7 apps or sites to automatically share your blog posts to social medias

List of apps or sites to automatically
share your blog posts instantly to numerous social medias to drive
massive traffic to your blog or website

Traffic is the main reason you open your blog and one of the ways you
can massive drive traffic to your blog is to share your posts to numerous
social media automatically as you publish it on your blog.
As an individual blogger, you might not have sufficient energy to
spend hours composing your article and at the same time sharing your
post to all your
online social networks.

Here are 7 apps or sites that can help you
facilitate your sharing to your various social networking sites.

1. Bufferapp

Can help you to
back up to 10 social sites what's more, 4 informal community which are
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and
LinkedIn accounts.

2. dlvr.it

Dlvr offers a considerable more informal communities for your post as well. The social media bolstered here are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StockTwits, Tumblr, StatusNet, App.net and LinkedIn.


Its free and can
work in conjunction with Hootsuite, Buffer and numerous
others. IFTTT means "if this then that." you can use it to share to facebook, twitter etc.

4. Onlywire

I use onlywire to automatically post directly from my blog to my
social networking sites such as facebook profile, linkedin and
twitter.com/aboutonline. I recommend it for everyone.

5. CoSchedule

6. Postcron.com

7. Nextcripts for wordpress

8. Hootsuite


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