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How To Create And Build An Email List

An email list is a list containing the name, email and sometimes phone numbers of your website/blog visitors and subscribers through any other means. While the process of gathering these contact details of prospective buyers or customers of your goods and services for intermittent marketing is referred to as list building.
It is very hard for any Internet marketers to make money without a list. You may have heard the popular saying, " the money is in the list." Which means that creating and building an email list should be an integral part of our online marketing efforts for us to make consistent income on the web.
The most interesting part of it is that these visitors or potential buyers, most time, willingly subscribe to your email list to get valuable freebie or updates from you.

2 ways you can create your list
1. Manually
This is building your email list by yourself without the use of the third party. This can involve the use of your phone numbers or your email address.

Using your phone or email address
Let assume you want to build a list of prospective buyers for your ' online money making free report.' you will then promote your advert through any means you desire and ask your readers to text their name
and email to a certain phone numbers or email address you provided in order to get the free report sent to them.

                                                    DISCOVER THE VARIOUS
                                                    MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES
                                                    ABOUND ON THE INTERNET
                                                    Text your Name and Email Address
                                                     To 0805484.... Or sengov06@.... to get free report

The above advert is one example of how to get the email list of people through phone or email address. You will stylishly have the name, email and phone numbers of those that respond to your advert. This
make it possible for you to follow them up either by email or phone text message.

2. Using autoresponder
An autoresponder can be described as a software that help to manage the act of creating and building an email list. There are paid and free autoresponder. The free ones come with some limitations but you
can also use them till you get money to upgrade to paid ones. Example of free autoresponders are mailchimp and sendfree. You can also build an email list from wordpress blog ( if you are using one ) for free through a plugin name WP Email Capture by @ rhyswynne.
The plugin is also compatible with mailchimp, sendfree, Aweber, GetResponse and some other major email marketing programmes.
The paid autoresponders include GetResponse, aweber, cmsautomaticlistbuilder but are highly recommended.

The following are  the steps to be taken to build Your list with autoresponders
Sign up with a reliable autoresponder service e.g cmsautomaticlistbuilder

Create an opt-in form on your autoresponder platform
For instance, assuming you've created an account with cmsautomaticlistbuilder then login into your account, put your mouse on the campaign tab at the top of the page then click on ' create campaign.'  Fill in the required details and select either the ' phone opt-in ' as your opt-in form if you are using the phone strategy or the ' web form opt in ' if you preferred the webpage strategy.

Step 3
Set up a squeeze page on your web page and include your opt-in form on
that squeeze page.
A squeeze page is a page where you offer free product or service and ask people to submit their contact details such as name, email and phone numbers before they get such offer. When someone opts in through the opt in form( which you get from e.g automaticlistbuilder) you put on that page to get your offer, you will automatically get their contact details for immediate and future marketing - reading the article, meaning of squeeze page and how to get the best out of your squeeze page can be helpful.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page
You can drive traffic to your squeeze page in order to build your email list using social media platforms such as twitterr, linkedin, google+, Facebook, 2go, YouTube and blog.  You can buy paid ads from Google Adwords and Facebook. You can market it offline through newspapers, magazine and the likes.
Visiting forums related to your niche is also a powerful weapon to build your list

 follow up through emails
Send valuable information to your subscribers for their day-to-day upbuilding while sending commercial information occasionally. This will help them to love, know and trust you as people only tend to buy from people they trust.

Creating and building an email list is the way forward for anybody that want to make continual income with his/her Internet business.

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10 Success Keys For Online Entrepreneurs

Many people like to be tagged with the word ' entrepreneur ' not realizing that the life of an entrepreneur is not as smooth as the sound of the word itself. Offline entrepreneurship has been around for a while but business owners still face one challenge or the other, talk less of online entrepreneurship which can be describe as ' budding.'
The journey to online entrepreneurship success is long and challenging. One that can test your level of tolerance, focus, grit and determination. However, following the below 10 qualities spotted in successful online entrepreneurs can set you apart from the rest.

1. Love your niche
Love your online business niche. Don't rush into anyhow online business. Don't go in because your friends are doing great in it. Rather, look at all the known online business your research can uncover and think about the one you admire. Choose the one you know you can overcome the challenges with passion. After you have been in the business, try to win evil with good deed by loving your partners, suppliers, customers, investors and everyone who is giving you one support or the other.

2. Maintain focus
Focusing on your set goals can help you to overcome challenges and to perform beyond limitations. Where do you want to be in the next 6 months, 1, 2 or more years? The truth is that life naturally will tend
to work against you because life does not give anytime worthwhile easily. Your online goals can only be accomplished by being focus.

3. Be consistent
I can say that consistency work best online than offline. You can only grow your social media followers, blog traffic, online store customers by being consistent through regular updating of status, contents and adding new features everytime.

4. Spend time on your business
You only harvest what you sow. The normal working hours for a day job is 8 hours. Spending almost 8 hours on your online business everyday can be really rewarding as you cannot compare what you will
accomplished in 8 working hours with 2 hours of working. Though I must admit that it is not easy to work for 8 hours online in a day amid many factors but always try to work up to your optimum capacity.

5. Be a pacesetter
Being a pacesetter means to be creative. Think of how to add new things to your online business.
Make the delivery process easier than your competitors. Create new product or service, add new features to existing product, discover new ways of production, market in a different way e.t.c

6. Open to feedback, questions and comments
Be an open system. Be aware of your online  business strength and weakness while at the same time open to everything around you. Don't love to always listen to positive things about you and your online
business. The only way to succeed is to always look for loopholes in your business and find a way to fill them at the early stage.
Make sure you have someone both within and outside your business who can give you honest feedback. Ask your customers, employees, partners, visitors to your blog or website for regular comments, questions and feedback about your business.

7. Access yourself
At the end of a specific period say a month, always ask yourself whether you are getting value for your money or time spent. Try to do things differently if you are going for like 3 months without a positive Return On Investment (ROI). If the the result is good, continue doing what you are doing.

8. Get offline
Though, most of your activity will be done online with keyboard, mouse and CPU as your companion, you need to occasionally get out to promote your business offline. Talk to real people e.g bloggers, webmasters,
press, partners, customers and suppliers. Doing this will help you to know what position your online business occupy in the real world.

9. Have a budget
A budget is " the money that is available to a person or an organization and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time." You need to have a plan of how you will spend your income. At the budding stage of your online business you have to be spending certain part of your income back into the business. You have to know how much you want to be taking as your wages and salaries and know what impact your daily decisions will have on your cash balance.

10. Challenge yourself
Set a high target for yourself. Try to accomplish what you have been accomplishing in two months within a month. Set a target to break new ground on innovation, profits, customer relation and increment, marketing, sales, skill acquisition, employment, media, technology e.t.c

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Selling Advertising Space On Your Blog Directly To Advertisers Is A Proven Money Maker

One of the reasons why people engage in blogging nowadays is to make money from it at the end of the day. And the reason is simple - you use money to buy a domain name, pay for hosting, buy computer and Internet connection, you can even employ people to do some work such as typing or pay for the service of freelance writers to keep your blog updated. All these require money. You also use a lot of energy and time to research, write and update your contents consistently. As simple as creating a blog could be, I can tell you that running a blog to the extent of earning from it is not a child's play.

My usual advice is not to go into blogging for fast money. Join blogging because you want to be part of the industry of people that provide contents on the world wide web. You should blog in order to add value to the life of your audience.

However, if you already have a blog and you have finally decided to monetize it, one proven blog monetization strategy you should consider is ' selling advertising space on your blog.'

Selling direct ads space on your blog is a proven money maker
One unique way you can make money on your blog is to sell certain space on your blog page for advertisers. Selling ads on your blog page is usually good If you have started having a kind of traffic statistics that can win the interest of advertisers or sponsors.

Linda Ikeji is a perfect example of a blogger who is making money from selling ads space directly to sponsors on her blog. Linda earns a huge money from adverts individuals and companies placed on her blog.

In order to show his audience the money making opportunities in blogging, the famous online information marketer, Akin Alabi, said in one of his post that he once paid Linda 300,000 Naira to placed a NairaBet banner advert on her blog for a month. According to Akin Alabi " There are some that cost 350,000 Naira and there is one called complete site takeover that cost millions a month.
Let calculate what her earnings could be.
There are over 20 slots for those banners. That alone is over N6m."

This is the secret behind the creation of many websites, blog and social networking sites that abound on the Internet. Many of them make huge money from direct ads sales and depend on it for running their
Though, you cannot reach the level of Linda Ikeji in a day, you can start from charging small amount but once you traffic is rich enough, you can start increasing your charges.

Another pro-blogger I want to mention for the scope of this article and who has made much income from direct ad sales on his numerous blogs is Yaro Starak.
He is one of the most experienced blogger out there and he testifies that selling direct advertising works and that it is one of the best way to make money from your blog or website.
In one of his blog post he testifies, " I've made money using this method since the early 2000s. It started off as a trickle- my first ad sale was direct to a small business for $50 a month for one banner on my card game website. From that point forward I've grown my income from direct ad sales to the point that I've made as much as $5000 a month from it, and at least $1000 a month from direct ad sales for ten years straight.
That makes direct ad sales my most consistent income stream, and by
far the longest serving income stream I have had online."

The above statement made by a respected blogger who has a je ne sais quoi in blogging is one of the most testifying statement to show that you can make real money selling the space on your blog such as the one at the right and left side bars, top header or bottom of your page directly to sponsors.

Every blogs or websites be it news site, health site, social media site, video sharing site, music, sport, small business, finance, online/internet, stores and so on with sizable audience that advertisers will like to reach can sell ads and make money from it.

It is important to know that you must put up an 'advertise here' page on your blog for the public I.e potential advertisers to know that you are selling your ad space. You can do this manually yourself or employ the service of online ads agent such as buysellads that can help you to manage your ad sales. Buysellads charges between 25-50% commissions. You can also use Cranky Ads which is easy to install and manage and it automates the ad selling process, managing the sales of advertising space on your blog, website and YouTube videos on your behalf.

To optimize your advertising space, only put adverts that is relevant to your blog niche and audience.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the huge income online entrepreneurs are making from selling ad space on their site? If yes, you can share this article on your social networking sites such as Google+, twitter and Facebook through the share buttons placed at the bottom of this page.

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