17 Mobile Apps And Their Importance On Your Phone

Most people think that functions of mobile phones are only limited to making calls and Internet browsing. Is noteworthy to say that it benefits surpass that. Their are certain applications on our mobile phones that help us to perform some specific  task. Though, the presence and benefits of these mobile apps are usually overlooked, it is important to know that they can help us to increase our personal and job productivity. Why not take your time to read this article as i examine some common mobile apps and their relevancy.

This mobile app allow you to list your task for the the week and months. You can start your day, week or month by listing all that is needed to be done together with the time you want to execute the task. As a human, we often forget what we want to certain task as at when due and later to start blaming ourselves for the mistake. It is noteworthy to know that this is natural as we have inherit imperfection from our parents.
You can even list the the task according to their priority time or preference. You can add along the way and even set reminder or alarm to every task. You can check your list at the end of the period to know how effective you have done. To do list help you create, prioritize and edit note.

Calendar is not just for checking the date, even some people will be looking to check the date on the wall calendar which is distant from them or not even available while forgotten that they have calendar on their phone. Calendar can be use as a task management app. You can use calendar to manage your time and appointment. You can set reminders for business appointment and social gathering.

Voice note/recorder
Most of us are used to saving something on our phone with text messages neglecting the fact that there is audio app on our phone that can do the same. The advantage of voice recording is that is faster and convenient. Musicians can use it to save lyrics that come to them when they are not in the studio. It is useful for secret police and even the journalist. Students can use it to record lectures. Those that attend seminar can also use it to record the voice of the trainer so that they will listen to it when they are alone thereby comprehending better. Religion people can also use it to record what the preacher is saving and retrieve it whenever they need it. You can use it to save conversations and use it as evidence in the court of law. Such is the importance of the audio app on our phone but only few take advantage of it.

Out of the mobile apps i can authoritatively say that alarm/reminder  is the most popular and the most used. This is simply because most of us used it to awaken ourselves from sleep to get the best out of our time.
You can set multiple alarm time for different task from getting out of bed to getting to bed. My most appreciated function of reminders is that it can remind someone of the time he had set long time ago. The best way to use reminders is this: if you are using it for time, set it to remind you hour/hours before the actual hour. For date, set the alarm to remind you days/day to that date. With this, you will still have enough time to prepare in advance for the execution of the task.

This app is specifically built for chatting. It helps you you to have friends available for instant messaging. Although, many people have use this app to fraud others which make many people to feel reluctant in using this app but it benefits cannot be underestimated. The most famous messenger is yahoo messenger. Google chat, Facebook chat, blackberry chat also rank high among available messengers.

Other useful apps

Let you use your phone as a digital camera. You can also view and send the photo you have taken.

This app let you listen to the radio on your phone whenever accessory like earpiece is connected to the phone.

Media players
This let you listen to audio files through headset/earpiece or loudspeaker.

This app let you find map location, plan route and use voice guided navigation

Video camera
This is a kind of mobile app that let you use the phone as a digital video camera. You can view and send the video clip that you have taken.

This mobile app help you to write, edit, view and send notes. Truly, this article you are reading is first typed on notes on my iPhone before further editing on computer.

Countdown timer
This mobile app help you to set a countdown time. After the defined time runs out, the phone sound an alarm then show a note

Is a kind of mobile app that help you to measure and take both immediate and lap times

This app enhances sound quality in media applications through the amplification and attenuation of frequency bands.

Calculator let you make simple calculations on your phone.

Alarm clock
Let you set the alert for certain period of time, set repeated alarm, choose a tone for the alarm and select a snooze-out time for the alarm.

Maximize your time by maximizing the apps on your phones.

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