20 Ways To Make Money In Lagos Nigeria

Lagos state is a land
of the husslers and one of the most richest and most populated cities
in the world. Lagos is one of those shrouded place where you will
ever be happy to stay. Most Nigeria Business
goliaths and commercial enterprises are found
in Lagos.

When one English man visited Lagos, he said, everything in Lagos is
Gold. He said even the sands in Lagos are money. The man is quite
right, Lagos is the commercial city of Nigeria. It was estimated that
70% of Nigeria money are made in Lagos.

In a bustling city like lagos, not each adolescent as what it takes to
secure a good employment with
extravagant auto and a sumptuous house. As a result, Lagosians have
gathered numerous ways to create job for themselves as they discovered
that waiting for the government is a waste of time.

Today I will be indicating you portion of the ways you can make your
legitimate money in
Lagos state Nigeria.

1. Agriculture : Lagos is a modern city but do you know that her
residence still involves in one form of agriculture or the other.
Not all foods in Lagos come from other part of Nigeria.
Numerous youth participate in Poultry
farming, vegetable cultivating, catfish business and

2. Canteens and Eateries : Lagos is a bustling city, each one is on
the go. If you are going out around 4am in the morning, you will be
surprised to find people outside going to their places of work. This
means they barely have time to cook. Therefore, food canteens is a
very profitable business in Lagos especially if you in a busy

3. Beer Parlour and Restaurants

This is a very moving and profitable business in Lagos because the
residence love 'faji.' After the day hussle, some category of men like
to go or gather at the beer parlour as a group and enjoy themselves.

4. Recharge Card Centers : recharge cards selling business
was so popular in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole in the early days of
telecommunication in Nigeria as most people do not have access to GSM
like today and the calling rate then was higher.

However, recharge cards selling is still a profitable and triving
business in Lagos especially in a busy area.
Numerous people tend to take up this business since
it require moderately low cash-flow and its
simple to oversee.

5. Lesson Centers : Nigeria graduates with great mind,
embrace this business, when
they are not utilized or thinks that its hard to get their dream work,
they tend to utilize their insight to offer assistance to
students seeking admission in higher institutions like Universities
and polytechnics. By so
doing, they acquire marvelous cash, particularly in exams
period like WAEC, JAMB, A-LEVEL, POST JAMB etc.

6. Digital Cafe : Lagosians use the internet for many things and most
people do not have their own PC. Therefore owning a Cyber Cafe is a
sure way to make money in Lagos.

7. Saloon : barbing salon for men and beauty salon for women are sure
business in Lagos when your shop is cited in a busy and populated

There are over 20 million people in Lagos and all these people must
take care of their hair atleast once a month. 8. Online
business: you can start a blog where you post contents about how to
solve the problems Lagosians and Nigeria are facing. Like posting how
to solve Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Zaim problems. You can also write about
banking issues. Nigerians like entertainment, so having an
entertainment blog could be a good idea.

9. Painting

10. Cleaning
All forms of vocational works like 12. Tailoring, 13. Bricklaying,
14. Tiling, 15. POP and screeding, 16. Carpentry and furniture, 17.
Electricians, 18. Plumbing
19. Pure water business
20. Transport and lot more.


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