25 great blogger widgets

Many people think that Blogger

lacks in all of the extra goodies

you can add to other platforms

like WordPress, but it simply isn't

true. By using widgets you can

customize your blog as much as

you like by just adding little

snippets of code to the sidebars.

Allow users to talk to you via IM,

see what your most popular

posts are, or even read news

from sites such as Mashable. With

these 25 widgets, you can create

an even more powerful way of

communicating with your

visitors, just make sure you don't

overload them with too many!

What are some of your favorite

widgets for use on Blogger?

Communications Widgets

Google Talk - Give visitors the

ability to talk to you via Google

Talk directly from your blog


Jaxtr - Create a widget that

allows people to call you on the

phone without revealing the

phone number to them.

Meebo Me - Meebo Me will allow

you to create a chat box that you

can install on your Blogger page,

giving you the chance to

converse with visitors to your


Skype - The official Skype widget

allows you to create various

buttons that can show your

current status and also allows

people to just click it and give

you a call.

Tag-Board - Allows you to add a

real-time chat board to your blog

that your visitors and you can

use to converse.

Social Widgets

Delicious Linkrolls - Share your

Delicious bookmarks with the

world with this easy to install

linkroll widget.

FriendFeed Widget - Share all of

your FriendFeed activity with the

readers of your site.

Google Friend Connect - A

makeshift social network that

runs across any site that has

installed Google Friend Connect.

You can join a site, see the other

members, play games and more.

LinkedInABox - LinkedInABox

retrieves your LinkedIn profile to

display on your blog, allowing

people to look through things

such as your specialties and


MyBlogLog - If someone visits

your blog that is also a member

of MyBlogLog, their avatar and

username will appear in the box.

You can then click on any person

to check out their profile on the


Twitter - Add your Twitter stream

to your blog and display

anywhere from your last tweet to

the last twenty. Also gives a link

for people to be able to follow


Share on Facebook - A simple

widget that allows your readers

to share items from your blog on


SocialFeed - A miniature

lifestreaming widget that

broadcasts your activities on

sites such as Twitter,

StumbleUpon, Last.fm and so on.

Has several different skins you

can choose from.

Utility Widgets

Add This - The popular social

bookmarking button is available

for Blogger accounts.

Easy Comments - This widget

allows you to add commenting to

any page of your site by placing

the widget at the bottom of a

page. Allows people to say if they

liked the comment, includes

comment threading and more.

Google Search - Add an AJAX

powered Google search box to

your blog that you can allow to

search the web and your blog, or

even just restrict it to the

contents of your site.

Popular Posts - This widget will

take a look at your comments, up

to the last 5,000, and generate a

list of which posts had the most

conversation around them.

Recent Comments - Display the

most recent comments on your

blog in this widget so that

readers can join in the


Related Posts - Not so much a

widget as a hack, this will give

you the related post functionality

that so many WordPress

powered blogs use.

ShareThis - The highly

customizable green button that

ShareThis is known for can be

added to your blog. Choose if you

want it for social bookmarking,

users emailing your posts and


Shout List Icons - Be the king (or

queen) of social sharing with this

widget that generates icons for

over 30 social sites your blog can

be added to.

Tag/Label Cloud - Gives you the

ability to install a traditional tag

cloud in your sidebar so people

can see what you write about

the most.

Miscellaneous Widgets

Flickr - You can generate an HTML

or Flash based badge of your

photo stream to share your

images with your visitors.

Mashable - Yes, now you too can

share the best web-related news

on your blog with the Mashable


Picasa Albums - Display your

public Picasa albums in your blog

sidebar with this handy widget.

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