAR exchange rate)
and more. This bonus is
frozen for one month as well, meaning if you withdraw your money before one month, your MMM registration bonus will be cancelled.

It is important to know that irrespective of your registration bonus your money will still grow at 30% mavro.


It means that it is recommended that you leave your contribution till the days your bonus freezen is over because if
you withdraw your money
earlier, you will lose  the registration bonus  only but you will collect your
contribution with all interest accumulated.

What are you still waiting for, click here to register for the program that can set you free financially. Or register through my mmm referral link:

You can contact me through email, sengov06@gmail.com if you have any question concerning mmm.

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Bean Hummus With Marinated
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Oleic acid, a compound in
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However, 50% of women ages
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Up your intake with salmon; it's a
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2001 study found that dieters
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Blueberries Best known for their
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friendly eat: A 1-cup serving sets
you back
only 80 calories, and helps you
feel full with 4 grams of fiber.
Try this recipe: Blueberry-
Lemon Sorbet
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Broccoli Cooked or raw, this
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for its
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less than 30
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Try this recipe: Broccoli Salad
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< http://recipes.health.com/ recipes/10000001046799- broccoli-salad-with-sesame- dressing-and-cashews >
Brown rice
Brown rice is a
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less-than-super white rice. A half-
cup serving contains 1.7 grams
of Resistant
Starch , a
healthy carb that boosts
metabolism and burns fat.
Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-
density food, meaning it's heavy
filling but low in calories. One
study found that women who
ate a
higher-energy-density diet
gained three times as much
weight over six years
than women eating a low-
energy-density diet.
Try this recipe: Wild Salmon
and Brown Rice Bowl
< http://recipes.health.com/ recipes/10000001949717-wild- salmon-and-brown-rice-bowl >
Just one pear packs 15%
of your daily recommended
amount of fiber.
One study found that women
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consumed fewer
calories and lost more weight
than those who didn't. Ditch the
though; the skin is where all that
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Try this recipe: Warm Pear
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Wine Resveratrol
The famed antioxidant found in
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Studies show
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Grapefruit Even if you changed
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A compound in the tangy fruit
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