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50 Best Article Directories Or Submission Websites

I have written few articles about the importance of submitting your
posts to article directories. This will give your articles a wide
exposure as well as backlinks.

The list below contain the names of 50 best articles directories.









If i get it right is like goarticles is no more accepting articles. I
try to submit an article sometimes and it says is no more acceptin.
However, you can try your chance.



















You should consider submitting your articles to article directories

12 Ways To Rank Faster In Search Engines Like Google

One of the problems bothering new bloggers and even many already
established bloggers is how to get their blog rank fast in google and
other search engines.

The reason is simple. It is only when your site is rank higher in
search engines that you could drive traffic to your blog and make that
money you deserve from your website or blog.

There are many things you could do from my own experience online to
rank your site higher in search engines.

1. Try to break the 100 posts mark

2. Be consistent for a year

3. Write at least 25 long posts of more than 2000 words

4. Have many backlinks pointing to your site

5. Do at least 3 internal links or on-page linking in every of your post

6. Try to reach 100 backlinks in ranking

7. Comment with your link submitted in atleast 200 websites

8. Guest post in other blog

9. Submit your sitemap to google, bing and other search engines

10. Write original content

11. Optimised your p…

10 SEO And Backlinks Steps You Should Use

10 SEO And Backlinks Steps You Should Use

1. The number one thing you need to do is to create a list of targeted keywords. Keywords an targeted ones to be precise is a major part of SEO and which must be given serious consideration to succeed online.

2.  You need backlinks to succeed online. Therefore you need prepare a well structured and achievable link building plan.

3. After you have prepared your link building plan the next thing you need to do for better SEo is to start building links gradually and steadily.

5. The next thing you need to do as a major part of your SEO campaign is to get backlinks with unique
anchor texts & different

6. Anywhere you put your link make sure you surround your links with content. This will make it look good and original in the eyes of search engines.

7. Make sure your backlinks are quality ones by getting your backlinks from pages with
various Google PageRank. This will definitely help your SEO.

8. Make sure that atleast 20% of links should poin…

To create a new project in RSS to Blogger Poster

To create a new project in RSS to
Blogger Poster you simply need
to enter the tool using the main
menu "Tools"-"RSS to
WordPress Poster".
Another way is to use "Generate
and Send to" option in any of
RSS feeds Generators. Choose
"RSS to Blogger Poster" from a
drop-down menu and your
generated feeds will be
automatically added to the Poster
One more way to create a new
posting project is to go to "My
saves"-"My RSS feeds", check-
mark RSS feeds which you wish
to read full article visit

5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Are you using your cell phone wisely? Simple Ways You Can Make Money From Bidvertiser Ads8 TOP SOCIAL BOOKMARKING WEBSITE TO DRIVE HUGE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG3 Best Ways To Make Money From Google Adsense

How to uncovered hidden files and remove shortcut virus from your drive

How to unhide files and remove
shortcut virus from your drive
1. Plug in the flash drive or
mobile phone to your
2. Take note of the drives
letter label e.g F:, H:, K:, G: etc
3. On your computer open
command prompt (you can
type CMD to search for it or
open run and type CMD and
click ok)
4. Now type in attrib -h -r -s /
s /d g:\* .* and hit enter
(change the g:\ to the
drives letter label in (2)
5. The above command line
will unhide all your hidden
files and folders and will
remove the shortcuts.
6. Finally you should do a full
scan on the drive or
memory card with an
updated antivirus or
windows defender on your
windows PC.

5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Are you using your cell phone wisely? Simple Ways You Can Make Money From Bidvertiser Ads8 TOP SOCIAL BOOKMARKING WEBSITE TO DRIVE HUGE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG3 Best Ways To Make Money From Google Adsense

Can I Make Money From News Blog

Making money from your news website can be tough as well as easy. One
thing is that you must be having huge traffic on your blog everyday
before thinking of making money from your news blog.

The various way you could make money from your blog is through google
adsense, affiliate marketing, direct advertisement and others.

The fact is that news site are making money is just that you have to
work hard to make it big, reliable and enjoyable for visitors and

Check out this news site from nigeria '' The
ranking in alexa is around 2000 and the blog is making huge amount of
dollars both in google adsense and mostly from direct advertisement.

If you want to make real money from news blog i think you should have
a 'team' rather than being a 'solo' blogger.

Working as a team will make you have huge content in no time as well
as ensuring regular posting. This will make your site always fresh and
in short time you will be rewarded with rank…

7 Top Health Benefits of Tumeric

Turmeric contains an extensive variety of cell reinforcement, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and calming properties. Tumeric are a pepper-like smell, sharp taste and a regular kitchen spice.

Here are the top 7 medical advantages of turmeric.


1.Relieves Arthritis

The calming properties in turmeric are extraordinary for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint pain. Moreover, turmeric's cancer prevention agent property demolishes free radicals in the body that harm body cells. It has been found that those misery from rheumatoid joint inflammation who devour turmeric all the time encounter much alleviation from the moderate to gentle joint agonies and in addition joint irritation.

2. Recuperates Wound

Turmeric is a characteristic germ-free and antibacterial specialists and can be utilized as a powerful disinfectant. On the off chance that you have a cut or blaze, you can sprinkle turmeric powder on the influe…

5 symptoms of heart attack

Nobody prays to have heart attack because is a very deadly sickness. Heart attack is not an sickness for only the rich but an illness that could affect anyone, young, old, rich or poor.

Like other sicknesses it has it own symptoms. Knowing the symptoms and ability to detect it early can help people to treat it early and reverse it.

The following are the five major signs or symptoms of heart attack.

5 symptoms of heart attack:

1. A dull pain, ache or "heavy" feeling in the chest

2. Mild discomfort in the chest that makes you feel generally unwell,

3. Pain that spreads to the back, arm or stomach pain that feels bad,

4. Indigestion and

5. Feeling light-headed or dizzy.

Additional information:

Read the report from BBC news after the cut on how a blood test can more than halve the number of people admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack.....

The doctors say the rapid test, which looks for a chemical in the blood, would reduce stress for patients, save money and while hospital w…

13 steps to prevent cancer

The main 13 steps for counteracting cancer have been uncovered by new research which has found that one in three deaths from the malady can be avoided.

Research by cancer specialists in Australia found that 90% of all cancer tumor deaths were brought about by only five high-hazard components -
smoking, high exposure to the sun, body weight, awful eating regimen and alcohol/liquor.

The following are the13 top steps to prevent cancer

1. Stop/avoid smoking - we are not strange to the popular cigarette advert which says 'smokers are liable to die young.' This is because smoking causes tar build-up in the lungs and DNA alteration and estimated to cause about 15,558 cancer deaths a year.

2. Avoid exposure to too much sun - Though we get vitamin D from the sun but too much exposure to the sun is not healthy. This is because avoiding the melanoma that comes with overexposure to harmful UV rays, could help to avoid being one of the
7,220 people who die from the cancer that too much melanoma…

5 health benefits of potatoes

Potatoes are very essential for our health yet many people are ignorant about the numerous benefits of potatoes to our body and health. People prefer to buy yam instead of potatoes and this is not good enough. The following are the 5 possible health benefits of consuming potatoes.

5 reasons potatoes are good for you

1. Potatoes Will Help Balance Your Weight:

It is advisable to add potatoes as part of a weight loss regimen.

A University of California, Davis
study found that potatoes can really help in reducing weight.
Food that are less in calorie are the best for our health  and weight. Therefore, a group of scientists measured the effects of a reduced-calorie diet  that included eating five to seven servings of potatoes per week over a period of 12 weeks. Participants were assigned to three groups and all three groups lost weight because it’s
reducing total calories that count, not sidelining a specific food, when it comes to weight loss.

2. Potatoes Will Help You Stay Full-

Do you know that …

10 health benefits of ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

10 health benefits of ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

Ganoderma lucidum is an herb that belong to the mushroom family. It is considers by some doctors, herbalist and medical scientist as the 'king of herbs.'
It is known to perform the following functions to the human body:

1. Oxygenates the body and boosts stamina - Recently, i found out that lack of oxygen is one of the causes of cancer. That is why it is recommended to be drinking enough water and fruits, so that there will be enough oxygen as this will help to prevent someone from having cancer. We also need stamina to carry on the daily activities. All these could be possible through the consumption of ganoderma lucidum.

2. Consumption of ganoderma lucidum help in the strengthening and boosting of the immune system. Poor immune system is the major cause of diseases and sicknesses. Diseases and infections will be able to enter our body if our immune system is weak. The immune system is like the army that suppose to defend our body f…

Dogs capable of sniffing out prostate cancer

They're known as man's best

friend; but dogs could soon also

be their greatest ally in the fight

against prostate cancer. Britain's

National Health Service recently

approved a trial for dogs capable

of sniffing out prostate cancer in

the hope that it could show up

inaccuracies in the current PSA

(prostate specific antigen) test.

Fantastic sense of smell

It's long been known that a

dog's remarkable sense of smell

can detect minute odours known

to be associated with many

cancers which are understood to

be linked to volatile organic

compounds produced by

malignant cells.

"Dogs have got this fantastic

sense of smell – three-hundred

million sensory receptors, while

humans have only five million. So

they're very, very good at finding

minute odours. What we now

know is that cancer cells that are

dividing differently have different

volatile organic compounds –

smelly compounds – that are

associated with the cells.

And dogs with their incredible

sense of small can find these in

things like breath…

6 negative sides of Google adsense

6 dark sides of Google adsense

Google AdSense is a great way to make money from your site but you need to comply with certain policies to be able to stay in the program and not get your account banned.

You have that site online for a long time, its creating a decent number of pageviews each day and you're thinking of whether to utilize AdSense to earn from it.

 AdSense has without a doubt producing income for many webmasters and in fact many of them depended on AdSense for running their site. Therefore, if banned from AdSense, they are gone from the web. However, there are also negative perspectives to AdSense and different options for consideration. This articles will expose you to the negative side of AdSense or the dark side.

AdSense is by and large an incredible device for website admins. Those stresses to get miney to keep their site running are no more because the money they are making from AdSense is enough to keep them running.

AdSense permits website admins to disregard those …

Genetic differences may affect lung cancer in smokers

According to a medical research (an MRC funded

study) by UK medical scientists, smokers who survive into old age may

hold key to lung health.

UK researchers have

identified genetic differences

which affect smoking behaviour,

and the predisposition of both

heavy smokers and non-smokers

to suffer poor lung health.

The research found that people with health or good gene may have

healthy lung even if they smole till old age but their lung will be

healthier if they were non-smoker.

3 health benefits of blueberries

3 health usefulness of Blueberries

Blueberries are delicious little berries with dim blue skin. The following are the three health benefits of blueberries.

1 Blueberries Are Antioxidant-Rich

 Phytochemicals give blueberries their excellent shading furthermore work as cancer prevention agents. That implies they assist counteract with liberating radical harm to cells. Cell reinforcements are thought to have an assortment of medical advantages - at any rate when you eat them as sustenance.

2 Blueberries Are Nutritious

Blueberries are an astounding wellspring of B-complex vitamins your body needs to change over nourishment to vitality and vitamins C and E that include more cancer prevention agent movement. Blueberries have a lot of minerals as well - including potassium, selenium, zinc, iron, and manganese.

3 Blueberries Are Low in Calories

One full measure of new blueberries has just around 80 calories, which is extraordinary for your waistline. They're a decent wellspring of fiber so snac…

20 Plus Sites You Can Comment To Get Backlinks To Your Blog or Website

One of the ways to drive traffic to your blog is through backlinks.
Organic backlinks are very hard to build and it takes a long time to
materialized. There are many ways to get backlinks to your blog or
website but the one i want to focus on this article is blog or website

One fact is that commenting on blogs is never easy. We have limited
time to spend online. So, finding time to comment is never easy but
one thing i want you to know is that you are doing your blog a great
help and you are building a future for your blog if you take your time
to comment on any site you visit online.

I have tried it and is really working for me. My blog is just 4 month
old and has been getting 500 pageviews daily as a result of many
factors including backlinks i have on various sites i have commented.
What i do is that i make sure i comment at least once in a day. So,
in 4 month i have like 120 URL links of my blog outside. Some sites
have many of my URL while some have just one.

For the…

7 apps or sites to automatically share your blog posts to social medias

List of apps or sites to automatically
share your blog posts instantly to numerous social medias to drive
massive traffic to your blog or website

Traffic is the main reason you open your blog and one of the ways you
can massive drive traffic to your blog is to share your posts to numerous
social media automatically as you publish it on your blog.
As an individual blogger, you might not have sufficient energy to
spend hours composing your article and at the same time sharing your
post to all your
online social networks.

Here are 7 apps or sites that can help you
facilitate your sharing to your various social networking sites.

1. Bufferapp

Can help you to
back up to 10 social sites what's more, 4 informal community which are
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and
LinkedIn accounts.


Dlvr offers a considerable more informal communities for your post as well. The social media bolstered here are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StockTwits, Tumblr, StatusNet, and LinkedIn.



Buhari approved $30 million for the Multinational Joint Task Force

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari
while leading the African Union (AU),
Peace and Security Council (PSC) meeting at the on-going AU
summit in Johannesburg, South
Africa has requested the check out of $21
million out of the $100 million that Nigeria swore to the
Multi National Joint Task Force (MNTJF) in the battle against

The president said the request ought to be done this week.

"The member countries of Lake
Chad Basin Commission and
Benin, met recently and far
reaching decisions were taken to
immediately put into operations
the Multinational Joint Task
Force," said Buhari.
"To this end, the summit
approved the immediate
provision of $30 million for the
Multinational Joint Task Force.

"Consequently out of the pledge
of $100 million which Nigeria
made to the Multinational Joint
Task Force, I have directed that $
21 million be released within the
next one week."

Buhari was happy to see the neighbouring nations Cameroon, Chad and
Niger supporting in the…

River State ordered non-consumption of 'ogogoro' till further notice

The government of River State of Nigeria
evaluated that the
loss of life from devoured harmful locally made gin, generally known
as ogogoro, has ascended to
66 from 38.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr Somiari
Harry uncovered this to writers soon after a meeting with merchants of
ogogoro, and said endeavors were on to guarantee stoppage of
utilization of the gin till further notice.

A noteworthy merchant of the neighborhood gin in Nembe/Creek street
territory in Port
Harcourt, who was at the meeting, said it was grievous
that dealths were being followed to
utilization of the gin.

He said his family had been in the business since 1971, and that
no one had passed on from devouring their item.

He demanded that the demise so far recorded in the state originated from
a neighboring state.

He said they generally purchased what
they sold from neighboring Bayelsa State, focusing on that their own
was without toxin.

He said since news of the losses softened out up the state,

How long it will take before i start making money from my blog or sport blog

How long will it take you to start making money from your blog or sport blog

This is one of the most asked question online by newbies in the blogging sphere. Most of the newbies established their blog to make instant money. They want instant result. They want to make money in the first week of starting their blog. They have forgotten that like any other business, you need to pay your dues.

Theses dues involve so many things.

1. Content. You need to put a lot of information on your blog either as pieces of articles or post from 200, 300 words or as few articles or post with long length of words like 3000 upward.

2. Search engine. Though, my advice is that one should not wait for search engine as a source of traffic. Doing that is like putting your life in someone else hands. However, you need the help of search engines in the long run. One of the ways to get this is by writing original content like the one you are reading on a consistent level. You also need to submit your site to variou…

Letgofootball News: Transfer news:Angel Di Maria will stay at Old Traf...

Letgofootball News: Transfer news:Angel Di Maria will stay at Old Traf...: Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria has demanded he will stay at Old Trafford next season in the midst of reports he could be sold...

how to increase traffic to blogspot

submite to sitemap continue part 2

Submit your Blog to

Bing Webmaster

Tools: The Step-by-

step Process


Verify Website

Ownership for


The problem with

Blogger sitemap files

You can Submit a sitemap to Bing

Webmaster Tool

XML sitemap to BWT

All Sitemaps : Now you can

submit any amount of Sitemaps

to Bing webmaster tools

Verify Website

Ownership for


Tumblr Sitemap

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failed redirects and things like

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background and my back-end

knowledge is limited (I'm

learning, but it's slower for me

than writing tips). So how do I

get those pesky crawl errors

gone for good?

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submit to sitemap to search engines part 1

When it comes to blogging, you

have to make sure that you are

always aware of all parts of your

blog; theme assets, content, user

interface (UI) and obviously

traffic generation. You may

already know that any source

can not give you such a very

targeted and huge traffic like

search engines do. Traffic from

search engines is known

" Organic Traffic". Website traffic

is the likehood of any website.

That's why every blogger wants

to increase the organic traffic as

quickly as possible.

In search engine optimization

(SEO), you are another one of

millions of people who handle

their websites and blogs in order

to drive traffic from search

engines. So you have to be smart

enough to increase your search

engine rank and drive more

traffic . You have to optimize your

website for search engines by

following their guidelines and

making on-page and off-page

optimization parts well. In Search

Engine Optimization, there are

hundreds of free quality SEO

tools to optimize your website

for search engines .

When considerin…

57 ways to boost your blog traffic

57 Ways to Boost Your Blog


Written by Jeff Bullas - 135


Categories: Blogging, Social

Media, Social Media Marketing

Using effective tactics that boost

your blog traffic is the first step

in achieving a variety of goals.

Those objectives could include,

selling products and services,

building brand awareness,

position yourself as a thought

leader or to connect and

network. Whatever the goals are,

traffic provides the visibility to

engage and sell.

Website visitors is where it all

starts. No traffic…nothing


In the past bloggers only had

one big tactic.

Building an email list.

This is still important despite the

allure of social media with all its

hype and bluster, real and

imagined. Social media since

arriving on the scene has offered

bloggers two core and very

important capabilities that were

not part of the web landscape

until social media turned up.

1. Multiple platforms and

networks to re-publish and

share their content on. You

can now discover a blogger

and their content because it

is published…

How to Include an RSS Feed in Blogs at /

How to Include an RSS Feed in

Blogs at / makes it very

easy to include RSS feeds in your

blog. Basically there are two

areas on blogs where you can

add an RSS box:

1) in the sidebar on the right

side (containing the Blog Archive,

About me and Followers...)


2) in blog posts.

We would like to explain both in

the following sections.

1) RSSbox in the Sidebar of the


This area of your blog is visible

permanently. You can add a blog

archive, your personal bio and

much more to this area. Of

course you can put an RSSbox

from here. This is


a) Log in to your account at On top of the page

there is a main menu. Click the

"Layout" link, this will lead you to

a graphical overview of your


b) Click the "Add a Gadget" link. A

new window will be opened

displaying different gadgets from

which you can choose. Select

"HTML/JavaScript" to add third-

party code like ours.

c) A form will appear which

contains two form fields: titl…