10 health benefits of ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

10 health benefits of ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

Ganoderma lucidum is an herb that belong to the mushroom family. It is considers by some doctors, herbalist and medical scientist as the 'king of herbs.'
It is known to perform the following functions to the human body:

1. Oxygenates the body and boosts stamina - Recently, i found out that lack of oxygen is one of the causes of cancer. That is why it is recommended to be drinking enough water and fruits, so that there will be enough oxygen as this will help to prevent someone from having cancer. We also need stamina to carry on the daily activities. All these could be possible through the consumption of ganoderma lucidum.

2. Consumption of ganoderma lucidum help in the strengthening and boosting of the immune system. Poor immune system is the major cause of diseases and sicknesses. Diseases and infections will be able to enter our body if our immune system is weak. The immune system is like the army that suppose to defend our body from external forces such as virus, bacteria and other foreigners that could affect our health.

3. Ganoderma lucidum help to strengthens our body organs for the elimination of toxins. Toxins are one of the major cause of illness. Too much toxins in our body can lead to the malfunctioning of the kidney and the liver which could cause major health problem. For instance, inability of the kidney to eliminate creatine could lead to serious health problem.

4. Ganoderma lucidum help to provide us with the needed energy and vitality. We need energy to carry on, to live. Those who never lack energy and vitality in their entire life will not understand how energy and vigor is important in our life. Some people are spending huge amount of money to get that daily energy to tackle daily activities and to move on with life.

5. Ganoderma lucidum also help to boost brain power and function. Life is meaningful to us because we have good brain and we are meaningful to the people around us because our brain power and function is still good. Therefore, there is nothing bad in consuming ganoderma lucidum regularly to keep our brain power sharp and okay always.

6. Ganoderma lucidum also improves blood circulation in the body. As we know, blood is the essence of life. Without blood we cannot be alive. Also, improper flow of blood will cause major health problem and swollen in some part or organ of the body. Consuming ganoderma lucidum will aids proper and easy flow of blood to and fro in our body thus keeping us from illness.

7. Ganoderma also reduces allergies and inflammation. Allergies are foreign substance which our body system did not want. One of the symptoms of allergies is inflammation of some parts of our body. For instance, if i consume certain substances my lip will swell up. That means those substances are allergies to my body. That swell up is called inflammation which may be internal or external. Inflammation is caused by many factors apart from allergies. However, ganoderma lucidum will keep our body from allergy reaction and inflammation.

8. Ganoderma lucidum also improves the quality of sleep. I found out lately that lack of sleep is one of the major causes of illness. Lack of sleep will bring down our immune system. And if our immune system is down, our body will be expose to foreigners that are poisonous and harmful to our health. By increasing the quality of our sleep, ganoderma lucidum will protect us from a lot of diseases.

9. Ganoderma lucidum also improves and promote a healthy digestive system. Our digestive system is very vital for our well being. One of the things that virus, bad bacteria, bad microbes and others do is to attack our digestive system. If our digestive system is down, we will lose appetite and when we cannot eat properly, it will be hard for our body to get the needed vitamins and nutrients to fight the disease from our body. Therefore, consumption of ganoderma is recommended for better digestive system and better health.

10. The last benefits of ganoderma lucidum i want to mention here is balancing of PH level. Unbalanced PH level is also one of the major causes of our sickness. If our PH level is balance, we will not fall sick and will recovered from sickness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem and a lot of other sickness. I highly recommend ganoderma lucidum for consumption since it will balance our PH level. In my future post, i will write on some of the things we can do to have a better PH level naturally.


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