How To Automatically Link Blog Post to Specific Keyword in Blogger

How To Automatically Link Blog

Post to Specific Keyword in


Creating automatic anchor links

to other web pages on

Wordpress hosted blog is quite

simple and easy with the use of

plugins using relevant keywords.

On blogger blog, we manually

create internal links to our

previous webpages using

relevant keywords or key-

phrases. But if you prefer to

automatically create internal links

to relevant webpages using a

particular keyword, there is a

script to help you do that.

Here, i will show you how to

implement this script on your

blogger blog so you don't need

to be creating internal links

manually again. This tricks will

help those who blog with their

mobile phones and don't have

the opportunity to create anchor

links to other relevant post

using their mobile phones.

Creating internal links in your

blog post also helps to increase

your website organic traffic

because it makes Google bots

crawl and index your webpages

faster and easily which help in

ranking. It also help your visitors

to navigate to other webpages

on your blog which helps to

reduce bounce rate %. So

without much ado, let's move

straight to the point.

How To Automatically Link Your

Blog Post To Specific Keyword in

Blogger Blog.

Here you will have to choose a

particular keyword you are

targeting and a post that relates

to that keyword. Include them in

these javascript code below and

paste it in your blogger html. All

keywords found on your

webpages that are similar to the

one added in this script, it will

create a link to the post included

in your script.

For example, If i include a

keyword "Traffic" in the script

and the webpage i want this

script to create anchor link to is



. After

adding the script in my template

code, all webpages with the

keywords " Traffic" will be link to

that webpage. You DIGG?

So let's get started.

1. In your Blogger Dashboard,

click on Template then click Edit


2. Press Ctrl + F and search for </

body> tag.

3. Then copy the code below and

paste above it.

<script src='//


<script type="text/

javascript">function autoLink(){

this.keywdHref = new Object();

this.add = function(keyword,


if(keyword.substr(0,1) !=

&quot;&quot;){keyword = &quot;

&quot; +keyword;}

this.keywdHref[keyword] = href;


this.createAnchor = function(){

var objs



for(var i=0; i&lt;objs.length; i++){

var obj = objs[i];



var content = obj.innerHTML;

for(var keyword in


var href = this.keywdHref


var newstr =content.replace

(keyword, &quot;&lt;a href=&#




a&gt;&quot;, &quot;gi&quot;);

obj.innerHTML = newstr;

content = newstr;





this.startScript = function(){

var onLoad = window.onload;

window.onload = function(){









<script type="text/javascript">

var f = new autoLink();


&quot;,&quot; http://




4. Now replace the text in Blue

with your Keyword.

5. Also replace the Red text with

your blog post URL not

homepage. Take note.

6. Save template when done and

refresh your blog. That's all.

7. Okay now check any of your

post that contains that Keyword

and you will see that an anchor

link has been created linking to

the post you included it's URL in

the script.

Remember This script only allows

one keyword


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