To create a new project in RSS to Blogger Poster

To create a new project in RSS to
Blogger Poster you simply need
to enter the tool using the main
menu "Tools"-"RSS to
WordPress Poster".
Another way is to use "Generate
and Send to" option in any of
RSS feeds Generators. Choose
"RSS to Blogger Poster" from a
drop-down menu and your
generated feeds will be
automatically added to the Poster
One more way to create a new
posting project is to go to "My
saves"-"My RSS feeds", check-
mark RSS feeds which you wish
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How to uncovered hidden files and remove shortcut virus from your drive

How to unhide files and remove
shortcut virus from your drive
1. Plug in the flash drive or
mobile phone to your
2. Take note of the drives
letter label e.g F:, H:, K:, G: etc
3. On your computer open
command prompt (you can
type CMD to search for it or
open run and type CMD and
click ok)
4. Now type in attrib -h -r -s /
s /d g:\* .* and hit enter
(change the g:\ to the
drives letter label in (2)
5. The above command line
will unhide all your hidden
files and folders and will
remove the shortcuts.
6. Finally you should do a full
scan on the drive or
memory card with an
updated antivirus or
windows defender on your
windows PC.

Can I Make Money From News Blog

Making money from your news website can be tough as well as easy. One
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The various way you could make money from your blog is through google
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The fact is that news site are making money is just that you have to
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If you want to make real money from news blog i think you should have
a 'team' rather than being a 'solo' blogger.

Working as a team will make you have huge content in no time as well
as ensuring regular posting. This will make your site always fresh and
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