Vote of Confidence

By Jack Obinyan-Buhari
Fellow Nigerians...His name is Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, he is the Chief of Air Staff.
He is by 'stratosphere' my best man in PMBs Govt.
Within 12months:
● He built Airforce Housing Facilities in all 6 Geo-Political Zones.
● He built schools
● He built and donated a clinic to IDPs in N.E
● He renovated airfields
● He built NAF headquarters
● He made it possible for Nigerian Jet Fighters to be locally weaponized
● NAF Air support was crucial in the huge success against Boko Haram
● He commissions a project at least once EVERY WEEK
I score this man 100 over 100 and I ask PMB to make him the next Chief of Defense Staff!!!


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