Can I Make Money From News Blog

Making money from your news website can be tough as well as easy. One
thing is that you must be having huge traffic on your blog everyday
before thinking of making money from your news blog.

The various way you could make money from your blog is through google
adsense, affiliate marketing, direct advertisement and others.

The fact is that news site are making money is just that you have to
work hard to make it big, reliable and enjoyable for visitors and

Check out this news site from nigeria '' The
ranking in alexa is around 2000 and the blog is making huge amount of
dollars both in google adsense and mostly from direct advertisement.

If you want to make real money from news blog i think you should have
a 'team' rather than being a 'solo' blogger.

Working as a team will make you have huge content in no time as well
as ensuring regular posting. This will make your site always fresh and
in short time you will be rewarded with ranking from money. Then you
will be able to make the money you desire from your blog.


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