This genaration babies may live up to 100 years

A new research into the expectancy life of new born babies estimated that up to 2/3 of babies born in the last year – more than half a million newborns – could live up to 100 after a revolution in life expectancy.

New projections from the Office for National Statistics suggest that living past 10 decades may become normal for this new generation of babies.


The research also suggest that those of the baby boomer generation who are retiring now could live long to collect their pension for the next 24 years which is 50 percent more than their parents generation. This means that their life expectancy will be longer than their parents and that means an extra seven years of retirement for men born just after the end of the Second World War, in comparison with those who retired 30 years ago.

Women also are not left out as they have gained almost six years extra life expectancy in that time as surviving until the age of 90 becomes a yard stick for both sexes.


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