13 steps to prevent cancer

The main 13 steps for counteracting cancer have been uncovered by new research which has found that one in three deaths from the malady can be avoided.

Research by cancer specialists in Australia found that 90% of all cancer tumor deaths were brought about by only five high-hazard components -
smoking, high exposure to the sun, body weight, awful eating regimen and alcohol/liquor.

The following are the13 top steps to prevent cancer

1. Stop/avoid smoking - we are not strange to the popular cigarette advert which says 'smokers are liable to die young.' This is because smoking causes tar build-up in the lungs and DNA alteration and estimated to cause about 15,558 cancer deaths a year.

2. Avoid exposure to too much sun - Though we get vitamin D from the sun but too much exposure to the sun is not healthy. This is because avoiding the melanoma that comes with overexposure to harmful UV rays, could help to avoid being one of the
7,220 people who die from the cancer that too much melanoma causes.

3. Eat less red meat- A diet that is low in red meat can help to prevent bowel cancer. Accordingly, a 30 grams meat size a day is recommended for men, and 25 a day recommended for women.

4. Go for high fibre food - Foods high in fibre can make our bowels healthier. According to study, processed foods in developed countries appear to be causing higher rates of colon cancer than diets in continents such as Africa with high bean and pulse intake.

5. Fruit and vegetable consumption is a must - Two servings of fruit and three
servings of vegetables a day were given as the magic number
for good diet in one research.
Overall, it was estimated that poor diet causes 7,000 cancer deaths a year.

6. Avoid being overweight and obese - you should try and watch your weight. Too much weight and obesity (fat) could open up an enabling environ for cancer. Accordingly, overweight and obesity, linked to poor diet and lack of exercise, is estimated to cause 3,917 cancer deaths a year.

7. Treat infection promptly- please, make sure you treat any infection promptly because infections are also among the factors that causes cancer.
Infection was linked to 3,421 cancer deaths a year. Most infections can be prevented by vaccinations and regular check-ups. For instance, human papilloma virus - which can cause cervical cancer in women - and hepatitis.

8. Avoid/drink alcohol moderately- Totally avoiding alcohol or cutting back on it could reduce the risk of cancers such as liver cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer and
mouth cancer caused by alcohol and which are leading to 3,208 deaths yearly.

9. Exercise regularly- regular exercise can help to reduce chances of one developing cancer because during exercise our heart will pump very well. Low heart pumping - less than
one hour's exercise a day - is
directly leading to about 1,800 cancer deaths yearly. Lack of exercise will allow us to have
 lower immune functions and higher hormone levels, which are cancer causing factors.

10. Be careful with hormone replacement therapy - The one which is used to relieve
symptoms of the menopause in
women, accounted for 539 deaths from (mainly breast) cancer in Australia last year. Although, it prevents 52 cases of colorectal cancers.

11. Breastfeed for minimum of 12 months - Insufficient breastfeeding can cause cancer.
Breastfeeding for 12 months could prevent 235 cancer cases a year.

12. Be careful with Oral contraceptives - It was recorded that oral contraceptives like the
Pill, caused about 105 breast
cancers and 52 cervical cancers - although, prevented about 1,440 ovarian and uterine (womb) cases of cancer last year.

13. Taking aspirin also prevented 232 cases - Though aspirin is not yet recommended as a formal treatment against the risk of cancer it prevented 232 colorectal and oesophagal cancers cases in the Queensland in a year. The reason why aspirin is yet not formally recommended is that too much of it can also cause strokes.


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