5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Sport Blog

You have to promote
your blog for people to know it exist. Remember there are over 100
million blogs and website online. Therefore, no promotion = no

One of the best way to get traffic is to
promote your blog on Twitter.

Using twitter will give you the opportunity to reach out about 500
million twitter users.

If done effectively can drives thousands of traffic or visitors to your blog.

Below are 5 ways you can use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

1. Use Short, Provocative
Tweets of under 100 characters. Research shows short tweets
get a 21% higher interaction

2. Give your followers a taste of
your blog post by include an interesting quote from your
article. Research
shows that a tweet with a
quote is 54% more likely to
get retweeted.

3. Give numbers, figures or datas or what they call Statistics in your
tweet. This can make you readers believe that you do research on your
article and what you are saying is factual.

4. Use #Hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are great way to connect
with twitter users outside your Followers.
You will do well if create your own #hashtag for your blog or a you
want to promote a
particular post.

5. Schedule your post.

You can shedule your post and spread it into like 10 times a day but
make sure you are consistent on those specific time chosen by you for
like 30 days. You can believe the effect. I have dond it and it


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