50 Best Article Directories Or Submission Websites

I have written few articles about the importance of submitting your
posts to article directories. This will give your articles a wide
exposure as well as backlinks.

The list below contain the names of 50 best articles directories.

1. ehow.com

2. hubpages.com

3. seekingalpha.com

4. examiner.com

5. ezinearticles.com

6. apsense.com/article/start

7. articlesbase.com

8. goarticles.com

If i get it right is like goarticles is no more accepting articles. I
try to submit an article sometimes and it says is no more acceptin.
However, you can try your chance.

9. buzzle.com

10. biggerpockets.com/articles

11. sooperarticles.com

12. pubarticles.com

13. selfgrowth.com

14. articles.org

15. brighthub.com

16. technorati.com

17. articlesxpert.com

18. artipot.com

19. articlesfactory.com

20. squidoo.com

21. triond.com

22. articlecity.com

23. textbroker.com

24. articlesnatch.com

25. freewebsitedirectory.com

26. infobarrel.com

27. Knoji.com/article/
You should consider submitting your articles to article directories
because they are frequently crawl by search engines














NOTE: Remember to put your website link in your articles when
submiting to article directories so that people could come to your
site through that link. That is called backlink


42. articleslash.net









BOTTOM NOTE: Another advantage of submitting your articles to article
directories is that they are highly ranked by google and other search
engines thus giving quality backlinks.




5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Promotion






12 Ways To Rank Faster In Search Engines Like Google

One of the problems bothering new bloggers and even many already
established bloggers is how to get their blog rank fast in google and
other search engines.

The reason is simple. It is only when your site is rank higher in
search engines that you could drive traffic to your blog and make that
money you deserve from your website or blog.

There are many things you could do from my own experience online to
rank your site higher in search engines.

1. Try to break the 100 posts mark

2. Be consistent for a year

3. Write at least 25 long posts of more than 2000 words

4. Have many backlinks pointing to your site

5. Do at least 3 internal links or on-page linking in every of your post

6. Try to reach 100 backlinks in alexa.com ranking

7. Comment with your link submitted in atleast 200 websites

8. Guest post in other blog

9. Submit your sitemap to google, bing and other search engines

10. Write original content

11. Optimised your page for SEO. Learn about SEO if you do not know it

12. Having many backlinks, internal linking and posting consistently
are the keys to search engine ranking. Internal linking is manually
linking your posts together.

For further ways to rank your page faster in search engine visit :

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10 SEO And Backlinks Steps You Should Use

10 SEO And Backlinks Steps You Should Use

1. The number one thing you need to do is to create a list of targeted keywords. Keywords an targeted ones to be precise is a major part of SEO and which must be given serious consideration to succeed online.

2.  You need backlinks to succeed online. Therefore you need prepare a well structured and achievable link building plan.

3. After you have prepared your link building plan the next thing you need to do for better SEo is to start building links gradually and steadily.

5. The next thing you need to do as a major part of your SEO campaign is to get backlinks with unique
anchor texts & different

6. Anywhere you put your link make sure you surround your links with content. This will make it look good and original in the eyes of search engines.

7. Make sure your backlinks are quality ones by getting your backlinks from pages with
various Google PageRank. This will definitely help your SEO.

8. Make sure that atleast 20% of links should point to the inner pages of your website for better SEO.

9. Do not just focus on outside or external links. Make sure you use on-page optimization for
website promotion.

10. The number ten steps you need to take for better SEO is to continue building your backlinks campaign till it yields result.

Following the above ten SEO strategies will help you to move up the search engines ladder smartly.

To create a new project in RSS to Blogger Poster

To create a new project in RSS to
Blogger Poster you simply need
to enter the tool using the main
menu "Tools"-"RSS to
WordPress Poster".
Another way is to use "Generate
and Send to" option in any of
RSS feeds Generators. Choose
"RSS to Blogger Poster" from a
drop-down menu and your
generated feeds will be
automatically added to the Poster
One more way to create a new
posting project is to go to "My
saves"-"My RSS feeds", check-
mark RSS feeds which you wish
to read full article visit

How to uncovered hidden files and remove shortcut virus from your drive

How to unhide files and remove
shortcut virus from your drive
1. Plug in the flash drive or
mobile phone to your
2. Take note of the drives
letter label e.g F:, H:, K:, G: etc
3. On your computer open
command prompt (you can
type CMD to search for it or
open run and type CMD and
click ok)
4. Now type in attrib -h -r -s /
s /d g:\* .* and hit enter
(change the g:\ to the
drives letter label in (2)
5. The above command line
will unhide all your hidden
files and folders and will
remove the shortcuts.
6. Finally you should do a full
scan on the drive or
memory card with an
updated antivirus or
windows defender on your
windows PC.
Source: wasconet.com

Can I Make Money From News Blog

Making money from your news website can be tough as well as easy. One
thing is that you must be having huge traffic on your blog everyday
before thinking of making money from your news blog.

The various way you could make money from your blog is through google
adsense, affiliate marketing, direct advertisement and others.

The fact is that news site are making money is just that you have to
work hard to make it big, reliable and enjoyable for visitors and

Check out this news site from nigeria 'lindaikeji.blogspot.com.' The
ranking in alexa is around 2000 and the blog is making huge amount of
dollars both in google adsense and mostly from direct advertisement.

If you want to make real money from news blog i think you should have
a 'team' rather than being a 'solo' blogger.

Working as a team will make you have huge content in no time as well
as ensuring regular posting. This will make your site always fresh and
in short time you will be rewarded with ranking from money. Then you
will be able to make the money you desire from your blog.

6 negative sides of Google adsense

6 dark sides of Google adsense

Google AdSense is a great way to make money from your site but you need to comply with certain policies to be able to stay in the program and not get your account banned.

You have that site online for a long time, its creating a decent number of pageviews each day and you're thinking of whether to utilize AdSense to earn from it.

 AdSense has without a doubt producing income for many webmasters and in fact many of them depended on AdSense for running their site. Therefore, if banned from AdSense, they are gone from the web. However, there are also negative perspectives to AdSense and different options for consideration. This articles will expose you to the negative side of AdSense or the dark side.

AdSense is by and large an incredible device for website admins. Those stresses to get miney to keep their site running are no more because the money they are making from AdSense is enough to keep them running.

AdSense permits website admins to disregard those stresses and focus on making great posts be it articles, news or other quality information. Truth be told, the accentuation is presently on making quality post in order to drive quality visitors to your site.

AdSense can likewise extremely all around incorporated with your site, it's effortlessly adaptable as far as hues, size and position which implies you can explore different avenues regarding it in any capacity you like to boost your wage.

AdSense is a decent method for creating a consistent income on your site. You should do nothing more than make some quality posts and keep it redesigned always and you can actually live off your site.  Though, you need to work hard on your site as there is no easy road to success.

It's additionally an incredible project in light of the fact that you can have the same account publicizing on every one of your pages. It must be stressed out that many webmasters are making money from AdSense why some are getting disappointed every now and then. Let hope with good research on your part, you will be among those that make money from AdSense.

In any case, as expressed, above, there are some negative viewpoints for doing business with AdSense and here's a little rundown of such cons.

1. Obviously the biggest negative effect the AdSense project can have on you is that you are not free to manage your site as you like because you will be guiding yourself with AdSense rules and regulations, policies and terms of services.

2. Another disadvantages is that  Google can shut down your account at any time and that time may be when you are enjoying your account. This may happen for so many reasons that are beyond your own power such as invalid clicks or any other reasons.There's one truly dreadful side to that. It doesn't need to be you making those fake clicks. It could in all likelihood be your opposition doing this to close you down.

3. Another negative side of AdSense is that your income is not fixed. It changes everyday. Sometimes your income may rise beyond your imagination and sometimes it might fall below it. You cannot guarantee the amount you will make at the end of the day but when your site have arrive you can know the average earnings from your site, at least. That sort of fluctuation could have negative effect on you.

4. Another negative effect of AdSense is that you need huge number of daily visitors to make money from AdSense. Gone are the days when small publishers with little traffic are making money from AdSense. New publishers with low pageviews will be disappointed since big and old publishers were complaining about there sudden drop of AdSense earning and how it becoming harder to make money from AdSense now unlike before. As a publisher, you always need to verify your site is in the spotlight of web crawlers so that when individuals are looking for whatever it is your webpage they will find it easily.

In the event that you don't get visitors especially from search engines, it will be difficult for you to make money from AdSense.

5. Another negative side effect of AdSense is that you continually need to enrich your site with great quality post. Low quality posts cannot take you anywhere in AdSense. Though, quality post is hard to accomplish but you need to work hard as you will reap the benefits later.

6. Another negative side of Google AdSense is that you also need quantitative posts. You need to have high number of post to make money from AdSense. You can't compare the money you will make with 1000 qualitative posts with just 10 qualitative posts.

Space will not be enough if i start listing the other side effects of being a Google AdSense publisher from my own experience. Am not discouraging anybody because am a Google AdSense publisher myself but am just saying all these to enlighten and inform you on AdSense pros and con's so that you will not be disappointed.

3 health benefits of blueberries

3 health usefulness of Blueberries

Blueberries are delicious little berries with dim blue skin. The following are the three health benefits of blueberries.

1 Blueberries Are Antioxidant-Rich

 Phytochemicals give blueberries their excellent shading furthermore work as cancer prevention agents. That implies they assist counteract with liberating radical harm to cells. Cell reinforcements are thought to have an assortment of medical advantages - at any rate when you eat them as sustenance.

2 Blueberries Are Nutritious

Blueberries are an astounding wellspring of B-complex vitamins your body needs to change over nourishment to vitality and vitamins C and E that include more cancer prevention agent movement. Blueberries have a lot of minerals as well - including potassium, selenium, zinc, iron, and manganese.

3 Blueberries Are Low in Calories

One full measure of new blueberries has just around 80 calories, which is extraordinary for your waistline. They're a decent wellspring of fiber so snacking on a few blueberries can help tide you over to your next dinner without demolishing your eating routine.

Sustenance Information for Blueberries

The accompanying sustenance data is for one measure of blueberries. That would be an one-half 16 ounces of blueberries or 145 grams. This general data is for any mixture of crude blueberries.

Below are the list of nutitional components of blueberries.


Water: 122.10 grams

Calories: 83

Protein: 1.07 grams

Sugars: 21.01 grams

Fiber: 3.5 grams

Sugars: 14.44 grams

Aggregate Fat: 0.48 grams

Immersed Fat: 0.041 grams

Monounsaturated Fat: 0.068 grams

Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.212 grams

Cholesterol: 0 milligrams

The following are the list of micronutrients in blueberries

Calcium: 9 milligrams

Iron: 0.41 milligrams

Magnesium: 9 milligrams

Phosphorus: 17 milligrams

Potassium: 112 milligrams

Sodium: 1 milligrams

Zinc: 0.23 milligrams

Vitamin C: 14.1 milligrams

Thiamin: 0.054 milligrams

Riboflavin: 0.059 milligrams

Niacin: 0.606 milligrams

Pantothenic Acid: 0.180 milligrams

Vitamin B6: 0.075 milligrams

Vitamin B12: 0 micrograms

Folate: 9 micrograms

Vitamin A: 78 International Units

Vitamin E: 0.83 milligrams

Vitamin K: 28.0 micrograms

The following are the phytonutrients in blueberries


beta-Carotene: 46 micrograms
beta Cryptoxanthin: 0 micrograms
Lycopene: 0 micrograms
Lutein and Zeaxanthin: 116 micrograms

20 Plus Sites You Can Comment To Get Backlinks To Your Blog or Website

One of the ways to drive traffic to your blog is through backlinks.
Organic backlinks are very hard to build and it takes a long time to
materialized. There are many ways to get backlinks to your blog or
website but the one i want to focus on this article is blog or website

One fact is that commenting on blogs is never easy. We have limited
time to spend online. So, finding time to comment is never easy but
one thing i want you to know is that you are doing your blog a great
help and you are building a future for your blog if you take your time
to comment on any site you visit online.

I have tried it and is really working for me. My blog is just 4 month
old and has been getting 500 pageviews daily as a result of many
factors including backlinks i have on various sites i have commented.
What i do is that i make sure i comment at least once in a day. So,
in 4 month i have like 120 URL links of my blog outside. Some sites
have many of my URL while some have just one.

For the benefit of my readers i have decided to list like 200 sites
that allow easy comment where i also have my link. But, this is just
20+ sites you can comment and have backlinks by submitting your URL at
the comment box. Others will be added later. You may find it easy to
comment on some and difficulty on some but i have commented on all of
them that is why they enter my list.

If you want to copy the list you can but make sure you link to my blog
as the source because this simple list is a product of 4 months of
hard work. You should know that is not all blog you can comment to
especially when you are using phone and some will need registration as
member while others require disqus commenting.

1. Iftiseo.com

2. usu.edu

3. m.nationalmirroronline.net,

4. hazelvibe.com,

5. yesnaija.blogspot.com,

6. boostblogtraffic.com,

7. premium.wpmudev.org,

8. neilpatel.com,

9. quicksprout.com,

10. wordstream.com,

My candid advice is that you should be building your backlinks as you
are building your blog. A blog without backlinks is a house without

11. vervesearch.com,

12. pmnewsnigeria.com,


14. herbladyisintoday.blogspot.com,

Can a man without backbones live? Can a blog or website without
backlinks survive?

15. moriganja.com,

16. predictplus.com,

17. mykeyanportal.info,

18. entrepreneurs-journey.com,

19. alltechbuzz.net,

20. wasconet.com,

21. reliablesoft.net,

22. iwillteachyoutoberich.com,

23. lindaikeji.blogspot.com,

24. nairaland.com

Backlinks are use by search engines to rank your site popularity as
site with high quality backlinks is deem popular and rank higher in
search engine.

7 apps or sites to automatically share your blog posts to social medias

List of apps or sites to automatically
share your blog posts instantly to numerous social medias to drive
massive traffic to your blog or website

Traffic is the main reason you open your blog and one of the ways you
can massive drive traffic to your blog is to share your posts to numerous
social media automatically as you publish it on your blog.
As an individual blogger, you might not have sufficient energy to
spend hours composing your article and at the same time sharing your
post to all your
online social networks.

Here are 7 apps or sites that can help you
facilitate your sharing to your various social networking sites.

1. Bufferapp

Can help you to
back up to 10 social sites what's more, 4 informal community which are
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and
LinkedIn accounts.

2. dlvr.it

Dlvr offers a considerable more informal communities for your post as well. The social media bolstered here are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StockTwits, Tumblr, StatusNet, App.net and LinkedIn.


Its free and can
work in conjunction with Hootsuite, Buffer and numerous
others. IFTTT means "if this then that." you can use it to share to facebook, twitter etc.

4. Onlywire

I use onlywire to automatically post directly from my blog to my
social networking sites such as facebook profile, linkedin and
twitter.com/aboutonline. I recommend it for everyone.

5. CoSchedule

6. Postcron.com

7. Nextcripts for wordpress

8. Hootsuite

Buhari approved $30 million for the Multinational Joint Task Force

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari
while leading the African Union (AU),
Peace and Security Council (PSC) meeting at the on-going AU
summit in Johannesburg, South
Africa has requested the check out of $21
million out of the $100 million that Nigeria swore to the
Multi National Joint Task Force (MNTJF) in the battle against

The president said the request ought to be done this week.

"The member countries of Lake
Chad Basin Commission and
Benin, met recently and far
reaching decisions were taken to
immediately put into operations
the Multinational Joint Task
Force," said Buhari.
"To this end, the summit
approved the immediate
provision of $30 million for the
Multinational Joint Task Force.

"Consequently out of the pledge
of $100 million which Nigeria
made to the Multinational Joint
Task Force, I have directed that $
21 million be released within the
next one week."

Buhari was happy to see the neighbouring nations Cameroon, Chad and
Niger supporting in the fight against terrorism.

He continued:

"Cameroon, Chad and Nigerare demonstrating of this
"They are fighting alongside
Nigeria under the umbrella of
Multinational Joint Task Force to
defeat Boko Haram."

Buhari also admitted that Africa
continent as a whole were faced with
crises of various forms needing urgent attention.

"We are witnesses to the
rampant destruction of homes,
roads, communications lines, vital
infrastructure and displacement
of persons not to mention
terrible loss of lives," he said.
"This is true I must add of the
northeast of Nigeria where we
are dealing with the scourge of
Boko Haram.
"The Boko Haram insurgency has
extended its reach to Nigeria's
neighbours but is not necessarily
limited to these immediate
countries as terrorism is a global
phenomenon with linkages
across the globe."

River State ordered non-consumption of 'ogogoro' till further notice

The government of River State of Nigeria
evaluated that the
loss of life from devoured harmful locally made gin, generally known
as ogogoro, has ascended to
66 from 38.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr Somiari
Harry uncovered this to writers soon after a meeting with merchants of
ogogoro, and said endeavors were on to guarantee stoppage of
utilization of the gin till further notice.

A noteworthy merchant of the neighborhood gin in Nembe/Creek street
territory in Port
Harcourt, who was at the meeting, said it was grievous
that dealths were being followed to
utilization of the gin.

He said his family had been in the business since 1971, and that
no one had passed on from devouring their item.

He demanded that the demise so far recorded in the state originated from
a neighboring state.

He said they generally purchased what
they sold from neighboring Bayelsa State, focusing on that their own
was without toxin.

He said since news of the losses softened out up the state,
they had been compelled to bolt up
their shops, guaranteeing that they would chip in with government
until the issue
was solved.

Prior in the day, Deputy Legislative head of the state, Dr. Ipalibo
Banigo, spoke to individuals in the
state to stop utilization of the
'ogogoro', asking them to dodge it in
customary occasions.

How long it will take before i start making money from my blog or sport blog

How long will it take you to start making money from your blog or sport blog

This is one of the most asked question online by newbies in the blogging sphere. Most of the newbies established their blog to make instant money. They want instant result. They want to make money in the first week of starting their blog. They have forgotten that like any other business, you need to pay your dues.

Theses dues involve so many things.

1. Content. You need to put a lot of information on your blog either as pieces of articles or post from 200, 300 words or as few articles or post with long length of words like 3000 upward.

2. Search engine. Though, my advice is that one should not wait for search engine as a source of traffic. Doing that is like putting your life in someone else hands. However, you need the help of search engines in the long run. One of the ways to get this is by writing original content like the one you are reading on a consistent level. You also need to submit your site to various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex among others. Next you need to submit your blog or website sitemap to these search engines. Do not be in hurry, wait! Find time to submit your blog sitemap to search engines. If you haven't done that you are just kidding in your blogging career. You will be surprised if i told you that i haven't done that also as at the time am writing this post. One, i just read about the importance of submitting your sitemap to search engines yesterday and two i want to change my sport blog to custom domain before i do that. I just tell you that because am the kind of person that like to say the fact.

3. See blogging not as short term investment but as a medium term investment. A medium term investment is an investment whereby the investor will target a minimum of one year before he will start reaping the benefits of the investment. Think of where your blog will be in the next five, ten, twenty or fifty years. This is the only way to survive in the blogging world. Don't let hunger, frustration for not seeing the needed or expected result, financial problem make you to want to be reaping the benefits of your blogging before one year. And get me right, is not just one year but one year of consistent blogging. That bring us to another important factor consistency.

4. Consistency. If you are not consistent in your blogging, forget it, you couldn't make it in blogging. You are the one to determine your own consistency level. But, for the sake that you are reading this article let me give a clue. If your post is always above 3000 words, then posting once a week is consistency. If your blog post is just above 1000 words, then posting thrice weekly is consistency. If your blog post is above 500 but below 1000 posting everyday will mean consistency. If your blog post is usually 200 words posting like 5 times daily is consistency. And if it is 100, 150 words posting like 10, 15 and 20 times daily is consistency. If you can follow that schedule you will succeed within one year of your blogging.

My special advice for new blogger is that stop! Wait! Don't be in a hurry to fail because hurry and patience is of the same length and width. Therefore, prepare up to 365 posts before you start your blog. If you are creating like 4 daily it will take you just 3 months to have 360 posts. After that, schedule your post at once putting 2 days intervals. That means you will be posting consistently 3 times a week for almost 3 years. And you will succeed. The reason i want you to schedule it like that is that you will not be discouraged and tired at the middle of the road. That will take us to the next point that age of your blog or website matters when it comes to succeeding in blogging.

5. Your sport blog or any kind of blog must come of age before you can make it as a blogger. Check those that proclaim to be successful bloggers, you will see that their blog have come of age. For instance, Nigerian number one blogger Linda Ikeji of www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com said she started making money from her blog only after two years. Check the alexa ranking of her blog and you will understand what am saying.

6. Promotion: The need your link to be outside. I always say that your popularity as person in the off line world is not determined by the number of friends that come to visit you at home but the number of friends you are going out to visit. The same thing is with blogging. You need more of your URL outside of your blog to succeed in blogging. You can do this by commenting on other people's blog. You can target one comment in a day and before you know it in a year you will have 365 link outside of your blog. Another strategy is to always share you post to as many social media as possible as many times as possible in a day. Another thing i do is that i liked the Facebook fan page of footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema, Rooney among others and football clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool etc. What i do is that i usually post a link to my blog on their timeline. Though, the traffic i received from them is not impressive, but anytime i post about 2 people will like my post something i didn't experience on my Facebook profile page. Another benefits i noticed is that those links i posted on these famous Facebook pages got ranked or indexed by Google almost immediately. You can can testify this by typing, letgosport.blogspot.com on the search box of Google. That means you also can like the pages of people or organisation in your niche and start posting on their timeline as this will help your SEO in the long run. Then you need

7. Substantial traffic to make money online. It is all of the above that will give you traffic in the long run. With 200 daily pageviews i started getting few clicks here and there on my Google adsense. That means if you can try to get like 500 pageviews daily, you will be seeing result but your goal should be at least 1000 daily pageviews. Anytime, you clock 1000 daily page views online, YOU ARE MADE.

I hope, the above points should answer your question: how long will it take me to start earning from my blog? The answer is : it could take you one month or years. Traffic is the major determinant of blog earning.

Therefore, you should put all my aforementioned factors in mind in your blogging career to help you determine the time it will take your sport blog or any type of blog to start generating substantial income.

My advice is that you should keep posting consistently but put your mind away from the income or traffic. Blog because you want to be in the blogging circle, as you are growing your blog will be growing along with you and before you know it it will be your source of income.

how to increase traffic to blogspot

source: www.problogtricks.com/2014/10/how-to-create-a-free-blog-using-blogspot-blogging-platform.html?m=1

submite to sitemap continue part 2

Submit your Blog to

Bing Webmaster

Tools: The Step-by-

step Process


Verify Website

Ownership for


The problem with

Blogger sitemap files

You can Submit a sitemap to Bing

Webmaster Tool

XML sitemap to BWT

All Sitemaps : Now you can

submit any amount of Sitemaps

to Bing webmaster tools

Verify Website

Ownership for


Tumblr Sitemap

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known about a lot of my 404

errors and crawl errors for a few

months now, but how do I fix

them? Some of them are just

failed redirects and things like

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background and my back-end

knowledge is limited (I'm

learning, but it's slower for me

than writing tips). So how do I

get those pesky crawl errors

gone for good?

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submit to sitemap to search engines part 1

When it comes to blogging, you

have to make sure that you are

always aware of all parts of your

blog; theme assets, content, user

interface (UI) and obviously

traffic generation. You may

already know that any source

can not give you such a very

targeted and huge traffic like

search engines do. Traffic from

search engines is known

" Organic Traffic". Website traffic

is the likehood of any website.

That's why every blogger wants

to increase the organic traffic as

quickly as possible.

In search engine optimization

(SEO), you are another one of

millions of people who handle

their websites and blogs in order

to drive traffic from search

engines. So you have to be smart

enough to increase your search

engine rank and drive more

traffic . You have to optimize your

website for search engines by

following their guidelines and

making on-page and off-page

optimization parts well. In Search

Engine Optimization, there are

hundreds of free quality SEO

tools to optimize your website

for search engines .

When considering about best

SEO tools, we cannot forget

webmaster tools. Even Google is

the king of the web and the

number one search engine

which can send hundreds of

thousands of visitors to your

blog in every single day, as a

professional blogger, you

shouldn't ignore other free SEO


There are some search engines

like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex,

Ask and Duckduckgo which can

provide your website a huge

amount of traffic. But, you have

to implement a few SEO settings

in order to drive lots of free

traffic from search engines.

I have already posted an

entire search engine

submission guide which explains

how to submit website to search

engines such as Google, Bing and

Yahoo. Search engine submission

will help search engine bots to

find your blog and crawl it more

efficiently than any other day.

Even you neglected the

importance of webmaster tools,

webspiders will crawl your site.

But, not in a short time period, it

might take a longer time, some

times it could take weeks and


Though after you submitted your

blog to webmaster tools, you can

control over your blog's

appearance on search engines

and increase the search engine

rankings well.

Bing webmaster tool is a free

SEO tool that has some

interesting features that Google

webmaster tool hasn't. Microsoft,

Inc owns the Bing search engine.

So you would expect a lot more

updates and features of Bing

webmaster tools account in

future. In this tutorial, I will be

showing you how to submit your

Blogger blog and Tumblr blog to

Bing webmaster tools. The same

process goes to other websites

and content management


Submit your site to Bing

Webmaster tools

Verify site ownership for

BlogSpot + Submit site map

Verify site ownership for Tumblr

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Above are the main three

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57 ways to boost your blog traffic

57 Ways to Boost Your Blog


Written by Jeff Bullas - 135


Categories: Blogging, Social

Media, Social Media Marketing

Using effective tactics that boost

your blog traffic is the first step

in achieving a variety of goals.

Those objectives could include,

selling products and services,

building brand awareness,

position yourself as a thought

leader or to connect and

network. Whatever the goals are,

traffic provides the visibility to

engage and sell.

Website visitors is where it all

starts. No traffic…nothing


In the past bloggers only had

one big tactic.

Building an email list.

This is still important despite the

allure of social media with all its

hype and bluster, real and

imagined. Social media since

arriving on the scene has offered

bloggers two core and very

important capabilities that were

not part of the web landscape

until social media turned up.

1. Multiple platforms and

networks to re-publish and

share their content on. You

can now discover a blogger

and their content because it

is published to Facebook or

their video is on YouTube

2. Crowd sourced marketing

as people share bloggers

articles with a couple of

clicks on Facebook and

Twitter. No longer is the

post hidden in the email silo

where sharing is restricted

to passing an email on.

So if you have just launched a

blog or you're struggling to grow

your traffic, what are some of the

tactics that the top bloggers use

to get attention, bring readers

back and become part of your

loyal tribe of readers?

Tips to boost your blog traffic

Some of these tactics are more

effective and direct than others

but collectively implemented can

create long lasting and organic

growth path for your blog.

1. Build a large following on


2. Automate the sharing of

content on Twitter. (you

cannot scale if you don't do


3. Link to your blog on Twitter

in your profile

4. Increase your likes on


5. Link to your blog on


6. Share your post (including

links to it) on Facebook

7. Build an email subscriber

list from day one

8. Host a webinar (you can

capture many emails when

you run a webinar)

9. Create and publish great


10. Make it easy for people to

share your content with a

Twitter retweet button

11. Ensure you have a LinkedIn

sharing button (there are

over 230 million users


12. Include a Google+ sharing

button even if you don't use

it very much (over half a

billion people there!)

13. Facebook sharing button is

a must

14. Make it easy for people to

share your content with a

Pinterest sharing button

15. Provide an incentive for

people to subscribe to your

blog by offering a free

ebook in exchange for their

email address and name

16. Place the email subscriber

box in a prominent position

(top right or even in the top


17. Include multiple locations

for people to subscribe

18. Include an RSS feed option

19. Link to your blog from your

YouTube videos and


20. Make your blog easy to read

(this will keep them loyal

and bring them back)

21. Write the best headlines

you possibly can

22. Guest blog on larger blogs

in your industry

23. Comment on other bloggers


24. Reply to comments on your

blog posts

25. Interview the influential

bloggers in your niche and


26. Obtain testimonials from

influencers in your industry

who have a strong social

media presence

27. Ensure your blog can be

easily read on mobile


28. Optimise for search engines

by using an SEO plugin such

as WordPress SEO (Also

known as Yoast)

29. Write sub-titles with

keywords in posts to help

your SEO

30. Improve your blogs search

engine friendly content by

including key words in


31. Publish new articles

regularly (at least once a


32. Write long form content

that will be a resource for

readers (they will link and

bookmark it for future


33. Place a Facebook ad that

drives traffic to your blog

(could be an offer of free

premium content)

34. Advertise on Twitter with

"Promoted Accounts"

35. Provide links to archives on

your blog

36. List your most popular

posts (this is a default

WordPress feature)

37. Use an SEO friendly online

publishing platform


38. Use a simple design that

profiles your content and

highlights your focus

39. Include "prominent" social

media sharing buttons

placed at the top of your

articles (floating buttons are

good too)

40. Have your top social media

channels displayed in a

prominent position so

people can easily follow you

41. Share other top bloggers

content on Twitter and let

them know you have

shared with an @

topblogger mention

42. Copy and emulate the

strategies of top bloggers

43. Write a great introduction

that is compelling and

draws readers in

44. Engage with your readers

so that they want to come

back and become loyal fans

45. Write a blog post that

highlights the best bloggers

in your industry

46. As you build credibility

display your awards, wins

and social proof in a

prominent position

47. Link to your blog in your

email signature

48. Join Facebook groups and


49. Create a Google+ hangout

for a hot topic in your

industry and promote it

50. Participate in LinkedIn


51. Create some controversy

that attracts attention

52. Submit your top posts to


53. Publish articles on


54. Make yourself available to


55. Have a business card for

your blog

56. Take photos with

Instagram (over 130 million

registered users there) and

share them on Facebook

and Twitter

57. Include multimedia in your

articles to broaden your

blogs reach. Videos,

infographics, podcasts and

Slideshare presentations

are sometimes preferred

over learning in a text


How to Include an RSS Feed in Blogs at Blogger.com / Blogspot.com

How to Include an RSS Feed in

Blogs at Blogger.com /


RSSinclude.com makes it very

easy to include RSS feeds in your

blog. Basically there are two

areas on blogs where you can

add an RSS box:

1) in the sidebar on the right

side (containing the Blog Archive,

About me and Followers...)


2) in blog posts.

We would like to explain both in

the following sections.

1) RSSbox in the Sidebar of the


This area of your blog is visible

permanently. You can add a blog

archive, your personal bio and

much more to this area. Of

course you can put an RSSbox

from RSSinclude.com here. This is


a) Log in to your account at

blogger.com. On top of the page

there is a main menu. Click the

"Layout" link, this will lead you to

a graphical overview of your


b) Click the "Add a Gadget" link. A

new window will be opened

displaying different gadgets from

which you can choose. Select

"HTML/JavaScript" to add third-

party code like ours.

c) A form will appear which

contains two form fields: title

and content. You can type in a

title for the gadget, e.g. "Latest

RSS News".

d) The content of the gadget

comes from RSSinclude.com. You

should keep rssinclude.com

opened in a new window

simultaneously. In order to get

your IncludeCode you have to

create a new RSSbox first. As

soon as you are done you will

get an IncludeCode by clicking on


e) Copy the IncludeCode of your

RSSbox and paste it into the form

at blogger.com (see screenshot).

f) Click the "Save" button to

return to your blog


g) You can click the "Preview"

button to preview your changes

or save the change layout by

clicking the "Save" button.

h) Click the "View Blog" link (next

to the "Monetize" tab) in the

blogger administration.

Subsequently your blog will be

displayed containing a brand

new RSSbox. You can still change

the styling of the RSSbox at My

RSSboxes. If you play around a

bit you will be able to embed it

very nicely.

2) RSSbox in a Blog Post

The second way of including an

RSS feed in your blog is to embed

it into a blog post. The following

steps and screenshots show you

how to do that:

a) Go to your blog administration

at blogger.com. Click the

"Posting" tab on top of the page.

Edit the post in which you want

the RSS feed to be displayed - or

simply create a new post.

b) Click the "Edit Html" link on top

of the rich-text editor.

Subsequently the html code of

you post will be displayed.

c) Open rssinclude.com

simultaneously in a new window.

Click the " Create a Box" link.

Create and style your RSSbox as

you wish. Keep in mind that its

dimensions should fit into your

blog post. As soon as you are

done go to the "Include!" tab

(see screenshot).

d) Copy and paste the JavaScript-

code from rssinclude.com into

the html of your blog post.

Ensure that you paste the code in

a spare line of the editor (see


e) Click the "Publish Post" link.

Blogger.com should now say

"Your blog post published

successfully!". Click the "View

Blog" link to display your


f) This is how your blog post

could look like. You can still

change the styling of the RSSbox

by surfing to My RSSboxes at


Source: https://www.rssinclude.com/help_support/integrate_into_popular_services/how_to_add_an_rss_feed_on_blogger_blogspot

25 great blogger widgets

Many people think that Blogger

lacks in all of the extra goodies

you can add to other platforms

like WordPress, but it simply isn't

true. By using widgets you can

customize your blog as much as

you like by just adding little

snippets of code to the sidebars.

Allow users to talk to you via IM,

see what your most popular

posts are, or even read news

from sites such as Mashable. With

these 25 widgets, you can create

an even more powerful way of

communicating with your

visitors, just make sure you don't

overload them with too many!

What are some of your favorite

widgets for use on Blogger?

Communications Widgets

Google Talk - Give visitors the

ability to talk to you via Google

Talk directly from your blog


Jaxtr - Create a widget that

allows people to call you on the

phone without revealing the

phone number to them.

Meebo Me - Meebo Me will allow

you to create a chat box that you

can install on your Blogger page,

giving you the chance to

converse with visitors to your


Skype - The official Skype widget

allows you to create various

buttons that can show your

current status and also allows

people to just click it and give

you a call.

Tag-Board - Allows you to add a

real-time chat board to your blog

that your visitors and you can

use to converse.

Social Widgets

Delicious Linkrolls - Share your

Delicious bookmarks with the

world with this easy to install

linkroll widget.

FriendFeed Widget - Share all of

your FriendFeed activity with the

readers of your site.

Google Friend Connect - A

makeshift social network that

runs across any site that has

installed Google Friend Connect.

You can join a site, see the other

members, play games and more.

LinkedInABox - LinkedInABox

retrieves your LinkedIn profile to

display on your blog, allowing

people to look through things

such as your specialties and


MyBlogLog - If someone visits

your blog that is also a member

of MyBlogLog, their avatar and

username will appear in the box.

You can then click on any person

to check out their profile on the


Twitter - Add your Twitter stream

to your blog and display

anywhere from your last tweet to

the last twenty. Also gives a link

for people to be able to follow


Share on Facebook - A simple

widget that allows your readers

to share items from your blog on


SocialFeed - A miniature

lifestreaming widget that

broadcasts your activities on

sites such as Twitter,

StumbleUpon, Last.fm and so on.

Has several different skins you

can choose from.

Utility Widgets

Add This - The popular social

bookmarking button is available

for Blogger accounts.

Easy Comments - This widget

allows you to add commenting to

any page of your site by placing

the widget at the bottom of a

page. Allows people to say if they

liked the comment, includes

comment threading and more.

Google Search - Add an AJAX

powered Google search box to

your blog that you can allow to

search the web and your blog, or

even just restrict it to the

contents of your site.

Popular Posts - This widget will

take a look at your comments, up

to the last 5,000, and generate a

list of which posts had the most

conversation around them.

Recent Comments - Display the

most recent comments on your

blog in this widget so that

readers can join in the


Related Posts - Not so much a

widget as a hack, this will give

you the related post functionality

that so many WordPress

powered blogs use.

ShareThis - The highly

customizable green button that

ShareThis is known for can be

added to your blog. Choose if you

want it for social bookmarking,

users emailing your posts and


Shout List Icons - Be the king (or

queen) of social sharing with this

widget that generates icons for

over 30 social sites your blog can

be added to.

Tag/Label Cloud - Gives you the

ability to install a traditional tag

cloud in your sidebar so people

can see what you write about

the most.

Miscellaneous Widgets

Flickr - You can generate an HTML

or Flash based badge of your

photo stream to share your

images with your visitors.

Mashable - Yes, now you too can

share the best web-related news

on your blog with the Mashable


Picasa Albums - Display your

public Picasa albums in your blog

sidebar with this handy widget.

Interested in more Blogger

resources? Check these out:

- 50 More Beautiful Blogger


How To Automatically Link Blog Post to Specific Keyword in Blogger

How To Automatically Link Blog

Post to Specific Keyword in


Creating automatic anchor links

to other web pages on

Wordpress hosted blog is quite

simple and easy with the use of

plugins using relevant keywords.

On blogger blog, we manually

create internal links to our

previous webpages using

relevant keywords or key-

phrases. But if you prefer to

automatically create internal links

to relevant webpages using a

particular keyword, there is a

script to help you do that.

Here, i will show you how to

implement this script on your

blogger blog so you don't need

to be creating internal links

manually again. This tricks will

help those who blog with their

mobile phones and don't have

the opportunity to create anchor

links to other relevant post

using their mobile phones.

Creating internal links in your

blog post also helps to increase

your website organic traffic

because it makes Google bots

crawl and index your webpages

faster and easily which help in

ranking. It also help your visitors

to navigate to other webpages

on your blog which helps to

reduce bounce rate %. So

without much ado, let's move

straight to the point.

How To Automatically Link Your

Blog Post To Specific Keyword in

Blogger Blog.

Here you will have to choose a

particular keyword you are

targeting and a post that relates

to that keyword. Include them in

these javascript code below and

paste it in your blogger html. All

keywords found on your

webpages that are similar to the

one added in this script, it will

create a link to the post included

in your script.

For example, If i include a

keyword "Traffic" in the script

and the webpage i want this

script to create anchor link to is




. After

adding the script in my template

code, all webpages with the

keywords " Traffic" will be link to

that webpage. You DIGG?

So let's get started.

1. In your Blogger Dashboard,

click on Template then click Edit


2. Press Ctrl + F and search for </

body> tag.

3. Then copy the code below and

paste above it.

<script src='//



<script type="text/

javascript">function autoLink(){

this.keywdHref = new Object();

this.add = function(keyword,


if(keyword.substr(0,1) !=

&quot;&quot;){keyword = &quot;

&quot; +keyword;}

this.keywdHref[keyword] = href;


this.createAnchor = function(){

var objs



for(var i=0; i&lt;objs.length; i++){

var obj = objs[i];



var content = obj.innerHTML;

for(var keyword in


var href = this.keywdHref


var newstr =content.replace

(keyword, &quot;&lt;a href=&#




a&gt;&quot;, &quot;gi&quot;);

obj.innerHTML = newstr;

content = newstr;





this.startScript = function(){

var onLoad = window.onload;

window.onload = function(){









<script type="text/javascript">

var f = new autoLink();


&quot;,&quot; http://





4. Now replace the text in Blue

with your Keyword.

5. Also replace the Red text with

your blog post URL not

homepage. Take note.

6. Save template when done and

refresh your blog. That's all.

7. Okay now check any of your

post that contains that Keyword

and you will see that an anchor

link has been created linking to

the post you included it's URL in

the script.

Remember This script only allows

one keyword

How To Add Automatically Link To This Post Widget To Blogger

How To Add Automatically Link

To This Post Widget To Blogger

Do you like to add "Link To This

Post Widget" under your blog

post?This will help you to

increase your site's backlinks

for better SEO.So if you interested

to add this useful widget to your

blogspot blog follow the simple

steps below.

1.Log in to your dashboard-->

layout- -> Edit HTML

2.Click on "Expand Widget


3.Scroll down to where you see



4.Copy below code and paste it

immediately after the line


Note:You can change

colors,font,... if you like.

<div style='border: 0px solid #

646464; padding: 2px 2px;

margin:2px 2px;background-


<p> If you like this please Link

Back to this article...</p>

<textarea cols='60'












5.Click on "Save Templates" and

now you are done.

Source From : http://




11 Websites to Solve Your Content Marketing Problem

11 Websites to Solve Your

Content Marketing Problem

"A blog post should reach all the

people it is aimed to help while

writing. All of them." – My

principle. But let's see the other

side of the coin first.

You worked your ass off to

create a blog post that you are

proud of.

You published it.

27 of your regular friends and

fellow bloggers shared it on their

social platform and you got 200

page views the opening day.

The next day you got 156 and 87

page views the third day.

Your awesome blog post died a

natural death. Period.

It might appear natural, but I say

it was a murder by you. You

murdered your blog post.

If I were you I would not have let

the post die. A post I work "my

ass off" on should reach at least

its potential audience. If you also

agree to my principle you would

find this post on maximizing

your content reach useful.

I will show you 11 ultimate

places to share your blog posts

after you hit publish.

Let's continue.

#1 Twitter

With over 284 million active

monthly users twitter promotion

is a must for increasing your

content reach. Let's not forget

twitter as now signed a deal

with Google to allow the latter to

crawl the former for real times

tweet indexation. Here is how to

promote your post on twitter

most effectively.

a) Tweet your post as soon as it

is published.

You should let the world know

that you have a post ready for

them to gorge. If you schedule a

lot of posts or find it

inconvenient to tweet a post as

soon as it is published you would

want to use tweetadder which

allows you to share blog posts by

RSS. So it auto publishes your

post on twitter.

b) Use the cover photo real


I am a big fan of cover photo

optimization. It is the first

prominent place a new visitor

sees on your twitter profile. Use

an image that is catered to

display your most recent or

popular post.

c) Host a twitter chat:

For this, you have to announce

your post or subject prior to

publishing. And set a date and

time for the chat. Then you can

talk on the topic and probably

create a follow-up post based on

the reaction and suggestions on

the chat. Here is how to get

started with a twitter chat.

#2. Facebook

So you were worried about

Facebook's decreased organic

reach? Let me say Facebook is

still the number one traffic

referrer to my site. The strategy

is just as plain as it can be:

Be a human to promote your

post. If you want to be advertiser

you gotta pay to be one.

While I am not against the

Facebook's "pay to play" rule, I

still love to get loads of facebook

traffic for free. Here is how to do


a) Post a status update with a


Updates on Facebook that

requires some sort of advice or

action are most likely to get

engagement. You can use this

trick to ask a related question to

first set a base of audience. Then

you provide them the link to your

post that has already the

answers in it.

b) Post your update effectively:

Photos have recently sinking

organic reach

. You should think of using plain

text or the raw link structure for

getting maximum reach. Avoid

using click baiting, which

essentially is using catchy

headlines to force someone to

open a link. If it is not worth the

click and the reader bounces

back to Facebook after clicking

on your link Facebook might

penalize your link.

c) Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are spammy

dump yards of links. Agreed! But

it is not always the same.

I know quite a number of groups

which are valuable and effective.

The engagement rates in those

groups are quite high. All you

need to do is to participate there

actively not link drop.

Post a link only when it is worth

the discussion. This is a very

effective way of getting targeted

traffic to your blog.

PRO TIP: Create a group yourself

and add members related to your

niche. Provide value to the group

members and you can refer them

to your blog too.

#3. Your million dollar


When a subscriber signs up your

blog, he does it because he finds

your content valuable and

expects them to get delivered to

his inbox. Click To Tweet.

Write a compelling email and

broadcast your latest post to all

your subscribers. If you have not

yet started an email newsletter,

don't write your next post until

you set it up.

Yes, it's that important. Use

MailGet and start an email

newsletter with just $29/month.

Then after you write a post just

give a shout out to all your loyal

subscribers. If you have a dozen

of posts published each week.

Choose the few most remarkable

ones and send them as a recap

of the week.

#4. Reddit; The internet's


Reddit started off just a decade

back but has by now achieved a

position that can give you loads

of traffic if used wisely. Just

choose your topic wisely and

post it to a rele


How often should i posts on my blog

By Susan Gunelius, Blogging


Once you decide to start a blog,

you'll need to determine what

your goals are for your blog. If

you want to grow your blog and

attract new readers (and keep

them once they visit), you'll need

to put some thought into your

blog posting frequency.


Blog Content is Key


In the blogging world, a

commonly used phrase is, "it's all

about the content." In short, that

means that the most important

part of your blog is the content

you publish through your blog

posts. What makes your content

most compelling is a

combination of your topic, your

opinion, your writing style or

voice, and your blog's freshness.

Your blog posting frequency is

directly tied to the freshness of

your blog.

Continue Reading Below

The Theory Behind Blog Posting



Put it this way, would you buy a

newspaper everyday if the

articles in that paper never

changed? Probably not. However,

if the articles are different each

day, you're far more likely to buy

a new newspaper everyday. The

same theory applies to blog

content. If you don't update your

blog with a new post, there is no

reason for people to visit. There

is nothing new for them to see.


However, if you post new

content frequently that is timely

and written in a style people

enjoy, they are likely to return

again and again to see what you

have to say. The more frequently

you publish new posts, the more

new content there is for people

to see and the more reason there

is for people to visit again and



See Also: Before You You Start a

Blog, Determine if Blogging is

Right for You


High Blog Posting Frequency Can

Attract New Visitors


Not only do new blog posts give

people a reason to return to your

blog, but they also help your blog

in terms of search engine

optimization. Each new post is a

new entry point for people to

find your blog through search


. The more entry points, the

better the chances are that new

readers will find your blog.

Continue Reading Below

High Blog Posting Frequency

Can Help You Retain Repeat



Frequent posting helps to attract

more visits from people who like

your blog and decide to

subscribe to it. Each time you

publish new content on your

blog, your subscribers will either

see that post in their feed

readers or they'll receive emails

directing them to your blog to

read the new posts. That means

more opportunities to increase

traffic to your blog everytime you

publish new content.


Determine Your Blog Goals Then

Choose Your Blog Posting



Bottom line, if you want to grow

your blog and increase your

readership, then posting

frequency is very important. The

unwritten rules of the


provide the following blog

posting frequency suggestions:

For maximum growth: post

multiple times per day to drive

the most traffic (3-5 times or

more is considered best for

power bloggers).

For steady growth: post at

least once per day.

For slower growth: publish at

least every 3 days or 2-3 times

per week.

For very slow growth:

posting less frequently than

2-3 days per week is most

appropriate for bloggers who

maintain blogs as a hobby

source: weblogs.about.com/od/startingablog/qt/BlogPostingFreq.htm

How much it cost to advertise on lindaikeji.blogspot.com

After writing about the Top 45

blogs in Nigeria and how they

make money online , I've been

getting some questions. The

questions are about how much it

costs to advertise on the blogs

that makes money via direct

advert placement. Since Linda

Ikeji's blog is the number one

blog in Nigeria, I decided to start

with her blog.

You may

ask "Who

is Linda


and "Why

do you

have to do

this post".

If you

don't know Linda Ikeji, she is the

owner of the number one blog in

Nigeria. She blogs about News,

Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle,

Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and

Gossip! She created her blog in

2006 but really started blogging

early 2007. You can read her

interview on BellaNaija

I'm doing this for 3 reasons.

- 1. To get you informed.

- 2. To answer the questions I

got from readers.

- 3. To contribute to the success

of her blog in my own little

way ;).

So, how much does it cost to

advertise on Linda Ikeji's blog?

The truth is, you may not need to

read this post to find out how

much it costs. You can just get to

her blog, send an email for

advert inquiry and you get a

response from her business

manager. This is what I did. I

send a mail for advert inquiry

and I got a response from her

business manager.

So this is how much it costs to

advertise on Linda Ikeji's blog

as at February 10, 2014

Rates for 1 month Technical


- Blog Header Ad (Leader board –

728×90) = N850,000 for 1


- Sidebar Ad (visible at the top –

200×300 or 160×600) =

N400,000 for 1 month

- Sidebar Ad (other locations –

200×300 or 160×600) =

N300,000 for 1 month

- Blog Post/ Featured Post =

N50,000 per post

- Background takeover (ad size –

1800×1200) = N550,000 per

week or N1.6 million per month

Now that you have seen how

much it costs, go ahead to her

blog, find the advert inquiry

email, send an email, get a

response from her business

manager and then advertise

immediately before the price/

costs increases.

Source: makemoneyonlineng.com/linda-ikeji-blog/

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football gossip - football

transfers - football scores.

ESPNsoccernet - The World's

Site for the World Game

World soccer coverage from

ESPN, including the English

Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, and

Major League Soccer (MLS). Get

news headlines, live scores, stats,

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body of football on the continent

of Europe, UEFA. Includes UEFA

Cup, Champions League, and Euro

tournament information, recent

news, feature stories, media,

team information, and a



FIFA.com - Fédération

Internationale de Football

Association (FIFA)

Official site for Federation

Internationale de Football

Association (FIFA), the world's

governing body for soccer.

Includes latest competition news,

team profiles, information on

upcoming matches, photos and

video, rankings, results, and

feature stories.


Football365.com - Home -

Football365 News - Transfer

News, Gossip, Football News

And Views, England, Champions

League And Premiership,

Chelsea, Manchester United,

Arsenal, Liverpool

All the latest football news and

gossip from the U.K. Premier

soccer scene, plus European

round-ups, match reports,

standings, and competitions.


ESPNsoccernet - The World's

Site for the World Game

Get complete, live coverage of the

2010 World Cup from South

Africa including expert analysis,

schedules, statistics, highlights,

and more.

TEAMtalk Football News

Latest football news covering all

professional U.K. teams and

selected world and European



ESPNsoccernet - The World's

Site for the World Game

World soccer coverage from

ESPN, including Premiership, Serie

A, La Liga, and Major League

Soccer. Get news headlines, live

scores, stats, and tournament



No information avaiable













Live scores, results, fixtures,

tables, statistics and news -


Offers live scores, results,

tables,statistics, and news.


source: www.moreofit.com/similar-to/www.goal.com/Top_10_Sites_Like_Goal/

Sites Similar To Alexa

Top 5 Popular and Best Sites

like Alexa

1. Compete

Well Compete.com is a free web

traffic analysis service operating

in the US that publishes the

approximate number of global

visitors to the top 1,000,000

websites in the world. This

company was founded in 2000

by Bill Gross and now a days

developing very fast. Well

Compete's best-in-class data has

helped many professionals like

you monitor online competition,

benchmark performance, and

discover new business

opportunities for over 10 years.

At here, just enter a website to

get started in search. Now you

can also grab your Compete Pro

free Trail at this website.

2. Quantcast

Well Quantcast is a technology

company i.e founded in 2006,

who specializes in audience

measurement and real-time

advertising etc. Here you can also

compare your competitors

website traffic and provides free,

accurate and dependable

audience insights for over 100

million web and mobile

destinations. Now easily Search

sites for demographic and traffic

stats at Quantcast. I think its an

great alternative to alexa and

best sites among site like

alexa.com, worth it!

3. Website Informer

Website Informer is a special site

for the webmasters that gathers

detailed information on websites

or blogs like – general

information, statistics, main

competitors, similar sites, IPs and

much more. Here you can Search

for any domain or keyword to

get the traffic, keyword,

pagerank and whois record. I

think its an great alternative to

alexa. This website also comes

with Mozilla and Google Chrome

Add-on's Extension to make

things easy for you, Must try it!

4. SimilarWeb

With this site, you can find out

the most important traffic

insights about any website on

the internet to improve your

market research, competitive

analysis and business

development too. Well SimilarWeb

is a web ranking and competitive

analysis tool online developed by

SimilarGroup. SimilarWeb helps

you to Measure the web and

much more inside. Also For

deeper insights, you can upgrade

to SimilarWeb PRO Account etc.

Thus an great alternative to


5. ComScore

Its an American Analytics

Company founded in 1999 that is

providing marketing data and

analytics to many of the world's

largest enterprises, agencies, and

publishers. Thus comScore is an

global leader in measuring the

digital world and given source of

digital business analytics. I think

at there, you can easily get your

free site ranking report along

with traffic and keyword stats in

your specific countries etc. They

also provide comscore media


Source: www.bloggingways.net/top-5-popular-sites-like-alexa-to-get-traffic-stats/

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