How long it will take before i start making money from my blog or sport blog

How long will it take you to start making money from your blog or sport blog

This is one of the most asked question online by newbies in the blogging sphere. Most of the newbies established their blog to make instant money. They want instant result. They want to make money in the first week of starting their blog. They have forgotten that like any other business, you need to pay your dues.

Theses dues involve so many things.

1. Content. You need to put a lot of information on your blog either as pieces of articles or post from 200, 300 words or as few articles or post with long length of words like 3000 upward.

2. Search engine. Though, my advice is that one should not wait for search engine as a source of traffic. Doing that is like putting your life in someone else hands. However, you need the help of search engines in the long run. One of the ways to get this is by writing original content like the one you are reading on a consistent level. You also need to submit your site to various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex among others. Next you need to submit your blog or website sitemap to these search engines. Do not be in hurry, wait! Find time to submit your blog sitemap to search engines. If you haven't done that you are just kidding in your blogging career. You will be surprised if i told you that i haven't done that also as at the time am writing this post. One, i just read about the importance of submitting your sitemap to search engines yesterday and two i want to change my sport blog to custom domain before i do that. I just tell you that because am the kind of person that like to say the fact.

3. See blogging not as short term investment but as a medium term investment. A medium term investment is an investment whereby the investor will target a minimum of one year before he will start reaping the benefits of the investment. Think of where your blog will be in the next five, ten, twenty or fifty years. This is the only way to survive in the blogging world. Don't let hunger, frustration for not seeing the needed or expected result, financial problem make you to want to be reaping the benefits of your blogging before one year. And get me right, is not just one year but one year of consistent blogging. That bring us to another important factor consistency.

4. Consistency. If you are not consistent in your blogging, forget it, you couldn't make it in blogging. You are the one to determine your own consistency level. But, for the sake that you are reading this article let me give a clue. If your post is always above 3000 words, then posting once a week is consistency. If your blog post is just above 1000 words, then posting thrice weekly is consistency. If your blog post is above 500 but below 1000 posting everyday will mean consistency. If your blog post is usually 200 words posting like 5 times daily is consistency. And if it is 100, 150 words posting like 10, 15 and 20 times daily is consistency. If you can follow that schedule you will succeed within one year of your blogging.

My special advice for new blogger is that stop! Wait! Don't be in a hurry to fail because hurry and patience is of the same length and width. Therefore, prepare up to 365 posts before you start your blog. If you are creating like 4 daily it will take you just 3 months to have 360 posts. After that, schedule your post at once putting 2 days intervals. That means you will be posting consistently 3 times a week for almost 3 years. And you will succeed. The reason i want you to schedule it like that is that you will not be discouraged and tired at the middle of the road. That will take us to the next point that age of your blog or website matters when it comes to succeeding in blogging.

5. Your sport blog or any kind of blog must come of age before you can make it as a blogger. Check those that proclaim to be successful bloggers, you will see that their blog have come of age. For instance, Nigerian number one blogger Linda Ikeji of said she started making money from her blog only after two years. Check the alexa ranking of her blog and you will understand what am saying.

6. Promotion: The need your link to be outside. I always say that your popularity as person in the off line world is not determined by the number of friends that come to visit you at home but the number of friends you are going out to visit. The same thing is with blogging. You need more of your URL outside of your blog to succeed in blogging. You can do this by commenting on other people's blog. You can target one comment in a day and before you know it in a year you will have 365 link outside of your blog. Another strategy is to always share you post to as many social media as possible as many times as possible in a day. Another thing i do is that i liked the Facebook fan page of footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema, Rooney among others and football clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool etc. What i do is that i usually post a link to my blog on their timeline. Though, the traffic i received from them is not impressive, but anytime i post about 2 people will like my post something i didn't experience on my Facebook profile page. Another benefits i noticed is that those links i posted on these famous Facebook pages got ranked or indexed by Google almost immediately. You can can testify this by typing, on the search box of Google. That means you also can like the pages of people or organisation in your niche and start posting on their timeline as this will help your SEO in the long run. Then you need

7. Substantial traffic to make money online. It is all of the above that will give you traffic in the long run. With 200 daily pageviews i started getting few clicks here and there on my Google adsense. That means if you can try to get like 500 pageviews daily, you will be seeing result but your goal should be at least 1000 daily pageviews. Anytime, you clock 1000 daily page views online, YOU ARE MADE.

I hope, the above points should answer your question: how long will it take me to start earning from my blog? The answer is : it could take you one month or years. Traffic is the major determinant of blog earning.

Therefore, you should put all my aforementioned factors in mind in your blogging career to help you determine the time it will take your sport blog or any type of blog to start generating substantial income.

My advice is that you should keep posting consistently but put your mind away from the income or traffic. Blog because you want to be in the blogging circle, as you are growing your blog will be growing along with you and before you know it it will be your source of income.


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