Bidvertiser ads : Profit from your Website/Blog

Profit from your Website/Blog

Bidvertiser ads network is one of the best alternatives to Google

Adsense. Is also a Pay-Per-Click ads network but with additional


Bidvertiser ads program is an advance mode of PPC because its combine

PPC with Affiliate Marketing. Meaning you get paid when people click

on the Bidvertiser ads display on your site and also get paid when

those clicks convert to sales.

Google Adsense ads program only pay you when visitors click on the ads

they display on your site. Meaning, with lot of organic traffic from

search engines like Google, you could make lot of money from

Bidvertiser ads.

Show the BidVertiser promotions on

your site or blog, and get paid for clicks and conversion to sales.

After you have accumulated your income, you could get

get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

If you are figuring out how to profit from your site or blog,

bidvertiser ads is one of the best choice especially if you have huge


Implant the BidVertiser Ads over

your web applications like Web Search,

In-Text, Domain Parking, Toolbar

Indexed lists or some other Logical Content.

Profit From Bidvertiser Affiliate System

Affiliate program is a process whereby you promote third party

products and get commission on sale whenever people buy from the link

you provided.

How Bidvertisers affiliate program works is that when they place their

ads on your sites and people or your visitors click on the ads, the

link will take them to the advertisers site or the product landing

page. You will then earn certain percentage of the product price as

commission whenever those that go to the advertisers sites through the

ads display on your site eventually buy the products.

All publishers are

naturally an affiliate,

which implies that you will likewise

be paid for each buyer you allude.


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