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57 ways to boost your blog traffic

57 Ways to Boost Your Blog


Written by Jeff Bullas - 135


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Using effective tactics that boost

your blog traffic is the first step

in achieving a variety of goals.

Those objectives could include,

selling products and services,

building brand awareness,

position yourself as a thought

leader or to connect and

network. Whatever the goals are,

traffic provides the visibility to

engage and sell.

Website visitors is where it all

starts. No traffic…nothing


In the past bloggers only had

one big tactic.

Building an email list.

This is still important despite the

allure of social media with all its

hype and bluster, real and

imagined. Social media since

arriving on the scene has offered

bloggers two core and very

important capabilities that were

not part of the web landscape

until social media turned up.

1. Multiple platforms and

networks to re-publish and

share their content on. You

can now discover a blogger

and their content because it

is published…

How to Include an RSS Feed in Blogs at /

How to Include an RSS Feed in

Blogs at / makes it very

easy to include RSS feeds in your

blog. Basically there are two

areas on blogs where you can

add an RSS box:

1) in the sidebar on the right

side (containing the Blog Archive,

About me and Followers...)


2) in blog posts.

We would like to explain both in

the following sections.

1) RSSbox in the Sidebar of the


This area of your blog is visible

permanently. You can add a blog

archive, your personal bio and

much more to this area. Of

course you can put an RSSbox

from here. This is


a) Log in to your account at On top of the page

there is a main menu. Click the

"Layout" link, this will lead you to

a graphical overview of your


b) Click the "Add a Gadget" link. A

new window will be opened

displaying different gadgets from

which you can choose. Select

"HTML/JavaScript" to add third-

party code like ours.

c) A form will appear which

contains two form fields: titl…

25 great blogger widgets

Many people think that Blogger

lacks in all of the extra goodies

you can add to other platforms

like WordPress, but it simply isn't

true. By using widgets you can

customize your blog as much as

you like by just adding little

snippets of code to the sidebars.

Allow users to talk to you via IM,

see what your most popular

posts are, or even read news

from sites such as Mashable. With

these 25 widgets, you can create

an even more powerful way of

communicating with your

visitors, just make sure you don't

overload them with too many!

What are some of your favorite

widgets for use on Blogger?

Communications Widgets

Google Talk - Give visitors the

ability to talk to you via Google

Talk directly from your blog


Jaxtr - Create a widget that

allows people to call you on the

phone without revealing the

phone number to them.

Meebo Me - Meebo Me will allow

you to create a chat box that you

can install on your Blogger page,

giving you the chance to

converse with visitors to your


Skype - The official Skype widge…

How To Automatically Link Blog Post to Specific Keyword in Blogger

How To Automatically Link Blog

Post to Specific Keyword in


Creating automatic anchor links

to other web pages on

Wordpress hosted blog is quite

simple and easy with the use of

plugins using relevant keywords.

On blogger blog, we manually

create internal links to our

previous webpages using

relevant keywords or key-

phrases. But if you prefer to

automatically create internal links

to relevant webpages using a

particular keyword, there is a

script to help you do that.

Here, i will show you how to

implement this script on your

blogger blog so you don't need

to be creating internal links

manually again. This tricks will

help those who blog with their

mobile phones and don't have

the opportunity to create anchor

links to other relevant post

using their mobile phones.

Creating internal links in your

blog post also helps to increase

your website organic traffic

because it makes Google bots

crawl and index your webpages

faster and easily which help in

ranking. It also help your visitors

to navigate to other we…

How To Add Automatically Link To This Post Widget To Blogger

How To Add Automatically Link

To This Post Widget To Blogger

Do you like to add "Link To This

Post Widget" under your blog

post?This will help you to

increase your site's backlinks

for better SEO.So if you interested

to add this useful widget to your

blogspot blog follow the simple

steps below.

1.Log in to your dashboard-->

layout- -> Edit HTML

2.Click on "Expand Widget


3.Scroll down to where you see



4.Copy below code and paste it

immediately after the line


Note:You can change

colors,font,... if you like.

<div style='border: 0px solid #

646464; padding: 2px 2px;

margin:2px 2px;background-


<p> If you like this please Link

Back to this article...</p>

<textarea cols='60'







11 Websites to Solve Your Content Marketing Problem

11 Websites to Solve Your

Content Marketing Problem

"A blog post should reach all the

people it is aimed to help while

writing. All of them." – My

principle. But let's see the other

side of the coin first.

You worked your ass off to

create a blog post that you are

proud of.

You published it.

27 of your regular friends and

fellow bloggers shared it on their

social platform and you got 200

page views the opening day.

The next day you got 156 and 87

page views the third day.

Your awesome blog post died a

natural death. Period.

It might appear natural, but I say

it was a murder by you. You

murdered your blog post.

If I were you I would not have let

the post die. A post I work "my

ass off" on should reach at least

its potential audience. If you also

agree to my principle you would

find this post on maximizing

your content reach useful.

I will show you 11 ultimate

places to share your blog posts

after you hit publish.

Let's continue.

#1 Twitter

With over 284 million active

monthly users twitter pr…

How often should i posts on my blog

By Susan Gunelius, Blogging


Once you decide to start a blog,

you'll need to determine what

your goals are for your blog. If

you want to grow your blog and

attract new readers (and keep

them once they visit), you'll need

to put some thought into your

blog posting frequency.


Blog Content is Key


In the blogging world, a

commonly used phrase is, "it's all

about the content." In short, that

means that the most important

part of your blog is the content

you publish through your blog

posts. What makes your content

most compelling is a

combination of your topic, your

opinion, your writing style or

voice, and your blog's freshness.

Your blog posting frequency is

directly tied to the freshness of

your blog.

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The Theory Behind Blog Posting



Put it this way, would you buy a

newspaper everyday if the

articles in that paper never

changed? Probably not. However,

if the articles are different each

day, you're far more likely to buy

a new newspaper everyday. The