Blogging is one of the surest way to stamp your authority online as

well as to make money. To succeed with blogging, you need to learn

certain tips on how to do it very well and make sure you follow the

tips. You need to approach blogging in a smart way in order to make

something good out of it.


1. Get thoughts

Make blog entries that

answer the most fascinating questions from individuals you

draw in with on social


This can be an awesome approach to assemble thoughts of what

individuals might most want to know. Answering people's questions and

writing articles that are in line with their thought will help your

blog to be valuable.

One of the most ideal ways to get those questions bothering people is

through social medias such as facebook, twitter etc.


Know Your Audience

Try to get to know your visitors and your social media followers in

terms of what they really like and want. For instance, a blogger found

out that 70% of his visitors are men. He therefore, design his blog

theme in a way that will be more appealing to men and the result was

an explosion in blog traffic, popularity and income.

It takes a considerable measure of forthright research, and frequent

interaction with your audience to know them better but it will pay


Understanding your crowd better means you'll have a superior

thought of what content will impact them, which you should first

consider when composing blog entries.

An incredible method for doing this is to ask your visitors and

followers on Twitter, Facebook or

LinkedIn with a locks in cite. On the chance that individuals react

well to it, then this is most likely an extraordinary

subject to expound on. It is recommended to first test your

blogpost thoughts on social media first.

You can essentially tweeted one quote to see how well individuals

preferred it before you blog about it.

3. Compose for

yourself first

Compose for yourself first and preeminent. Disregard the actuality

that any other individual will read what you compose; simply center on

your contemplations, thoughts, sentiments and think of how to

articulate them.

Composing for yourself first can really help to attract people who

share the same problem or thought with you. By composing

for yourself, you will see that your post will be more meaningful and


Write because you want to write great posts for your blog and for your

future not because of the immediate impact it will generate among your

blog visitors, followers and search engines.

4. Construct your email list

Begin constructing your email list

from the very beginning. Regardless of the possibility that you try

not to anticipate selling

anything, having an email list permits you to advance your

new posts to your

visitors straightforwardly without stressing over Google search

rankings, Facebook

EdgeRank, or other online detours in


When you're asking visitors to subscribe to your email , you

might need to have a go at testing

with various sentences.

5. Love

Try to love your existing visitors and show it to them.

A great deal of bloggers get entirely fixated on finding

new visitors – to the point that they overlook the ones they already

have. If you are having 300 daily visitors on your blog, love and

cherish them than the 1000 daily visitors you don't have.

MTN Blackberry Plans

MTN Blackberry Subscription Plans

MTN Blackberry

When activating any of these MTN Blackberry Subscription Plans is not

much of a stress. It is very easy. And all that i needed in doing

this, all that is actually needed, is to simply text their

corresponding keyword to 21600, and by doing that you will start

enjoying your Data plan. Remember that MTN blackberry plans are

relatively cheap too. So subscribing to this plan, you stand the

chance to enjoy internet services at a cheaper rates. MTN Blackberry

Subscription Plans

If you want to check the expiry date of your BlackBerry® Service,

simply text "STATUS" to "21600"

BlackBerry MTN Subscription Plans and Activation Code

BlackBerry 10 Plans Subscriptions

Monthly BB10 Maxi

Inclusive Data: 1.5GB

Amount: N3000

Keyword BBMAXIM to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*15#

Weekly BB10 Maxi

Inclusive Data: 350MB

Amount: N1,100

Keyword BBMAXIW to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*14#

Daily BB10 Maxi

Inclusive Data: 50MB

Amount: N200

Keyword BBMAXID to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*13#

MTN BB10 Midi

Monthly MTN BB10 Midi

Inclusive Data: 500MB

Amount: N1,500

Keyword BBMIDIM to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*12#

Weekly MTN BB10 Midi

Inclusive Data: 250MB


Keyword BBMIDIW to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*11#

Daily MTN BB10 Midi

Inclusive Data:15MB


Keyword BBMIDID to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*10#

BB10 Lite

Monthly BB10 Lite

Inclusive Data: 260MB

Amount: N1,000

Keyword BBLITEM to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*9#

Weekly BB10 Lite

Inclusive Data: 70MB

Amount: N350

Keyword BBLITEW to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*8#

Daily BB10 Lite

Inclusive Data: 10MB

Amount: N70

Keyword BBLITED to 21600

Activation Code (SMS): *216*7#

BBM Daily Plan

Inclusive Data Bundle: 5MB

Validity: 1 day

Cost: NGN 25

Keyword BBMD to 21600

MTN BBM Weekly Plan

Inclusive Data Bundle: 25MB


Cost: NGN100

Keyword BBMW to 21600

BBM Monthly Data Plan

Inclusive data: 100MB

Validitiy: 30days

Amount: NGN350

Keyword BBMM to 21600

BBOS Plans


Amount: N1, 500

Validity: Monthly

Keyword BIS to 21600


Amount: N599

Validity: Weekly

Keyword BBWEEK to 21600


Amount: N120

Validity: Daily

Keyword BBDAY to 21600



Amount: N1000

Validity: Monthly

Keyword BBC to 21600


Amount: N499

Validity: Weekly

Keyword BBCWEEK to 21600


Amount: N100

Validity: Daily

Keyword: BBCDAY to 21600

Also you can dial *123# OR Call 180 to find out how to get on any of

the BlackBerry® plans.


Xhaka is a complete midfielder

who can play in the holding role

but also in a more advanced

position. He can sit deep and

dictate play from there or burst

forward and support attacks as a

more dynamic box-to-box player.

The 23-year-old is aggressive in

the way he plays, crashing into

tackles and showing a real desire

to win back the ball from the

opposition. As a result, this can

be his biggest weakness. Indeed,

in the 2015-16 season alone

Xhaka was sent off three times in

the Bundesliga, more than any

other player.

Xhaka admitted recently that he

needed to be calmer, with

opponents noticing his hot-

headed nature and attempting to

wind him up during matches.

Gladbach coach Andre Schubert

even had to substitute him at

half-time against Ingolstadt

because he was on the verge of

being sent off yet again.



Xhaka is technically gifted, a very

good passer and his main

strength is his ball-winning

ability. He is excellent at harrying

opposition attackers and

regaining possession and he

reads the game extremely well.

Going forward, the Switzerland

international is capable of

grabbing the odd goal although

only managed three from 25

shots in the latest Bundesliga


He is still young, but already has

plenty of experience at the

highest level. Xhaka won several

titles and awards with Basel and

has featured in the Champions

League with the Swiss outfit, as

well as with current club

Gladbach, whilst also appearing

at the 2014 World Cup, where he

scored against France.

Xhaka's style means the Premier

League seems a perfect fit for

him although he must continue

to work on cooling down his

temper. The 23-year-old is a

leader, who isn't afraid to

express his opinion publicly, and

took the captain's armband at

Gladbach towards the end of the




Looking at Arsenal's mentality,

and their penchant for free-

flowing football and quick

attacking play, Xhaka should fit in

immediately and will likely to be

deployed as a holding midfielder.

His excellent distribution will

mean he can be relied upon to

bring the ball forward rather

than just as a shield to protect

the defence and it is for that

reason that he is likely to replace

Francis Coquelin in the starting

XI. Xhaka has even joked that

he's already spoken with the

Frenchman, telling him that he

would be taking his No.34 shirt!

With Mohamed Elneny set to play

for Egypt at the Africa Cup of

Nations in January 2017, it could

be that Xhaka is relied upon

heavily by Wenger in 2016-17

and he's certainly up to the task.

Source: goal.com


One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to use Pay-Per-Click ads
networks such as BidVertiser. Their ads program will
transform your publicizing space into

The logic is to show the BidVertiser promotions
on your site and let
promoters bid against each other. The advertisers with the highest bid
will occupy the ads space on your blog.

Bidvertisers will dependably show the
most astounding bidders to boost
your income so you will make more cash!

BidVertiser now pays additional income when your clicks convert to
sales. This is difference from other PPC ads networks like Google
adsense because adsense only pay when visitors click on the ads.
Meanwhile Bidvertisers pay when people click on the ads as well as
when the click converts to sales.


You get paid for each person that clicks on a promotion, and an additional
income if the click transforms into sales.

Bidvertisers will probably empower
you to make as much as could reasonably be expected from your ads space, by
giving promoters a chance to bid on your advertisement


Bidvertisers pay month to month, either by check, wire or in a split
second through PayPal with at least just $10


Bidvertisers will continuously have ads from the most astounding
bidders showed on your site.

BidVertiser will dependably show
the most astounding bidders on your site,
guaranteeing the most extreme income
conceivable at any given time.

You should expect to have the bidding relentlessly
enhanced after some time. You will see a consistent change in your
bidding after some time, as the traffic and popularity of your blog
increase overtime.

This improvement in your site popularity, traffic and ranking will
encourage advertisers and promoters to be seriously bidding against
each other on
your promotion space.


BidVertiser gives you a basic tools to help you redo the format of the
ads to fit your site's look and feel, in
request to hold the high caliber of
your site.


Bidvertisers gives you a definite reports to
screen your ads execution.

Utilize the Publisher Center to produce definite online reports
to monitor your ads performance, including the
number of page impressions,
clicks, active visitor clicking percentage, and the aggregate sum you've earned.

How To Use Images To Attract Visitors To Your Site

People love images. Therefore, using images on blog posts is one of
the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. You should count images
as part of your posts not as an addition. Using of images is one of
the secrets why news websites and blogs drive massive traffic to their
pages. Imagine you see the image of a your beloved superstar together
with a brief information, the image will attract you and you will like
to read more. In such cases, it is the image that will first attract
you then the information.

Putting high quality and relevant images in your content will
encourage your readers to read the post till the end. It was proved
that articles with images attract about 94% more views than articles
with only plain texts.

Getting high quality and relevant images should not be a problem with
the availability of various websites online that provides quality
images for free.

For instance, with online resources like Canca, what you just need to
do is to drag and drop images making it easy for you to create a
quality and captivating images for your blog entries.

Personally, i use Google images for my posts. So you can make sure of
Google images too by simply search on Google for the kind of images
you want and it shall be given to you.

You can also make use of numerous online photo-sharing websites like
Unsplash, Pixabay, Flickr, Morguefile and others.

I try to make use of images on all my posts. However, sometimes i
post without images since i usually post through my gmail using my
nokia 7230 phones or my smart phone but no time to attach images to
the post. What i do is that, i will later find time to attach image to
all my posts with no images.

You should always strive hard to use image in your posts as it will
attract your followers on your social media networks like Facebook,
Twitter as well as make your contents rank high in Google search
engine giving you an edge over your competitor post with no images.

Images also make your site look beautiful and resourceful and this
will reduce the bouncing rate of your site. Your visitors will stay
longer on your site because is attractive and educative. Your site
will be educative because image is one of the ways to pass information
to people. For instance, if you put the image of a person running in a
post that talks about exercising, it will be easy for people to
understand and digest your information.

Bidvertiser ads : Profit from your Website/Blog

Profit from your Website/Blog

Bidvertiser ads network is one of the best alternatives to Google

Adsense. Is also a Pay-Per-Click ads network but with additional


Bidvertiser ads program is an advance mode of PPC because its combine

PPC with Affiliate Marketing. Meaning you get paid when people click

on the Bidvertiser ads display on your site and also get paid when

those clicks convert to sales.

Google Adsense ads program only pay you when visitors click on the ads

they display on your site. Meaning, with lot of organic traffic from

search engines like Google, you could make lot of money from

Bidvertiser ads.

Show the BidVertiser promotions on

your site or blog, and get paid for clicks and conversion to sales.

After you have accumulated your income, you could get

get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

If you are figuring out how to profit from your site or blog,

bidvertiser ads is one of the best choice especially if you have huge


Implant the BidVertiser Ads over

your web applications like Web Search,

In-Text, Domain Parking, Toolbar

Indexed lists or some other Logical Content.

Profit From Bidvertiser Affiliate System

Affiliate program is a process whereby you promote third party

products and get commission on sale whenever people buy from the link

you provided.

How Bidvertisers affiliate program works is that when they place their

ads on your sites and people or your visitors click on the ads, the

link will take them to the advertisers site or the product landing

page. You will then earn certain percentage of the product price as

commission whenever those that go to the advertisers sites through the

ads display on your site eventually buy the products.

All publishers are

naturally an affiliate,

which implies that you will likewise

be paid for each buyer you allude.


Is your account banned by Google Adsense? Oh! May be your site is not

approved by Google Adsense approval team? Or maybe you simply need a

combination or alternative to Google Adsense? Then try Bidvertiser

Referral Program.

The BidVertiser referral program is a way of acquiring cash online by

directing people to sign up with Bidvertiser either as an advertiser

or as a publisher.

Place a Bidvertiser Referral button or write a good and quality

content where you will encourage people to join Bidvertiser through

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or page.

You will begin to acquire cash when a visitor clicks on your referral

links, visit Bidvertiser and sign up as either a publisher or an


At the point when a client signs as an sponsor/advertiser and first earn $10,

Bidvertiser will pay $5 to your account.

At the point when that same advertiser earn $50, you will be

credited with an extra $20.

At the point when a client signs as a publisher and first gains $10,


will balance $10 to your account.

At the point when that same publisher

acquires $50, you will be credited with an extra $40.

Your income will show in your Referral control board, together with

clicks, sign-ups and conversions.

Bidvertiser pay monthly, either with check or through PayPal with at

least just $10 balance in your account.


1. Click the Referral Button


Pick whether you wish to join as an advertiser or publishers

(alternately both)


Pick your favored referral button or text size


Add the Referral code to your site


Track your income

How to Transfer Money From GTBank to GTBank And to Other Bank Account

I wanted to withdraw money with my ATM but i could'nt because its has

been damaged. The next step or option is to transfer money from my

GTBank to another account then i'll withdraw the money from that other


I search on Google on how to transfer money from one Guaranty Trust

Bank account to another, and i found the following on


"Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is out

with a new one again and this

time the leading bank has

ransfer which seems the fastest

and smartest way to transfer

money from one bank to

another in Nigeria.

Guaranty Trust Bank was among

the first Nigeria Banks that

introduced Interbank Transfer ,

then few years later they launch

another breathtaking one that is

called Token . Having a token

connected to your GTBank

account is like having a visa to

travel the whole world because

this GTB token allows you send

instant money online, buy things

online and many other

transaction you can execute

with it.

The new one in town now that

GTB has just introduce not long

ago is using USSD code to

tranfer money from one bank

account to another without

internet connection and without

internet banking directly from

their mobile phone,irrespective

of the phone type. OMG ! this is

the best feature i have ever seen

any bank perform , looking back

to what other banks have done

so far i think this is the best i

have ever seen i my entire life .

The normal quick teller

Interbank transfer is like old

fashion news but this GTB

money transfer using *737*

short code is the bomb .

This money transfer can be

done from gtbank to gtbank

account and other bank

accounts by simply using *737*

simple code . This new feature

was introduced to make

banking faster, smarter and


rter and stressfree.

How to Transfer Money From

GTBank to GTBank

Simply dial


Account No#

For example


from the mobile number

you normally recieve alert

with . That is the registered


You must have an ATM card

to complete the transaction

Then , enter last four digits

of your GTBank Naira

MasterCard to authenticate

the transaction.

You will recieve a

notification SMS comfirming

the transaction . How to

Transfer Money From

GTBank to Other Bank


There is only a slight difference

Simply dial


Account No# from from the

mobile number you normally

recieve alert with . That is

the registered number

You must have an ATM card

to complete the transaction

Select beneficiary bank

Provide the last four digits

of your GTBank Naira


You will recieve a

notification SMS comfirming

the transaction ."

8 How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

YouTube is for everybody, from individuals to business owners. For
individuals it is a video sharing device for sharing fun and
entertaining moments of their life with fans, friends and family.
While the platform is used by business owners to communicate to the
public, advertise and demonstrate their products or services to

YouTube has gained popularity because of the ease of shooting, editing
and posting videos from computers and smart phones.

1. YouTube Videos by individuals

Creative individuals can shoot video of anything that does not violate
the principles guiding public policy and well-being. For instance, a
man shot a video of himself raising football for many minutes without
the ball hitting the ground, exhibiting different skills during the
process. The video went viral on YouTube.
My friend and I were in one compound doing something. He then imagined
that a very wicked bull dog they have on that house suddenly escaped
from his cage and started pursuing him. I said I will take out my
phone and take the video clip of him and the dog running around and
then upload it on Facebook. Those are interesting video about your
life that people will like to watch.

2. Business YouTube videos

Should always be business related. You can shoot video about how
people can use your product or enjoy your service. You can use YouTube
videos to explain or simplify the technicality of your technological
product. You can take video of your satisfied customers giving
testimony about how great or helpful your products or services are.
Let your video be interesting enough. Pay attention to your
introductory part because it will go a long way in determining whether
your viewers will continue watching the video or not. Don't let it
look like ' it's not interesting in the beginning but the end is
superb or it's interesting in the beginning but I don't like the way
it ends.'
Let your video be interesting from the start to the end.

3. Create playlist

To Make your contents more user-friendly, you need to organize your
video into different playlists. With this, viewers will see your
videos as a unified and organized videos rather than a dis-jointed and
unrelated ones. Your viewers will have a good experience watching your
videos because they clearly understand the purpose of each and every

4. Share other people's video

If you watch a YouTube video that caught your interest, you can share
it with others on your social media pages and with people visiting
your blog or website. With this you are popularizing your self and the
original owner of the video. This is what social networking is meant
to be after-all. Such people can even pay you back by sharing your
In reciprocal. With this you always have something interesting for
your audience, helping you to keep hold of them and attract new ones.


5. Always remember to Tag and Categorize your videos

Tagging and categorizing your videos make your videos look tidy, bring
in the targeted audience and is search engines friendly. Business can
categorize their YouTube videos under titles such as our business,
staff, success stories, testimony, awards, charity, social
responsibility, legal, business policy, management etc.

6. Promote your YouTube videos

After you have created your YouTube video or videos, the next thing is
to promote it anywhere you like. You can embed your YouTube videos on
your website or blog. Facebook profile and fan page are also good
places to embed your YouTube videos.
This will give your videos the needed exposure as visitors to your
website or blog and your social media fans, friends or followers will
like to check out your channel.
You can also use online paid advertisement to promote your videos. You
can use Google Adwords or Facebook ad to promote your video viral on
the internet.
Another way to promote your YouTube videos is to put your Your YouTube
channel or link on your business card and other promotional materials
like flyers, stickers etc.
It is even a common thing nowadays to see people promoting their
YouTube videos and channel on national TV, radio and newspapers.
No doubt about it, the more promotion you give your videos, the more
traffic you can drive, the stronger your brand name and the more
successful your YouTube campaign could be.

7. Monetizing your YouTube videos

Business and individuals can monetize their YouTube videos at least to
cover expenses incurred in shooting, editing, uploading and promoting
the videos. For some people monetizing YouTube videos is a great way
to earn a living online. You can sell spaces on your YouTube page
directly to advertisers or indirectly through Program like Google

8. Monitor your video success

YouTube has an analytical tool that help you to know which of your
videos are attracting the highest views, the geographical location of
your audience, the links which generate the most views etc. This will
help you to concentrate on your strength and improve on your weakness.


Using YouTube can reveal the creative genius in individuals. While,
business can use it to compete favorably in today's business environ.
Both individuals and business can monetize their YouTube videos to
cover their expenses as well as to earn legitimate income online.

Your comment will be highly welcomed.

23 Sports Magazines Paying Writers up to $750 Per Article

Sports magazines are fun to write for. They're generally
activity-based and prospective writers know exactly who their target
market is. The articles are usually clear-cut and editorial
timetables, often predictable. There's also a wide range of topics
which can be covered around the different sporting activities.

If you play sports as an amateur or a professional, or you're just a
writer who writes about sport, you'll be excited about this definitive
list of paying sports magazines we've trawled the Internet to collect
for you.

1.Golf Tips Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Tips Magazine is dedicated to golf equipment, know-how and tips
on golfing. They are looking for articles about equipment maintenance
and use, golf clubs and much more. They prefer you to pitch them

Pitching is done by email, and prospective writers should expect to
send a detailed proposal before starting any work.

2. Adventure Cyclist

Pay: up to 60 cents per word

Adventure Cyclist invites writers to submit articles about travel
cycling. They prefer you to pitch them your ideas first before
proceeding with your article. They pay 30 to 60 cents per word. This
rate is negotiable.

This publication has specific editorial guidelines, so do check their
site keenly before writing. They also encourage freelancers to send in
photos with their work.

3. American Snowmobiler

Pay: Unspecified

American Snowmobiler is a publication of Kalmbach Publishing and it's
dedicated widely to snowmobiles and snowmobiling in America. They want
articles on the following: travel stories, sled modification stories,
how-to stories and personality stories.

They encourage freelancers to pitch them via email. Photos are also accepted.

4. Blackbelt Magazine

Pay: $300

Blackbelt Magazine is a publication of Cruz Bay Inc. They focus on
publishing material on techniques, training methods, history,
philosophy, and health and fitness teaching in martial arts. They are
looking for articles of the following types: strategical or technical
skills and historical or philosophical matters in martial arts. They
expect each article to be no more than 3,000 words long.

Blackbelt Magazine prefers writers to pitch stories or ideas via
email. Features with photos are paid at a higher rate.

5. Dirt Rag

Pay: 10 cents per word

Dirt Rag is a publication dedicated to off-road cycling. They are in
need of articles in the following categories: Product reviews, New
Gear, Racing, Interviews/Features. They expect each article to be no
more than 3,500 words long.

Dirt Rag is staffed mainly by freelancers, so do check their site to
see if you qualify to write for them.

6. Golf Course Management

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Course Management wants articles that address problems faced by
golf course superintendents. These pieces should also share techniques
to help them do their job more effectively. They prefer you to pitch
them first – via email.

This publication pays upon acceptance of your article. Their
submission guidelines are quite specific, so read these carefully
before writing anything.

7. Gripped

Pay: $250

Gripped is widely-read and stylish climbing publication. They are in
need of content for the following columns: Features, Northern Faces,
Area Profiles and Reviews. They expect each article to be no more than
2,500 words long.

Pitches and queries are to be made via email, but do check their
editorial timetable, as they may be open for freelancers only during
parts of the year.

8. Powder Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Powder Magazine is a publication dedicated to skiers. They cover an
extensive array of skiing topics like back country, ski
mountaineering, park and pipe skiing, ski bumming, heli skiing,
racing, expeditions, personalities and trends, to environmental

Articles should not exceed the 2,000 words limit. They encourage
prospective writers to be familiar with the magazine before attempting
to write for them.

9. Referee

Pay: 4 cents per word (or more)

Referee isread by sportsmen worldwide, and provides educational and
training materials vital to sports officials. They are in need of
content for the following categories: Features, Sports-Specific
articles and Columns. Each article is not expected to exceed the 3,500
words length.

Pitches, ideas and articles should be made via email. However, Referee
has an editorial schedule, so writers should make themselves aware of
details before sending a proposal.

10. Shotgun Sports

Pay: up to $200

Shotgun Sports magazine is a publication that focuses on shotgunning.
Writers are required to have a first-hand knowledge of hunting and
trapshooting before submitting or pitching the magazine. They are in
need of content within the following areas: Test Reports, Think
Pieces, Round-ups, Historical pieces and Interviews.

They expect prospective freelancers to pitch ideas or queries via
email. They've published a detailed submissions guidelines' page, so
do read this before attempting to write for them.

11. Snowshoe Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Snowshoe Magazine is a long-running publication on snowshoeing. They
also publish technical tips for snowshoers. Their call for submission
is for content within the following categories: health and fitness,
destinations, competitive racing, advocacy (protection of the
environment and open space), equipment (other than snowshoes) and any
personal experience story. Articles are not expected to exceed the
2,000 words limit.

Emailed pitches are preferred, but new writers should expect to send a
short bio and a few links to previously published work.

12. Sporting Classics Magazine

Pay: $700

Sporting Classics is an American publication dedicated to hunting and
fishing. They are in need of a wide range of content covering the
following topics: travel stories, hunting and fishing destinations and
many more.

Sporting Classics Magazine expects you to pitch your story or ideas via email.

13. Sports Afield

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Afield is an outdoor magazine, publishing high-end pursuits,
especially in North-America and Africa big-game hunting. They are in
need of content for the following topics: big-hunting destinations,
hunting adventure stories, rifle and caliber stories for hunting. They
expect each article to be no more than 2,500 words.

Emailed queries are encouraged. Freelancers can also submit photos to
this publication.

14. Sports Collectors Digest

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Collectors Digest covers a wide array of material relating to
modern sports collecting. They are in need of content within the
following categories: Profiles, Feature Stories and Event Coverage.

Prospective writers can send their unsolicited manuscripts or pitch
the editor. However, this publication encourages freelancers to send
links to their previously published work when querying.

15. Sports Spectrum

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Spectrum is a sports publication with a Christian twist. They
publish copies that help lead people to faith in Jesus Christ, and to
encourage Christians to grow in their walk – while focusing on
Christian athletes. They require writers to be Christ-centered, or
Christians and experienced sports writers.

They invite freelancers to pitch the editor with ideas. But would like
them to be familiar with the magazine before attempting to write for

16. Triathlete

Pay: Unspecified

Triathlete Magazine is a classic, long-running publication, dedicated
to the sports of Triathlon. They are focused on multi-sport training
tips and programs, nutrition articles, gear and apparel guides,
athlete profiles and triathlon-related travel stories. They like
articles to be within the 1,200 words limit.

Pitches are made by email.

17. Sports Fishing Magazine

Pay: $750

Sports Fishing Magazine is read by, and marketed to the serious
saltwater fishermen in North America and beyond. They are looking for
content within the Features and Departments categories.

This publication expects you to pitch your ideas via email. However,
they have detailed submissions guidelines on their website, which all
prospective writers should study before attempting to produce work for

18. Backcountry Magazine

Pay: 35 cents per word

Backcountry Magazine focuses on background skiers, courses and general
news on back country skiing. They are looking for content in the
following categories: Features, Destinations, Profiles, Mountain Skill
pieces and Personal Essays.

This publication accepts submissions with specific guidelines, so do
read their page before sending your proposal.

19. Chronicles Of Horses

Pay: $250

Chronicles of Horses is a very long-running and widely
read-publication, dedicated to a wide array of horse-related topics
including, dressage, hunters and jumpers, foxhunting, steeplechase,
racing and much more. They invite freelancers to submit articles
within the 2,500 word limit.

Please pitch your idea via email before writing.

20. Canadian Running

Pay: Unspecified

Canadian Running Magazine focuses on topics related to running in
Canada. They prefer content from athletes, coaches, sports doctors,
dietitians and most importantly, Canadians. They expect each article
to not exceed the 2,500 word limit.

Emailed pitches are welcome. This publication has a specific editorial
style, so do read their website before submitting any work.

21. Cruising World

Pay: $300

Cruising World Magazine is a publication whose target audience is
interested in cruising and speed boating. They encourage freelancers
to submit articles within the 2,000 word limit. They expect you to
pitch your ideas via email.

There are specific editorial guidelines on their website, so please
read it for complete details.

22. SAILING Magazine

Pay: $500

Sailing Magazine covers every detail of sailing, from learning how to
sail, to riding cruisers across the pacific. They are looking for
content in the following categories: sailing destinations, sailing
navigation, boats, maintenance and upgrades. They like articles which
do not exceed the 3,000 word limit.

They expect pitches to be emailed, and welcome unsolicited copies.


Pay: $100

USHPA is a publication of the United States Hang Gliding and
Paragliding Association, Inc. This magazine is dedicated to Hang
Gliding and Paragliding. They expect each article not to exceed the
3,000 words limit.

USPHA encourages prospective writers to email them with their proposal.
Source: writersincharge.com


10 Tips To Make Money From LinkedIn

1. Make a LinkedIn group.

In order to make money from LinkedIn, it is important to create a group
around a fascinating and pertinent niche or topic. You can
email new individuals
utilizing a custom welcome
format when they join . Try to initiate people in your group to join
your email by offering free stuffs for them if they join. You could
also be sending them emails about things happening in the group once
every week.

2. In the event that you can't move over individuals
from your LinkedIn group to your mailing list, just
keep in mind to duplicate the most
vital email you send to your subscribers every week (if
material) and glue it into
a week by week group letter

3. Include your free giveaway (e-
book, report, white paper, and so on.) to the promotions
segment of your LinkedIn profile. Individuals will be capable
to navigate specifically to
your landing page. You'll see it in the
right sidebar under
"Suggested for you"
when you go to your
LinkedIn profile and click
the Edit symbol.

4. Try not to be enticed to include
your LinkedIn contacts to
you're mailing list. LinkedIn
does not offer the alternative to
send out your contacts'
data through email.
5. Offer Info Products

On the chance that you are advertising your own info products, LinkedIn
can be an awesome spot to do it. Learning how to sell stuffs on
LinkedIN could help you to get individuals into your deals
channel and onto your business page.

6. Make a free bit of
content. Free video
recordings, white papers, reports, and ebooks are an
simple approach to get potential
clients into your deals
pipe. Offer a connection to your
landing page with your
LinkedIn associations and groups.

7. Initiate individuals to a free online course.

Providing free online courses is a promising and one of the best ways
to get people attention online especially into your mailing list.
During that course you will be able to offer them your info products
and they will feel less reluctant to buy from you.

8. Offer LinkedIn rebates.

Individuals cherish the thought of
discount. Make a unique discount offer
for your new item also, impart it to your LinkedIn networks and

9. Include your new item under the activities i.e projects and
promotion segment
of your LinkedIn profile. This
area of your LinkedIn
profile are the main ones
that offer the capacity to straightforwardly connect to your site.

10. Exploit the
promotion area of
the group profile page since all members of the group are potential
buyers of your product. It is recommended but not compulsory that you
promote product that relate to linkedin. Like 'how to grow your
LinkedIn networks to thousand' and stuff like that.



Sometimes you may not be able to receive calls. When you try to call out, you will also discovered that you cannot call out.

IF you are in such confusing situation, the next thing to do is to find out what is happening.

In order to know if your incoming and outgoing calls have been banned, simply press #33# and send


6 ways to turn your traffic into google adsense earnings

6 ways to turn your traffic into google adsense earnings

To make money from Google AdSense, it is important to be able to turn your traffic into clicks. There are some principles you need to put in place in order to do that and that is what this article is based on.

In the event that you've been running AdSense promotions on your site for a long time and you feel that you aren't making as much money as you could, this article will help you to know how you could correct this and start making that income from AdSense. The vast majority feel baffled that they can't create the incomes they expected from Google AdSense, and this is down to low traffic levels and click through rates.

There are numerous approaches to transform traffic into AdSense earnings and here is a short rundown of them.

1. The principal thing that you have to do is tune up your site's posts. While for a few individuals this is easy and for some this will be hard because there is no time and they lack the necessary skills to make qualitative and quantitative posts.

To start, you ought to figure out what your site's magic or keywords are. This is a fundamental strategy in SEO. A decent instrument to know your site keywords is SEO Density Analizer.

You ought to then take this rundown of words and hunt the Overture Search Inventory or Google AdWords Sandbox to figure out what different words could focus more on your pages or posts in order to take the advantage of search engines regarding that keywords.
Starting there on attempt to keep your site concentrated on the things that show up generally in the keywords proposals you get. Attempt to incorporate those decisive words, or if nothing else some related keywords as frequently as you can in the articles on your site.

In light of the way Google AdSense transact business, this is a certain approach to expand your income in light of the fact that you'll show signs of improvement in the advertisements that shows in your AdSense banners.

2. Another way you can turn your traffic into Google AdSense earning is to constantly add new pages to your site. This is essential, as the more pages you have, the higher the chance that you'll get more pageviews and impressions on your advertisements.

3. Another way you can improve your AdSense earnings is to pick the suitable adverts for your AdSense and the best areas for them. You ought to for the most part realize that among the best Google AdSense banner size were the 336×280 huge rectangle 300×250 medium rectangle and 160×600 banner.

Verify you pick the suitable or related advert to the contents of your site as making them excessively not quite the same as your site's posts is certain to make visitors view them as mere banner and feel reluctant to click it or view it as if it have nothing to do with the site itself.

4. Verify these banners are situated where they'll create the most elevated measure of benefit. Most times, that area is said to be just before the start of your site's post.

Pages with a long content body, is good for AdSense because visitors will stay long on the page. It is also advisable to put the adverts on below the contents in light of the fact that visitors would have finished reading the post and looking for something else on your site.

5. You ought to utilize more AdSense units on your page if you have a great deal of content on your page. Simply make a point not to put many banners on your page as this may scare away visitors from clicking the adverts. Do not make the mistake of saying because you are making lower CTR and lower incomes then having more banners is the answer. Maximum of three units or banners is recommended by AdSense, so utilize them shrewdly.

6. Another way to improve your AdSense earnings is to use Google AdSense Preview Tool that will give you a chance to picture what adverts would get served on your page and it can come in extremely convenient as a testing system.

There are other ways or things you can do on your site to make money from your traffic through Google AdSense. Which others ways do you know or that you have employed to make more money from your site from AdSense or take more advantage of your traffic.

How To Stop Flasher

Flashing somtimes can be irritating and frustrating. Sometimes, you
have someone flashing you more than 20 times repeatedly.

To stop flasher,
Press **002*0000# and send or **002*the flasher no# and send. E.g
**002*0000# to stop general flashing or *002*0705494# to stop a
particular flasher, and send.

However, it us advisable not to leave it permanently.

To cancel it, press ##002@ and send.



Infolinks is one of the most ideal ways to monetize your blog and earn
money online since it permits you to serve In-content/text
advertisements on your site and will get paid for each legitimate

Infolinks naturally get
the best-paying keywords from
your posts and articles and underline them.

Every time, a guest drifts over
one of these highlighted words,
it demonstrates a promotion
identified with that keywords.

At whatever point a reader taps on
these promotions, you will get paid.

After signing up, you can without much of a stress tweak your
Infolinks advertisements to
show signs of improvement that will enhance readers experience and
along these lines expand your income.

You can customize it in such a way that it will attract and be easy
for visitors to click the links and ads because more
clicks lead to more income.

The following basic tips will help you to
improve your Infolinks advertisements and
boost your incomes.


1. Build Up Your Content

Having like 1000 quality posts will bring more traffic to your site
than with 50 posts. This will also have a positive result on your
income with infolinks ads.

2. Match The Color/Link Shading

Pick a link coloring or shading that matches
to your site shading. The shade of
the In-text links of infolinks ought to emerge from the content shade
of your pages.
From the ads setting you could preview and improve how Infolinks In-text
ads will be showing on your site.

Pick your links shading admirably. Let it suits your site's hyperlink
shading to
get more clicks.

3. Use Single Underline

You can set the highlighted lines
on your pages to single or twofold underlined.

Infolinks serves better-paying
promotions with twofold underlined

So individuals tend to utilize twofold
underline, which gives an unmistakable
message to your site visitors.

So it is ideal to make the underline single, so individuals think this
as an ordinary link and this will build your CTR.

4. Pick the Best Content Classification/Category

You can pick any of the content classifications from the given
rundown. Pick the right
classification for your site for better-focused and relevant ads.

You can without much of a stress change your current classification from 'My
Sites' menu. Select a legitimate
classification for your site and
see the outcome.

5. Make Use of Infolinks On/off
Content – Infolinks Ads Placement

The position labels permit the you to control where to
show the Infolinks promotions.

Expel the promotions from your header and sidebar utilizing the
Infolinks On/off Text. So you will get more advertisements in your contents and
this will expand your CTR.

6. Moderate Links Per Page

Infolinks prescribe keeping the links per page to its maximum(12).
They claimed that that will help you to get optimum attention and
clicks from your visitors. However, this is only good for sites with
lengthy articles. I advice you keep the ratio of your in-text links to
number of post words to 1:100. That is 1 link per every 100 words.
Don't bother your visitors with an excessive number of advertisements.

7. Related Tags for Better CTR

Related labels permit you to expand your clicks and income
by including important educational
labels inside your site's content.

The Infolinks calculation will
pick the best keywords for the page and show them as labels inside the
Related Tags cloud.

8. InFrame to Display Banner Promotions
Infolinks InFrame will show alluring
standard promotions in the edges of
your site's pages.

These advertisements depend on your category. So for better CTR pick
the right class/category.

9. Include more Websites

You can include more sites and online blogs to the same Infolinks
account. So you can oversee each record utilizing one

Definitely, you will make money from 5 highly traffic sites with
infolinks ads than with one.


How To Borrow Airtime From Etisalat

How To Borrow Airtime From

You must be among
subscribers who recharge at
least N900 monthly only before you can borrow airtime from Etisalat network.

However, if you qualified to borrow airtime and you want to do so,
Simply Dial *665*amount#. For
example if you want to borrow
N400 airtime from Etisalat you need to dial *665*400#.
The service will minus a 10% charge from your
next recharge. For instance, if you
borrow N400 airtime, your balance will be loaded with N360 when next
you load N400.


8 Top CPM Ads Networks To Monetize Your Site

Are you looking for another ways to monetize your site other than
adsense? One of the best ways to monetize your site and make money
online is through CPM ads networks. However, it is important to know
that the only way you could make money from CPM ads is by having
thousands of visitors and pageviews per day.

Below is a list of some of the best CPM ad network which you could use
to monetize your site.

8 Top CPM Ads Networks To Monetize Your Site

1. Exponential (Former Tribal
Publisher Reguirement
500,000 unique users per month
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Monthly,Net 45
Payment methods
PayPal, Checks

Revenue sharing 55%

2. AdsOptimal
AdsOptimal is one of the leading and most famous CPM
publisher network online. One of the advantages of Adsoptional is that they
accept new sites.
They provide CPM, CPC, and
conversion based ads.
They also partnered with the top
network like Google AdSense,
Criteo, DoubleClick, etc.

It may takes 1-5
business days for their approval process to be completed. Once approved,
you will get an activation bonus
between $5 to $15.

3. Epom
Publisher requirement
Accept all kinds
of traffic.

Conversant(former ValueClick
3000 page views per month
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Payment methods
PayPal, check, and direct deposit.

4. Amazon CPM ads
This is different from the Amazon affiliate program.
Amazon CPM ads pay publishers per pageviews measured per 1000. They
are part of the
Amazon partnership program,
but the down side of Amazon CPM is that right now it's available for
selected associates only.

However, you can log in and
check whether you have the CPM
option in your dashboard, if you already have an amazon
associate account.

5. Sovrn (Former Lijit)
Publisher Requirement
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Payment methods
Type of ads
advertising based on website

6. PulsePoint
Publisher Requirement
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Monthly, net 45
Payment methods
Note: Contextweb and Datran Media
are now PulsePoint.

7. Advertising.com
Publisher Requirement
Huge traffic
Minimum amount for payment
Payment Frequency
Payment methods
Advertising.com is a division of
AOL networks.

8. AdPepper
Publisher Requirement
50,000 unique visitors per
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Payment methods
PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
AdPepper media provide CPM, CPC
and CPA campaigns.


5 Steps To Use Google Keyword Planner

Everybody that desire to make money online should make use of keyword
planner which is a free and effective tool provided by Google. The
reason why every online marketers and publishers should embrace the
'keyword planner' is that it will enable them to know the right
keyword to target saving you time and energy in providing useful
contents which is the basic of any online money making strategy you
might apply in your online marketing campaign.

People usually use certain words when they are searching for
information about something they are interested in. They use the words
that they know fully describe what they are looking for. For instance,
a person looking for information on diabetes will definitely like to
type words like diabetes cure, diabetes management, symptoms of
diabetes, food for diabetes etc into the search engines, mostly Google
search engines.

Since many people use those words to search for information on
diabetes, those words are then referred to as 'keywords'.

Therefore, if you are a marketer or publisher that want to reach
people searching for diabetes information, it is advisable that you
make use of keywords planner which will increase your knowledge of the
various keywords that people use to search for information on diabetes
together with their monthly search volumes. This knowledge will help
you as a marketer to properly plan your marketing strategies. It will
also help publishers or bloggers to know or plan it contents based on
keywords that people use. This will allow both marketers and bloggers
to rank high in Google search engines and drive massive organic
traffic to their pages.

Using keyword planner will help marketers to develop an effective and
efficient marketing campaigns. They could also create a successful
website or blog based on the suggestion of keywords by keyword

As a marketer or publisher, you can decide to target keywords with
huge volume of monthly searches and face the competition in the sense
that keywords with high number of monthly searches are usually use by
bloggers and marketers.

You could also decide to focus on keywords with low volume of searches
per month as this usually have low competition.

Keyword planner will make your presence online meaningful and targetable.

5 Steps To Use Google Keyword Planner

1. Sign up for Google adword account at www.google.com/adwords.

2. Click on the "Tools" tab at the top, this will show a drop down
menu with items together with the keyword planner tool

3. Click on the keyword planner

4. Type in whatever keyword ideas and information you are looking for
in the boxes of the keyword planner

5. Learn as much as you can about Google keyword planner in order to
make the best out of it.




If you are tired of receiving text messages or you simply don't want
to receive them due to one reason or the other, just dial
*351*0000*16# and send, to cancel #351*0000*16# and send.

The second option is to dial *35*0000# and send, to cancel #35*0000# and send.
It is important to know that the second option may affect your incoming calls.

Get free 500mb New Offer From MTN

 Get free 500mb New Offer From MTN This is not a Cheat is an Offer It does not cost much to download this app just 5mb. After downloadi...