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Buhari approved $30 million for the Multinational Joint Task Force

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari
while leading the African Union (AU),
Peace and Security Council (PSC) meeting at the on-going AU
summit in Johannesburg, South
Africa has requested the check out of $21
million out of the $100 million that Nigeria swore to the
Multi National Joint Task Force (MNTJF) in the battle against

The president said the request ought to be done this week.

"The member countries of Lake
Chad Basin Commission and
Benin, met recently and far
reaching decisions were taken to
immediately put into operations
the Multinational Joint Task
Force," said Buhari.
"To this end, the summit
approved the immediate
provision of $30 million for the
Multinational Joint Task Force.

"Consequently out of the pledge
of $100 million which Nigeria
made to the Multinational Joint
Task Force, I have directed that $
21 million be released within the
next one week."

Buhari was happy to see the neighbouring nations Cameroon, Chad and
Niger supporting in the…

River State ordered non-consumption of 'ogogoro' till further notice

The government of River State of Nigeria
evaluated that the
loss of life from devoured harmful locally made gin, generally known
as ogogoro, has ascended to
66 from 38.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr Somiari
Harry uncovered this to writers soon after a meeting with merchants of
ogogoro, and said endeavors were on to guarantee stoppage of
utilization of the gin till further notice.

A noteworthy merchant of the neighborhood gin in Nembe/Creek street
territory in Port
Harcourt, who was at the meeting, said it was grievous
that dealths were being followed to
utilization of the gin.

He said his family had been in the business since 1971, and that
no one had passed on from devouring their item.

He demanded that the demise so far recorded in the state originated from
a neighboring state.

He said they generally purchased what
they sold from neighboring Bayelsa State, focusing on that their own
was without toxin.

He said since news of the losses softened out up the state,

How long it will take before i start making money from my blog or sport blog

How long will it take you to start making money from your blog or sport blog

This is one of the most asked question online by newbies in the blogging sphere. Most of the newbies established their blog to make instant money. They want instant result. They want to make money in the first week of starting their blog. They have forgotten that like any other business, you need to pay your dues.

Theses dues involve so many things.

1. Content. You need to put a lot of information on your blog either as pieces of articles or post from 200, 300 words or as few articles or post with long length of words like 3000 upward.

2. Search engine. Though, my advice is that one should not wait for search engine as a source of traffic. Doing that is like putting your life in someone else hands. However, you need the help of search engines in the long run. One of the ways to get this is by writing original content like the one you are reading on a consistent level. You also need to submit your site to variou…

Letgofootball News: Transfer news:Angel Di Maria will stay at Old Traf...

Letgofootball News: Transfer news:Angel Di Maria will stay at Old Traf...: Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria has demanded he will stay at Old Trafford next season in the midst of reports he could be sold...

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