How To Use Images To Attract Visitors To Your Site

People love images. Therefore, using images on blog posts is one of
the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. You should count images
as part of your posts not as an addition. Using of images is one of
the secrets why news websites and blogs drive massive traffic to their
pages. Imagine you see the image of a your beloved superstar together
with a brief information, the image will attract you and you will like
to read more. In such cases, it is the image that will first attract
you then the information.

Putting high quality and relevant images in your content will
encourage your readers to read the post till the end. It was proved
that articles with images attract about 94% more views than articles
with only plain texts.

Getting high quality and relevant images should not be a problem with
the availability of various websites online that provides quality
images for free.

For instance, with online resources like Canca, what you just need to
do is to drag and drop images making it easy for you to create a
quality and captivating images for your blog entries.

Personally, i use Google images for my posts. So you can make sure of
Google images too by simply search on Google for the kind of images
you want and it shall be given to you.

You can also make use of numerous online photo-sharing websites like
Unsplash, Pixabay, Flickr, Morguefile and others.

I try to make use of images on all my posts. However, sometimes i
post without images since i usually post through my gmail using my
nokia 7230 phones or my smart phone but no time to attach images to
the post. What i do is that, i will later find time to attach image to
all my posts with no images.

You should always strive hard to use image in your posts as it will
attract your followers on your social media networks like Facebook,
Twitter as well as make your contents rank high in Google search
engine giving you an edge over your competitor post with no images.

Images also make your site look beautiful and resourceful and this
will reduce the bouncing rate of your site. Your visitors will stay
longer on your site because is attractive and educative. Your site
will be educative because image is one of the ways to pass information
to people. For instance, if you put the image of a person running in a
post that talks about exercising, it will be easy for people to
understand and digest your information.


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