Facebook Purchased E-comerce Shopping Search Engine Named TheFind

Facebook buys e-commerce shopping search engine, TheFind

Facebook added more to its social media power with the acquisition of shopping search engine TheFind.com

“For the last nine years we’ve worked hard to bring you a shopping experience that’s easy, efficient and fun — searching all the stores on the web to find just the right products you’re looking to buy,” TheFind said in a message at its website.

“We are now starting our next chapter by combining forces with Facebook to do even more for consumers.”

According to reports, members of TheFind team are joining Facebook, where they plan to put their technology to work making ads at the leading social network “more relevant. "

“Together, we believe we can make the Facebook ads experience even more relevant and better for consumers,” the social network said in a statement.

TheFind — “Everything you need when shopping to quickly decide what to buy and where to buy it” — will shutter the Silicon Valley base it has operated from since launching in 2006 and move team members

Boost Your Self Confidence Easily And Achieve More

Self confidence paves way for achievements in life. When we try to increase our self confidence we face various barriers. How is that we can take a successful step towards boosting self confidence? Here are few useful methods of to increase your self confidence.

1. Get hold of your talents: To stay confident and to achieve more in life it is essential to identify our talents and focus on those areas in order to excel in life. Each and every one is good at something and taking hold of that particular area will pave for easy achievements, thus boosting self confidence.

2. Take pride: It is vital to take pride even in the smallest good quality you have. The feeling of pride and success leads to boost in self confidence.

3. Keep a check on your negative thoughts: Negative thoughts tend to kill confidence. Since negative thoughts attract negative energy from the universe it leads to negative and unpleasant happenings in life leading to decrease in confidence level. It is essential to monitor our thoughts closely and kill the negative thoughts then and there. This can be done by replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Boosting self confidence thus demands killing negative thoughts.

4. Groom yourself: When we groom ourselves perfectly we feel more confident and this happens naturally. This is because when we look good we feel good too. Increasing the confidence level requires a good feel about us.

5. Increase your competency: The fast moving world favors survival of the fittest and it is essential to increase our competency level in order to achieve greater things in life and feel confident. Competency can be built by practice and it is essential to read a lot.

6. Stand tall and speak slowly: It is essential to stand tall with tight shoulders in order to feel more confident. Speaking slowly is essential to showcase confidence. People with authority speak slowly and clearly. People who think that they are not worth to be heard tend to speak faster.

7. Set small goals and achieve it: In the process of boosting self confidence it is essential to set small goals and achieve them. Once we achieve these small goals it is also essential to take pride in it. These are simple but effective ways of increasing self confidence.

Though these steps are simple methods for increasing self confidence, they demand great time and effort in order to practice and achieve them. There is one natural phenomenon that paves way for boosting self confidence and having a long-lasting effect.

Easy and effective natural method for boosting self confidence

The Trivedi Effect which uses energy transmissions paves way for boosting self confidencenaturally. The energy transmissions harness the power of the universal energy in order to transform individuals to serve a greater purpose. Individuals who have been transformed with these energy transmissions have revealed great increase in confidence level and wellness in other areas of life. 


Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt has predicted the future of the Internet

 Image result for picture of Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt

Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt has predicted the future of the Internet. He predicted that internet is going to be andvance, common as well as so simple in the future. He said internet is going to be common and be on things that we don't expect. That is not until we browse OUR PHONE before we can access the internet. In other word, our Present way of using the internet will soon dissapear.

While speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he predicted the future of the Web saying

 1. I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear.

2. There will be so many IP addresses, so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it.
Image result for picture of Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt

How To Hide Your Ip Address Online

Any time that a man chooses to send info over the net that is not encrypted they've been running the risk of others becoming privy to that particular information. This issue contributes to folks wondering how to conceal IP address information. There are many reasons why you'd ever want to hide your Internet Protocol address and those reasons include keeping things private from people with ill motives, keeping work information private and avoiding identity theft together with nosy family and friends.

When individuals are looking into how to conceal IP address details that should not be thought by them simply simply because they will have anti-virus means that their information is safe. Having an anti virus application is not exactly the same as having an encryption software to help safeguard your advice. When you would like to hide your IP and protect your advice, getting and using an encryption application for example Identity Cloaker will help keep your information safe and to hide ip address data. What sets apart Identity Cloaker is that it can't be hacked.

What about having a firewall? So to the best way to conceal IP address, if you're trying to find reply the solution may be partially found here. Hackers may not be able to get through the firewall however it's not impossible to allow them to snatch information from each side. Now match your firewall and you usually do not give the hackers the chance to snatch your advice everywhere.
If you are putting Identity Cloaker to great use you are definitely going to be able to feel safe sending information as it'll stay encrypted until the point where it arrives at the proxy server that's possessed by Identity Cloaker. Zero openings are given by achieving this to anyone with ill intentions to get their hands on some of your advice. Identity Cloaker will actually give you the piece of head that everyone should have while doing anything on the web.

Now what about the costs of putting Identity Cloaker to good use? First of all what you should realize is that any kind of information that you send over the Internet needs to be medicated as though it were enormously important. This is why it needs to be OK to spend some money to be able to protect that info. Identity Cloaker can be used to secure your advice for the cost of less than ten dollars a month. Is not protecting your advice when you are online worth a price like that?

So just how do I protect my IP address? The response to this can be quite straightforward. What you need in order to be able to transmit your advice over the Internet, to do is get yourself an encryption software to work with in combination with firewall and your anti virus. Identity Cloaker is the program that you need to get. Identity Cloaker will defend your advice from your computer to wherever you need your information to be sent to on the internet.

source: http://www.articlesxpert.com/article/1044700/ways-to-hide-your-ip-address-online/

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