How To Drive Traffic Through Ebooks

Driving traffic to your blog is one of the four pillars of blogging. I

said four pillars because i divided blogging into four major parts:

blog creation, contents creation, driving traffic and blog


Infact, driving traffic to blog is to me the most important aspect of

blogging. Without traffic to your blog, you will eventually loss

interest in content creation and the blog will ultimately die.

One of the ways you could drive traffic to your blog is by creating

ebooks, putting your links there and drive readers to your blog.

* Reformat Your Content into Ebooks

This one little methodology can bring you a great number of daily blog

visitors with next to no additional work on your part.

You just change over one of your articles (or an accumulation of

related articles) into a PDF. You can do

this for nothing at http:// or http:// .

You then present your recently made digital book to:


, and

There are several digital book catalogs on the web, however these are

the most famous one's that will

send you almost 100% of your daily visitors.

With ebook, you could

effortlessly be driving a great number of visitors to your site

essentially by converting over your

existing posts into ebooks.

You must make sure you put links that will direct readers to your

site. The reason why you are creating ebook in the first place is to

drive traffic to your blog, so you must deligently slot links to your

blog posts within the ebook. As long as your ebook lives, your links

live. With this you will drive traffic eternally to your blog through

the links in your ebook.

Free ebook is better because people love free stuffs but on the chance

that you have paid ebooks, you can

submit them to http://e-

You can likewise present your digital book to a couple report sharing locales

like,,,,, and

You could without much of a stress be getting more visitors from each

article you compose basically by

reformatting it into ebooks, podcasts and videos.

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