Can I Use Infolinks on Blogger

Lot of people are embrassing the blogging or .com career and most of
them started with or using the blogger/blogspot platform.

Blogger is a free blogging service which was
launched in 1999 but later acquired
by Google in 2003. Blogger gives
millions of people and companies a free opportunity to express
themselves online through their blogging platform. Bloggers also allow
publishers to earn from
their content. Google adsense is one of the easiest and most
profitable ways to monetize blogger platform.

There are numerous ways you can monetize a site hosted with wordpress
platform (great rival of blogger platform) especially via plugins of
online advertisement sites.

Non-availability of plugins for blogger platform limit or let say make
it rigid to monetize blogger platform.

Infolinks is one of the best ways to monetize wordpress blogs.
Infolinks was an online advertising and blog monetization solution
established in 2007. Infolinks provides InText
advertising solution thus ensures the highest revenue sharing basis to
all publishers.

Therefore, i ask this question on Google "can i use infolinks on my
blogger blog?"

The answers i got show that bloggers using blogger/blogspot platform
can as well monetize their blog with infolinks. Infact, infolinks have
a widget specifically designed for bloggers using blogger/blogspot to
earn money online via their blog by displaying infolinks ads on their

According to Tomer Treves,
Infolinks Chief Marketing Officer,
"Infolinks is pleased to provide
the blogging community with an
easy-to-use widget that
generates an additional stream
of revenue. Providing this
Blogger widget was a natural
step for Infolinks, as we fully
support the bloggers community.
We'll do anything we can in order
to help bloggers monetize while
sharing their thoughts and
feelings with the online

How The New Infolinks
Blogger Widget Works?

When you install the Infolinks Blogger
widget, the
Infolinks algorithm scans the site
and then converts the chosen
keywords into relevant Pay Per
Click (PPC) contextual ads which appear as double
underlined hyperlinks within blog content. This ensure high
conversion rates and good
advertising revenues for bloggers.

You can share your experience on how the infolinks ads perform on your
blogger's blog via comment.


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