23 Sports Magazines Paying Writers up to $750 Per Article

Sports magazines are fun to write for. They're generally
activity-based and prospective writers know exactly who their target
market is. The articles are usually clear-cut and editorial
timetables, often predictable. There's also a wide range of topics
which can be covered around the different sporting activities.

If you play sports as an amateur or a professional, or you're just a
writer who writes about sport, you'll be excited about this definitive
list of paying sports magazines we've trawled the Internet to collect
for you.

1.Golf Tips Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Tips Magazine is dedicated to golf equipment, know-how and tips
on golfing. They are looking for articles about equipment maintenance
and use, golf clubs and much more. They prefer you to pitch them

Pitching is done by email, and prospective writers should expect to
send a detailed proposal before starting any work.

2. Adventure Cyclist

Pay: up to 60 cents per word

Adventure Cyclist invites writers to submit articles about travel
cycling. They prefer you to pitch them your ideas first before
proceeding with your article. They pay 30 to 60 cents per word. This
rate is negotiable.

This publication has specific editorial guidelines, so do check their
site keenly before writing. They also encourage freelancers to send in
photos with their work.

3. American Snowmobiler

Pay: Unspecified

American Snowmobiler is a publication of Kalmbach Publishing and it's
dedicated widely to snowmobiles and snowmobiling in America. They want
articles on the following: travel stories, sled modification stories,
how-to stories and personality stories.

They encourage freelancers to pitch them via email. Photos are also accepted.

4. Blackbelt Magazine

Pay: $300

Blackbelt Magazine is a publication of Cruz Bay Inc. They focus on
publishing material on techniques, training methods, history,
philosophy, and health and fitness teaching in martial arts. They are
looking for articles of the following types: strategical or technical
skills and historical or philosophical matters in martial arts. They
expect each article to be no more than 3,000 words long.

Blackbelt Magazine prefers writers to pitch stories or ideas via
email. Features with photos are paid at a higher rate.

5. Dirt Rag

Pay: 10 cents per word

Dirt Rag is a publication dedicated to off-road cycling. They are in
need of articles in the following categories: Product reviews, New
Gear, Racing, Interviews/Features. They expect each article to be no
more than 3,500 words long.

Dirt Rag is staffed mainly by freelancers, so do check their site to
see if you qualify to write for them.

6. Golf Course Management

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Course Management wants articles that address problems faced by
golf course superintendents. These pieces should also share techniques
to help them do their job more effectively. They prefer you to pitch
them first – via email.

This publication pays upon acceptance of your article. Their
submission guidelines are quite specific, so read these carefully
before writing anything.

7. Gripped

Pay: $250

Gripped is widely-read and stylish climbing publication. They are in
need of content for the following columns: Features, Northern Faces,
Area Profiles and Reviews. They expect each article to be no more than
2,500 words long.

Pitches and queries are to be made via email, but do check their
editorial timetable, as they may be open for freelancers only during
parts of the year.

8. Powder Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Powder Magazine is a publication dedicated to skiers. They cover an
extensive array of skiing topics like back country, ski
mountaineering, park and pipe skiing, ski bumming, heli skiing,
racing, expeditions, personalities and trends, to environmental

Articles should not exceed the 2,000 words limit. They encourage
prospective writers to be familiar with the magazine before attempting
to write for them.

9. Referee

Pay: 4 cents per word (or more)

Referee isread by sportsmen worldwide, and provides educational and
training materials vital to sports officials. They are in need of
content for the following categories: Features, Sports-Specific
articles and Columns. Each article is not expected to exceed the 3,500
words length.

Pitches, ideas and articles should be made via email. However, Referee
has an editorial schedule, so writers should make themselves aware of
details before sending a proposal.

10. Shotgun Sports

Pay: up to $200

Shotgun Sports magazine is a publication that focuses on shotgunning.
Writers are required to have a first-hand knowledge of hunting and
trapshooting before submitting or pitching the magazine. They are in
need of content within the following areas: Test Reports, Think
Pieces, Round-ups, Historical pieces and Interviews.

They expect prospective freelancers to pitch ideas or queries via
email. They've published a detailed submissions guidelines' page, so
do read this before attempting to write for them.

11. Snowshoe Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Snowshoe Magazine is a long-running publication on snowshoeing. They
also publish technical tips for snowshoers. Their call for submission
is for content within the following categories: health and fitness,
destinations, competitive racing, advocacy (protection of the
environment and open space), equipment (other than snowshoes) and any
personal experience story. Articles are not expected to exceed the
2,000 words limit.

Emailed pitches are preferred, but new writers should expect to send a
short bio and a few links to previously published work.

12. Sporting Classics Magazine

Pay: $700

Sporting Classics is an American publication dedicated to hunting and
fishing. They are in need of a wide range of content covering the
following topics: travel stories, hunting and fishing destinations and
many more.

Sporting Classics Magazine expects you to pitch your story or ideas via email.

13. Sports Afield

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Afield is an outdoor magazine, publishing high-end pursuits,
especially in North-America and Africa big-game hunting. They are in
need of content for the following topics: big-hunting destinations,
hunting adventure stories, rifle and caliber stories for hunting. They
expect each article to be no more than 2,500 words.

Emailed queries are encouraged. Freelancers can also submit photos to
this publication.

14. Sports Collectors Digest

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Collectors Digest covers a wide array of material relating to
modern sports collecting. They are in need of content within the
following categories: Profiles, Feature Stories and Event Coverage.

Prospective writers can send their unsolicited manuscripts or pitch
the editor. However, this publication encourages freelancers to send
links to their previously published work when querying.

15. Sports Spectrum

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Spectrum is a sports publication with a Christian twist. They
publish copies that help lead people to faith in Jesus Christ, and to
encourage Christians to grow in their walk – while focusing on
Christian athletes. They require writers to be Christ-centered, or
Christians and experienced sports writers.

They invite freelancers to pitch the editor with ideas. But would like
them to be familiar with the magazine before attempting to write for

16. Triathlete

Pay: Unspecified

Triathlete Magazine is a classic, long-running publication, dedicated
to the sports of Triathlon. They are focused on multi-sport training
tips and programs, nutrition articles, gear and apparel guides,
athlete profiles and triathlon-related travel stories. They like
articles to be within the 1,200 words limit.

Pitches are made by email.

17. Sports Fishing Magazine

Pay: $750

Sports Fishing Magazine is read by, and marketed to the serious
saltwater fishermen in North America and beyond. They are looking for
content within the Features and Departments categories.

This publication expects you to pitch your ideas via email. However,
they have detailed submissions guidelines on their website, which all
prospective writers should study before attempting to produce work for

18. Backcountry Magazine

Pay: 35 cents per word

Backcountry Magazine focuses on background skiers, courses and general
news on back country skiing. They are looking for content in the
following categories: Features, Destinations, Profiles, Mountain Skill
pieces and Personal Essays.

This publication accepts submissions with specific guidelines, so do
read their page before sending your proposal.

19. Chronicles Of Horses

Pay: $250

Chronicles of Horses is a very long-running and widely
read-publication, dedicated to a wide array of horse-related topics
including, dressage, hunters and jumpers, foxhunting, steeplechase,
racing and much more. They invite freelancers to submit articles
within the 2,500 word limit.

Please pitch your idea via email before writing.

20. Canadian Running

Pay: Unspecified

Canadian Running Magazine focuses on topics related to running in
Canada. They prefer content from athletes, coaches, sports doctors,
dietitians and most importantly, Canadians. They expect each article
to not exceed the 2,500 word limit.

Emailed pitches are welcome. This publication has a specific editorial
style, so do read their website before submitting any work.

21. Cruising World

Pay: $300

Cruising World Magazine is a publication whose target audience is
interested in cruising and speed boating. They encourage freelancers
to submit articles within the 2,000 word limit. They expect you to
pitch your ideas via email.

There are specific editorial guidelines on their website, so please
read it for complete details.

22. SAILING Magazine

Pay: $500

Sailing Magazine covers every detail of sailing, from learning how to
sail, to riding cruisers across the pacific. They are looking for
content in the following categories: sailing destinations, sailing
navigation, boats, maintenance and upgrades. They like articles which
do not exceed the 3,000 word limit.

They expect pitches to be emailed, and welcome unsolicited copies.


Pay: $100

USHPA is a publication of the United States Hang Gliding and
Paragliding Association, Inc. This magazine is dedicated to Hang
Gliding and Paragliding. They expect each article not to exceed the
3,000 words limit.

USPHA encourages prospective writers to email them with their proposal.
Source: writersincharge.com


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