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In general , advertising could mean “ any paid form of non- personal  presentation and promotion of products, services or ideas by an identifiable individual or organization." It can be a message designed to promote a product or service or an idea.
If I ask the question,  what is advertising?,  what will readily comes to mind is that commercial advert you last saw on TV, listen to on radio, read on newspaper or flyers.

ADVERTISEMENT COULD MEAN DIFFERENT THING TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. For instance, to  onliners, advertising is that advert they usually encountered at their Facebook fan and profile pages, advert from tweets on twitter, that banners, images or text usually placed on the top, bottom and sidebars at blogs, websites, online stores, payment solution platforms etc.

Online advertising could be described as a communication methods adopted by either business organizations or individuals to attract the attention of the online community to their product and services through the use of websites or blogs. Advertising is different from publicity. The purpose of publicity is to use online media and platforms to expose a product or service to the world without actually Paying for it. Payment is what differentiate publicity from advertising, therefore , for  any online communication to be regarded as advertising it must be paid for in the online media.

Advertisement on radio or television is called a commercial. While every advertisement online regardless of the medium use is usually referred to as ad.

The sponsor of an advertisement is referred to as advertiser or sponsor who may advertise his product or services directly through buying of spaces on blogs and websites or may decide to employ the service of advertising agency or platforms. The advantage of using advertising agency is that the ad will be placed in many platforms or sites at a go, and at a very affordable charges.

In offline, the radio or television house is paid according to the time the advertisement takes to broadcast. This period of time is called a slot and the advertising company is the sponsor who buys airtime on the radio or television. In online, slot is still relevant, but the airtime, radio and television may be replaced with ad space, podcast and YouTube respectively. Though, there are online radios and televisions but not as popular as podcast and YouTube among online dwellers.

Every online ad has its own target which is the particular group of people it aims to attract and persuade to buy the product or service. Advertisers may mount campaigns which are described as special efforts to advertise products or services in advertising. This may include buying numerous ad spaces in online newspapers and magazines, blogs and websites, podcast and YouTube and on  social medias.

Online ads may be in the form of images, banners, in text ads, text etc. which are usually placed in easily visible places especially at the sidebars, and top header.

Sales landing page is another form of campaign to improve the sales of a product.

Online advertising agencies such as Google and Facebook help you to spend your budget wisely by allowing you to chose the age, sex bracket, geographical location as well as the interest of whom your target should be.

Online advertisement may take many form depending on the choice of the advertiser. The advertiser may decide to buy slot or ad space directly from the blog or website owners where he will be charged a certain fee for a certain period of time. The fee differs depending on the location of the ad on the blog or website page.

Advertiser on the other hand may decide to go through advertising agency like Google and Facebook. In this case, he may be charged what is known as cost per click (CPC). The ad agency will place the ad on publisher’s blog or websites. The advertiser will be charged a specific amount as specified by him, every time someone clicks on his ad placed on the publisher’s  site. The advertising agency also charged Cost Per Mile (CPM), which means you will be charged whenever  1000 people/visitors  view the ad placed on publisher’s  site.

The most famous among this type of ad is Google  Adsense for publishers whereas advertisers applied through a program known as Google Adwords.

Some of the leading  online advertising agency are Google Adwords, Facebook, chitika, bidvertizers, adbreeze, infolinks, clicksors,,

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