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About Diabetes Mellitus

The term " diabetes mellitus" was derived from the Greek word meaning " to siphon " and a Latin word which means " sweet like honey." For water passes through the person that has diabetes as if it were being siphoned from the mouth through the urinary tract and right out of the body and the urine is sweet with sugar.

The traditional method of testing for diabetes is to pour a patient's urine near an anthill. The urine will be filled with insects if sugar were presence.

In 2003, it was projected that the number of diabetes patients will doubled the then estimated 140 million patients world wide by the year 2025. Diabetes has been dubbed the silent killer because the symptoms often goes unrecognized as the person can have the illness a long time before it will be diagnosed.

 People don't die directly from diabetes rather most die from complications caused by diabetes such as pheripheral artery disease, nerve damage, stroke, heart disease, poor kidney…

4 things you should know about cancer

1. The word 'cancer' refers to abnormal growth of some cells in the body which later become destructive to the affected body organ. One dictionary define it as a serious disease in which growth of cells, also called cancers, form in the body and kill normal body cells.

  picture of a cancer cell

2. What are the primary cause of cancer? 
 Cancers are caused by many factors which include

A. Hereditary
Some cancers are hereditary in nature while some are not. Example of hereditary cancer is breast cancer. About 10% of breast cancer run in the families. Which means that if a mother or relatives had breast cancer there is 10% probability that someone related by blood may develop breast cancer in due course. However, 90% of breast cancer cases is not hereditary.
A typical example of non hereditary cancer is cervical cancer.

B. Generator fumes
It is scientifically proven that long exposure to generator fumes can lead to cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consistent exposure or inhal…



How To Create And Build An Email List

Anemail list is a list containing the name, email and sometimes phone numbers of your website/blog visitors and subscribers through any other means. While the process of gathering these contact details of prospective buyers or customers of your goods and services for intermittent marketing is referred to as list building.
It is very hard for any Internet marketers to make money without a list. You may have heard the popular saying, " the money is in the list." Which means that creating and building an email list should be an integral part of our online marketing efforts for us to make consistent income on the web.
The most interesting part of it is that these visitors or potential buyers, most time, willingly subscribe to your email list to get valuable freebie or updates from you.

2 ways you can create your list
1. Manually
This is building your email list by yourself without the use of the third party. This can involve the use of your phone numbers or your email address.


10 Success Keys For Online Entrepreneurs

Many people like to be tagged with the word ' entrepreneur ' not realizing that the life of an entrepreneur is not as smooth as the sound of the word itself. Offline entrepreneurship has been around for a while but business owners still face one challenge or the other, talk less of online entrepreneurship which can be describe as ' budding.'
The journey to online entrepreneurship success is long and challenging. One that can test your level of tolerance, focus, grit and determination. However, following the below 10 qualities spotted in successful online entrepreneurs can set you apart from the rest.

1. Love your niche
Love your online business niche. Don't rush into anyhow online business. Don't go in because your friends are doing great in it. Rather, look at all the known online business your research can uncover and think about the one you admire. Choose the one you know you can overcome the challenges with passion. After you have been in the business, try t…

Selling Advertising Space On Your Blog Directly To Advertisers Is A Proven Money Maker

One of the reasons why people engage in blogging nowadays is to make money from it at the end of the day. And the reason is simple - you use money to buy a domain name, pay for hosting, buy computer and Internet connection, you can even employ people to do some work such as typing or pay for the service of freelance writers to keep your blog updated. All these require money. You also use a lot of energy and time to research, write and update your contents consistently. As simple as creating a blog could be, I can tell you that running a blog to the extent of earning from it is not a child's play.

My usual advice is not to go into blogging for fast money. Join blogging because you want to be part of the industry of people that provide contents on the world wide web. You should blog in order to add value to the life of your audience.

However, if you already have a blog and you have finally decided to monetize it, one proven blog monetization strategy you should consider is ' sel…