submit to sitemap to search engines part 1

When it comes to blogging, you

have to make sure that you are

always aware of all parts of your

blog; theme assets, content, user

interface (UI) and obviously

traffic generation. You may

already know that any source

can not give you such a very

targeted and huge traffic like

search engines do. Traffic from

search engines is known

" Organic Traffic". Website traffic

is the likehood of any website.

That's why every blogger wants

to increase the organic traffic as

quickly as possible.

In search engine optimization

(SEO), you are another one of

millions of people who handle

their websites and blogs in order

to drive traffic from search

engines. So you have to be smart

enough to increase your search

engine rank and drive more

traffic . You have to optimize your

website for search engines by

following their guidelines and

making on-page and off-page

optimization parts well. In Search

Engine Optimization, there are

hundreds of free quality SEO

tools to optimize your website

for search engines .

When considering about best

SEO tools, we cannot forget

webmaster tools. Even Google is

the king of the web and the

number one search engine

which can send hundreds of

thousands of visitors to your

blog in every single day, as a

professional blogger, you

shouldn't ignore other free SEO


There are some search engines

like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex,

Ask and Duckduckgo which can

provide your website a huge

amount of traffic. But, you have

to implement a few SEO settings

in order to drive lots of free

traffic from search engines.

I have already posted an

entire search engine

submission guide which explains

how to submit website to search

engines such as Google, Bing and

Yahoo. Search engine submission

will help search engine bots to

find your blog and crawl it more

efficiently than any other day.

Even you neglected the

importance of webmaster tools,

webspiders will crawl your site.

But, not in a short time period, it

might take a longer time, some

times it could take weeks and


Though after you submitted your

blog to webmaster tools, you can

control over your blog's

appearance on search engines

and increase the search engine

rankings well.

Bing webmaster tool is a free

SEO tool that has some

interesting features that Google

webmaster tool hasn't. Microsoft,

Inc owns the Bing search engine.

So you would expect a lot more

updates and features of Bing

webmaster tools account in

future. In this tutorial, I will be

showing you how to submit your

Blogger blog and Tumblr blog to

Bing webmaster tools. The same

process goes to other websites

and content management


Submit your site to Bing

Webmaster tools

Verify site ownership for

BlogSpot + Submit site map

Verify site ownership for Tumblr

+ Submit site map

Above are the main three

sections of this SEO tutorial. Use

above links to navigate through

each sections.


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