Fruit snacks are saturated with more sugar than sweets

Fruit snacks 'contain more

sugar than sweets'

Many supposedly "healthy" fruit

snacks aimed at children

contain more sugar than

sweets, says a campaign group.

Action on Sugar looked at 94

products on UK sale, such as

coated dried fruit, and found a

third contained three or four

teaspoons of sugar and 85%

were more sugary than Haribo

Starmix sweets.

Child health experts said the

findings were frightening.

The industry pointed out that

most of the snacks had no added

sugars, and those that did were

clearly labelled.

Action on Sugar said that parents

should give their children fresh

fruit and vegetables instead of

processed fruit snacks.

And it called on food

manufacturers to stop adding

unnecessary sugars to fruit-

based snacks while labelling

them as contributing to "one of

your five a day".

Katharine Jenner, campaign

director at Action on Sugar, said:

"Parents find it hard enough to

know what 'healthy' is without

food manufacturers confusing

matters with misleading claims.

"Whole, unprocessed fruit is

healthier than processed fruit

snacks and fruit juice drinks, as it

contains vitamins, minerals,

water and fibre, and does not

cause the devastating tooth

decay we see in young children


A child would have to eat an

entire punnet (240g) of

strawberries to take in the same

number of grams of sugar as in

some processed fruit snacks.

Colin Michie, chairman of the

nutrition committee at the Royal

College of Paediatrics and Child

Health, said the findings were

"stunning" and "frightful".

"None of us needs sugar in our

diets at all. It is all completely


"Fruit contains fibre, which we all

need to function properly, but in

these snacks the benefits of fruit

have been sacrificed by covering

them in yogurt and other sugary


How much sugar in processed

fruit snacks?

The Fruit Factory Sports Mix-

Ups (5x18g) - 81g of sugar

per 100g* or 3.6 teaspoons**

of sugar per serving

Tesco Yogurt Coated

Strawberry Fruit Bites (25g) -

70.1g of sugar per 100g or

4.4 teaspoons of sugar per


Fruit Bowl Fruit Flakes

Raspberry Rush (25g) - 69g of

sugar per 100g or 4.3

teaspoons of sugar per


Whitworths Sunny Raising

Coated Custard Raisins (25g) -

68.6g of sugar per 100g or

4.3 teaspoons of sugar per


Organix Goodies Organic Fruit

Gummies strawberry and

apple (12g) - 67.2g of sugar

per 100g of the snack or 2

teaspoons of sugar per


*Haribo Starmix contains 47g of

sugar per 100g

**One teaspoon of sugar is equal

to four grams of granulated


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